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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2111940
Final version of story I started in 2006.
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Chapter 7: Showdown at the Teen Preference Awards!
Chapter 7: Showdown at the Teen Preference Awards!

When Mike and Moxie pulled up at the front of the building where the Teen Preference Awards were being held, a valet took the Micromobile, and Mike and Moxie approached the entrance.

There was no problem finding a place for Moxie and Mike to sit, because people were still getting seated.

A random teenage girl sitting near Mike and Moxie said to Moxie: “I've seen your movie!" Is it true that Amnesio is a real person?"

"Yes!" Moxie replied angrily. "He's a real creep! He tried to kill me and Mike! The cool thing is, his mind control technology doesn't work on kids or teenagers! That fact has saved us on more than one occasion!"

"Is it true that he has assistants named after the months?” the girl asked.

"Yes!" Moxie replied. "There's three of them, they’re his nieces. Their names are April, May, and June. June is the one who helped mesmerize the participants at the bodybuilding competition earlier today! Amnesio is supposed to strike here tonight!"

As the celebrities who were presenting he awards took to the stage, they were surprised that Mike and Moxie had chosen to dress in their costumes, rather than a tuxedo for Mike and an appropriate dress for Moxie. What they didn't know was that Mike and Moxie were on a real life mission to defeat Amnesio; it wasn’t part of an act.

As Moxie sat talking with her female fan, Mike noticed someone up in the rafters installing a device near the ceiling. If it was Amnesio, it would've been easy for him to mesmerize the right people to allow him access to the building.

"Moxie, I think it's the real Amnesio!"

Mike and Moxie got up and ran to the back of the stage. There, up in the rafters, was one of Amnesio's nieces. She had just finished installing a mind-control device that Amnesio obviously planned on using on the audience. Before Mike could act, the device was activated!

Amnesio walked out to the center of the stage. People started clapping, thinking he was part of the show; they couldn’t discern the difference between the real Amnesio and the actor who had portrayed him in the recent film.

Amnesio quoted Shakespeare again, as was his custom: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.”

Mike was standing backstage with Moxie, and said, “As You Like it Act 2, Scene 7!”

“Mike,” said Moxie, “nobody cares if you know which play, act and scene from Shakespeare Amnesio is quoting!”

Amnesio Continued: “I am Amnesio, master of mind control!" his voice was amplified over a speaker system. "The teenagers of America may have voted, but I, Amnesio, have my own agenda of people I want to win tonight! Those of you who are in charge of the winning envelopes, bring them to my assistant April, and my other assistant will give you replacement envelopes! Amnesio commands you, and you must obey!"

Mike stood there mesmerized, but Moxie sprang into action. One of the young celebrities who was there as a presenter approached Moxie. “What’s going on? None of this was planned out!”

“Mike's mesmerized like all the other adults in here! It's up to me to prevent Amnesio from getting the winning envelopes! I'll climb up in the rafters and try to deactivate the mind control transponder!"

Moxie found a ladder backstage that she used to climb up to the mind control device. As she climbed, she was unaware of what transpired below.

April was already on the catwalk. May and June climbed the ladder to the catwalk to stop Moxie, thinking it would be a piece of cake to stop the young teenager. May and June grabbed Moxie from behind while Moxie’s attention was on April, who pulled out her ray gun.

“I’m going to make you allergic to peanuts!” April pulled out a peanut butter sandwich and waved it in Moxie’s face while aiming the ray gun at her. When she got close enough, Moxie kicked the ray gun out of April’s hand, and it went up in the air. April accidentally dropped the peanut butter sandwich onto the catwalk in a vain effort to catch the ray gun.

Moxie leaped into the air and kicked June in the stomach, landed, and delivered a round-house kick into May's abdomen. Moxie caught the ray gun as May and June tried to throw punches in Moxie's direction, but Moxie easily blocked all the punches, and delivered two for every punch she intercepted, hitting the girls in the face. They were knocked off balance and fell, grabbing onto the catwalk.

Moxie aimed the ray gun at April, and pulled the trigger. Moxie grabbed the sandwich and rubbed it in April’s face, and she started to go into anaphylactic shock.

Moxie had made her way to the mind control device, but couldn't figure out how to turn it off.

"Oh well," Moxie said to herself, "I guess I can just unstrap it and let it fall to the stage below!" Moxie began unfastening the straps.

Far below, Amnesio lost his temper. "She's just a girl! Overwhelm her!"

April started to fall from the catwalk, but Moxie grabbed onto her and sat her down on the catwalk. Moxie unstrapped the device from the rafter, and it fell directly onto Amnesio's head, knocking him out cold.

May and June climbed down the ladder and ran to his aid, but the mind control device ceased to function, and the adults in the audience began to snap out of it.

"We've got to get him and April to the car!" June informed May.

"Amnesio’s not going anywhere, except to jail!" Moxie shouted down at her opponents.

Moxie made her way back down the ladder, and met up with Mike near Amnesio's unconscious form. May and June had by that time decided to take off and leave Amnesio and April behind. When the police arrived, Amnesio was taken into custody, April was given medical attention, and the Teen Preference Awards got underway.

Duke arrived, the man from the future who had given Micromage his powers.

“You’ve done better than I expected, Moxie!” said Duke. “We were able to reverse engineer and de-activate the mind control device attached to the satellite and we backtracked to this event in our time cruiser. We couldn’t have done this without you, we can take it from here.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Moxie asked.

“Oh yes, of course!” said Duke. “Moxie, I’m activating your growing powers immediately, you’ve passed our test with flying colors!”

Duke pressed a sequence of buttons on a device on his wrist, and Moxie’s gauntlet on her left arm lit up with blue lighting, as it had been when she first tested out her growing powers when she and Mike had broken into the research facility several months before.

“Cool!” said Moxie. “I’ve got my growing powers back now!”

Duke and his assistants hauled Amnesio off the stage, taking the enigmatic mind control device with them. Mike and Moxie didn't win, but they received congratulations from the hosts for defeating Amnesio's evil plan, and the audience applauded them. Would there be more adventures? Considering that Amnesio's assistants had gotten away, it was possible that they hadn't heard the last of him; even now, Amnesio’s nieces were probably working on a plan to rescue him!

The End
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