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The Anunnaki and Their Product Improved Ape
If you've read some of my more recent blogs you probably wondering what the connection is between the Anunnaki and Artificial Intelligence?

The answer is, that if you believe the human race was helped along by beings from a distant planet, then the translations by Zecharia Sitchin raise some interesting points. Even if you don't believe Mr. Sitchin's premise the implications of where we're heading beg the question, how do we keep AI from coming back to haunt us?

The first thing to consider is that supposedly Anunnaki sperm was used to impregnate the eggs from a hominid ape girl. These eggs were then implanted into Anunnaki birth mothers. This means, that aside for the fact that the Anunnaki were thousands of years ahead of us, the basic biological raw materials were the same. What I mean is that our DNA and that of a chimp are not that far apart. If the same held true for hominids and the Anunnaki, then maybe something along the lines of in-vitro fertilization, was all it took. This mingling of DNA would have combined the qualities of both species. In other words we would be part ape and part Anunnaki. So... is that a good thing or a bad thing? Did humanity benefit from the exchange or would we have been better off, left to our own devices?

The Anunnaki saw it as a definite plus-up for the apes and a step backward for themselves. They saw themselves as the superior race, and they'd have never have signed up for the social experiment were they it not for the need of slave labor. That is how they viewed mankind, as a workforce for the mines. However, as time passed it did not go unnoticed, that the product improved apes were turning out to be more than bargained for. Humans proved to be smart, hard working, talented, and some of the young women, were particularly attractive and desirable. So on the one hand humanoids were seen as smaller in stature, not prone to longevity and diluting the bloodline, but on the other, useful in ways that none of the extraterrestrials ever anticipated. It's not surprising that they were appalled by what seemed to be a devolution taking place before their very eyes. As the gold mining began to wane they saw an opportunity in the Great Flood, as a means for ridding themselves of this creation and all its unintended consequences.

The approach that humanity is currently taking in creating AI is different from the Anunnakis.' The Anunnaki used an existing bio-organism and through a "Test Tube Baby" process, provided themselves with a labor force.

Mankind is using an electro-mechanical process. We started with a "Main Frame" that was scaled down into a "Desk Top." This enhanced the speed of our human bio processor. Next man figured out how to network the desk tops together. Up to this point we'd created a marvelous machine in essentially our own image. It was a decentralized calculator capable of talking to other decentralized calculators. However the next step was to take the new creation to a level beyond anything that humans had achieved. We call this the CLOUD. It's the ability to access an external library of knowledge beyond the domain of the human mind. For years it was speculated that some people have the ability to psychically connect to some sort of a cosmic repository of knowledge, but alas, we never quite got there. Suddenly, with an astonishing ease, we gave our computers the ability to do exactly that... albeit with us looking over their shoulders. More recently we have gone beyond this remarkable development with robotics and artificial intelligence.

So right now we are at about the point where some of the Anunnaki began scratching their heads and wondering if this product improved ape was such a good idea after all.

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