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"Putting on the Game Face"
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Following the Breadcrumbs of Truth
Today I feel like going down the "Truth" rabbit hole.

I discovered a long time ago that sometimes people I hate, are knowledgable about things that I don't realize or fully understand . Further, that often people I love, don't know "Shit!" From this I've concluded that listening only to my friends is not a good policy. The whole idea of, "Love me, Love my dog" simply doesn't pan out. This to me is a fundamental key to understanding what's happening on "the big blue marble."

The source of truth is irrelevant. Truth exists independent of who discovers it. It isn't a thought process, but rather an outcome, that happens when a cognitive awareness illuminates it with understanding. Now, its a fact that some people are better at ferreting it out than others. For example consider Newton, suddenly realizing the truth about gravity, while sitting in an orchard. He was smart enough to see that something profound was happening when a ripe fruit fell to the ground. Most would have concluded that napping under a tree, risks having an apple hit you in the head! Nothing profound there.

The point is, whether you love or hate Newton, there is no arguing with the truth of what he discovered. When President Trump invited the Soviets to provide Hillary's emails, the data which they contained was, "What it was." The source of the emails was a footnote. Who found them first might be noteworthy but the black and white of the contents didn't change. The process was ready to move on to the next phase. When Watson and Crick shocked the world with their revelation of the double helix, scholars realized that the two researchers had stumbled upon a fundamental element of natural truth. Many other scientists searching, for the same truth, were bitter and angry and felt the research technique they used, went beyond the accepted protocols, but the truth of what they'd discovered was self evident. Other scientists knew it when they saw it.

Now try and follow along... (I couldn't resist that.) *Devilish*

I'll begin with the premise that life was created. It's a bit of a stretch to believe in Spontaneous Generation. There are two many things that must happen concurrently for even the simplest of one celled organisms to birth itself.

So, something or someone, we might as well call GOD, drew up the first blueprints and sent them over to Product Development. GOD, must have been a chemistry major, with a minor in biology, not to mention having a deep and abiding interest in what I'll call the "Protoplasmic Sciences(PS). *Delight* Today's science can only marvel and barely appreciate the complexity of all the life on Earth.

One of these is Homo-Sapiens (Humans) and while we know something about this creature, from the fossil record, we can't begin to match GOD's skill in the field of PS and must be content with a growing expertise in the Electro-Mechanical Sciences (EMS).

Humans are reaching a stage in their development where they are starting to muck around with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence AI. I see the distinction between the two as dealing with centralization and mobility more than anything else. In its creative endeavors mankind is not attempting to move forward, to any great extent, in the PS. The medium, or FORM of mankind's creation is EMS.

We started out with centralized main frame computers and then did a remarkable thing. Humans are decentralized bio-organisms, and were not completely satisfied with a "Hive" approach and instead demanded a smaller less capable computer with more emphasis on mobility. This became known as a "Desk Top."

It wasn't long before a breakthrough came allowing computers to network with one another and I'll refer to this as the Internet or the CLOUD. This was an astonishing innovation, because it allowed our new life form to do things that humans were incapable of. Keep in mind that humans had a brain, or bio processor, that was quite remarkable in its own right. However, it lacked processing and raw power. Humans could also network, however, this was via "Language" and required the two life forms to be in a close physical proximity. On the other hand the EMS machines had a bigger processor, and could network via the CLOUD. Humans had a library they could visit, but could not, without assistance, access the new data repository in the sky. The EMS life forms could not only think faster but had access to exponentially more amounts of information.

If you've followed the Electronic Revolution this information is "Old Hat" and you're well aware of advances in cell phone technology that somewhat mitigates the above situation, but the truth is that man is being left hopelessly in the dust, as the technological advances continue. Two of these, as mentioned above, are Robotics and AI. These will push the envelope of culture and society in the decades ahead.

At this juncture, I want to digress and raise a point that I haven't seen much discussion on. This is the question of whether or not humans have a latent capability to communicate through some sort of bio-modem and connect with some equally amorphous repository of cosmic knowledge, analogous to what our computers can do today with the CLOUD? I believe its time more thought was given to what secrets the brain holds and what capabilities and potential could be switched off pending further developments.

Before my readers shake their heads in disbelief, consider the following.

This construct we refer to as GOD created life in all its infinite diversity. He chose a PS medium to work with. This medium is many times more complex and sophisticated than our human EMS technology. If humans can achieve a creation that has the ability to access a CLOUD does it not stand to reason that GOD understood how to make the same process work biologically? Would she not have included it in her human life form? Perhaps she did and we just don't realize it. Hmmm, I think I'll pray on the matter.

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