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If it feels good is it good?

"Betty?" Bob has come home from a long day at work.
He designs roads and parks for the city and enjoys a home-cooked meal.
But, Betty does not respond.. He worries and wonders where his wife is.
"Hmm. She must be out shopping. I'll make myself a sandwich." Bob gets some fixings.
Bob sits down in his favorite chair and reclines as he snaps the remote at the T.V.
There is a note beside the recliner.. .

"Dear Poo," it begins and Bob smiles at his pet name.
"I'm next door with Jude. We are lovers. Being a stay at home mom has opened me to new experiences.
Jude and I are having so much fun and it is easier to take care of the kids with two moms.
I'll be over at six-thirty to make dinner. Would you be interested in a three-way with Jude?
She is a widower and has no children so we could have some over here.
Hugs and kisses.

Betty Boop"

Bob's face is cold. He stares at the dishwashing commercial and notices the ladies well-turned legs.
He picks up the phone and dials Jude, "Jude?"
"Oh? Hello Poo." Jude responds with a sultry voice.
Bob swallows his Coca-Cola, "Did you tell Betty about us?"
"Of course, I'm not a liar. The boys want to say hello." Jude hands the phone to the boys.
"Golly dad Jude is awesome!" Wally shouts.

Bob is feeling nauseous, "Yes. She is a very nice lady."
"Hey dad!" it's the Beaver.
"Hiiii, Beav." Bob wipes the sweat off his forehead, "What are you up to?"
"We're having chocolate chip ice cream and cake! This is awesome!"
"Great. Put mom on the phone." Bob takes a bite of his ham and cheese.
"Hello Poo." Betty giggles.
"What so funny?" Bob queries nervously.

"Oh, Jude and I are dressed like French chorus girls and she's tickling me." Betty giggles.
Betty tells Jude to stop, "The boys like to rub Jude's fishnet stockings. It's so cute."
"I-I apologize about Jude and me. I was weak." Bob's voice wavers.
"Well, that did upset me. But, I had had Jude before you and she's French." Betty laughs.
Bob starts to cry, "What so funny?"
"Jude is poking me with the Pinyada' stick." Betty pants and laughs.

"May I come over?" Bob whimpers.
"Take off that boring suit and tie and put on that French maid costume Jude bought you." Betty hangs up.
Bob puts the receiver down slowly and changes into his French maid costume with stiletto heels.
He makes the short walk next door in his trench coat and rings the bell.
Betty opens the door she is not dressed as a chorus girl and neither is Jude.
"Gee Dad why are you wearing heels?" Wally's voice cracks.
Jude takes Bob's trench coat and the boys and Jude and Betty shout, "Happy Birthday!"
Everyone from Bob's office is there. They were hiding in the kitchen with the birthday cake.
Bob's boss puts his arm over Bob's bare shoulders, "Bob your my cutest traffic designer."
The room erupts with laughter as a champagne bottle is uncorked.
Jude and Betty share some champagne and kiss passionately.
"You're a lucky man." Bob's boss smacks him on the butt.

Reflections~There are different customs and cultures around the world.

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