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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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Sean Hannity has a pumpkin head...

Recently, while driving and admiring ladies in yoga pants and nylon tights
in 30-degree weather, Sean Hannity made a startling remark on my radio.
It's okay for the President to threaten people, who disagree with him.
According to the pumpkin head political pundit, Sean Hannity,

"We've all threatened to murder someone. That's not illegal."

But, the President of the United States of America Vespucci is very influential.
He said it was okay to punch protesters at his rallies and son of a bitch the protesters got punched.
He said he wanted the U.S. ambassador to Ukrane taken out.. Is that a threat?

The President said, "I could shoot someone in the middle of Time Square and get away with it."

What if I said, "I'd like to put Sean Hannity's pumpkin head on his front porch with a candle in it."
Would that be okay? Of course, that's not my style. .. I love Sean Hannity. He's funny.

Anecdotal moments are my forte.
"Not a winnah!" Dina screeches.
I point to the reset button, "You're pushing the reset button."
"No I'm not!" she screeches back. She can see me recording her with my phone.
She tares up the ticket into tiny pieces and tosses it in the bucket.
I remain calm, "Dian I always check my numbers before I hand them over."
"Great! What else do you want?!" she screeches... I hand her a Mars Bar and ring out.
Dian was fired for being rude. I had made a complaint on the website on my receipt.

I never once said I would murder Diana.
That would be overreacting and psychotic.
Is there anything that the President could do that would get him fired?
Maybe not. .. That's a dictatorship.

We need a miracle.
Vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is.
I like Tulsi Gabbard.

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