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"Of all the planets that you could've chosen to come to, you chose Earth," I said, homing in on the spot of swirling, tenebrous colours on my right. "Trouble yourself not and go to hell, will you?"

"It would be a fitting end, but there is never without hope for our wishes to turn into reality."

The camera tab on the left of the computer screen popped up over the report that I was working on, and without warning, the metal wall serving as a hidden door behind me retracted into the ground. It didn't surprise me; not that much, at least. They were capable of much more than simply playing poltergeist on the house.

I was too preoccupied with finishing up the last bits of my report to check on the camera feed, but I was sure that, like any other day, it was just Samantha and Rivin coming home from their high school in our little town of Oakwood.

And like any other day, I would have enough time to quickly wrap up my daily report, bury this room behind a wall of metal, and go upstairs to welcome my children home with a loving smile.

"Children, huh? 'M glad that you think this way now. Imagine, us laughing still at the notion of you acting motherly, only to be fouled by the actualization of your humanly - ah, alien-ly traits of being caring."

"That's a situation that you placed onto me, don't forget," I said, tipping my chair back and flicking out my pistol to point it towards the empty tunnel on my right, leading off into the turbid darkness. "I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. Not you, nor the four bastards that are probably sitting next to you in that garden of yours. Go away."

When the familiar female voice didn't respond immediately as she always did, I dismissed the camera tab after confirming that it was, indeed, my children stepping foot onto the patio of our house. I then dismissed the report tabs as well, leaving only the real-time world map on the screen.

That can stay there for now.

With a deft flick of my wrist, I slapped onto my torso my twin Eridanus sashes while humming lightly to activate the sashes by sound commands. Purple smoke began to slowly billow out from the orbs by my shoulders blades, and I backed away from the computer with my pistol still trained into the tunnel.

In my other free hand, I fidgeted with the Horologium coins, mind spinning in various directions as to whether I would be forced to use them again.

Resigning to the miscreant who was now staying uncomfortably silent, I gritted my teeth together and tried to force myself to remain calm.

"Dun' be like that. 'M not going to hurt you. Never did, 'm not, and never will."

"You're still trespassing on my property. I bet you regret giving me these coins now, don't you?" I said, retreating into the world of light where my children would soon be waiting for me. "You still owe me an explanation, by the way, just dropping in a year ago and dumping that on me."

"Sharing with you the depth of my knowledge will certainly, undeniably, one day come to a pass. But surely, a gun is not going to do anything to me?"

I pulled on the trigger once, releasing a single metal-piercing round into the depths of the tunnel.

There was no echo or impact, as if the bullet fell into the shadow realm, never to return.

"Never worked, did not work, and never will work. I dun' blame you. After all, 'm intruding on your peaceful life indisputably bearing foreboding news, though if I were to say it... would you be found wanting to listen?"

I would laugh if not for the light beginning to creep up onto my body, reminding me that this was no time to be sharing a banter with her. I hadn't exactly enjoyed it a hundred years ago, and this would be no exception.

If Rivin and Samantha were to freak out and try to attack her, it would not bode so well.

My first step back into the training room, where my secret room was hidden behind a rather inconspicuous wall, proved to be easy and successful. The voice no longer spoke to me, only emanating a waft of disappointment that perforated the air within the secret room.

I was sure this disgusting air wouldn't leak out into the rest of the house.

I pocketed the Horologium coins and snapped my fingers, the electrical mechanism responsible for pulling the hidden wall up from the ground doing its job, albeit clunky and slow.

Before the wall sealed off the secret room completely and seamlessly, a sharp ding came from the still powered computer within, and my ears perked up.

Did something change?

As I contemplated on whether I should go back in just to check on the computer, the front door upstairs swung open with the hinges screeching loudly.

My children were home, and I was still down here.

... What am I doing?

I can check on it in my bedroom, anyways.

I need to welcome them home like a proper mother.

Rivin and Samantha absolutely must not grow up the same way that I did, and that means they must never come into contact with the voices.

"I'm not ceding either of them to anyone. They are my children, do you understand? You greedy fools will not spin their fates as you did to me. This oath I swear," I said, directing them to the voice who had already long disappeared.

With a final lingering look onto the wall hiding a terrible reality, and a worried smile shaping onto my face, I turned to the staircase and threw my Eridanus sashes to the side along with my pistol, hurrying upstairs to fulfil my duty as a mother.

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