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A book of poetry inspired by the images of Maggie Stiefvater's 'Raven's Prophecy Tarot'.
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I didn't mean to do it,
but the rain was falling down
so hard,
so fast,
and I was caught out
by the sudden downpour.
I stood then cupped my hands.
The bowl they formed
filled in such a short time,
in drips,
in drops,
and I felt compelled to
lean forward,
to take a look.
It's time for a game -
I Spy with my scrying eye.
But the figure I see
looking back at me
is one I've never before
set my eyes on.
A reflection of what?
My future?
If that is true
then time is going to be
more than unkind
in its passing.
I release my hands,
let the water flow
and take that face with it.
If only it was so easy
to pour away
the memories.

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