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Nibiru, Suspending Disbelief
Page 21, Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity, by M.J. Evans Ph.d

"Importantly, Sitchin's research findings also introduce us to the orbital behavior of the twelfth planet--- Nibiru. In the ancient records it is described as a planetary body, four or five times larger than Earth, which returns to our solar system, approximately every 3,600 years. This planet is absent from our portion of the galaxy for most of the time that it takes to make one revolution on its elliptical orbit out into deep space and then back into our solar system."

Sitchin, must have "winced" as he translated this. Keep in mind his premise was that the etchings on the mud tablets were not mythology but rather actual historical events which were witnessed by the scribes or passed down to them in teachings by the Anunnaki. HIs claim was that this material was not a collection of wildly imaginative tales, concocted by primitives, bull-shitting around the campfire, but rather a rendition of actual events left behind in the first written records of mankind. If he did "wince" that was a good thing. I'm much more interested in his translating than his analysis. How often do "Scientists" put their thumb on the scale and make the outcomes fit their preconceived world view.

What should first impress the reader is that the concept of "The Sky People" is introduced at ALL much less a rudimentary knowledge of orbiting planetary bodies. The idea of an "Elliptical 3,600 year orbit," seems to go against todays understanding of how large planetary bodies function in our solar system, but then again strange things happen. Emuramura comes to mind. It could be a metaphor for a very large interstellar space vehicle making the rounds. This brings a reader to the question of why the Anunnaki bothered coming here in the first place.

p. 25. Towards the end "...of an ancient ice age [Earth] became the destination of a small group of space travelers--- astronauts as they are called today--- who had identified this planet as holding large amounts of gold. The leader of these astronauts was E.A. also known as Enki, a Nefilim, meaning "people of the fiery rockets" and "those who had come down." These space travelers, were explorers, tasked by their king to land and carry out a gold procurement mission. Their home planet Nibiru, had a diminishing atmosphere and pulverized gold was needed to rectify the effects of this problem."

Now, before the inevitable nit-picking begins consider the wonder that these clay tablets exist at all. They should have dissolved long ago into a drizzle of mud. Then consider the concepts that are being discussed; Orbiting planetary bodies, space flight, and astronauts. So before delving deeper into the other claims, of Nibiru's Orbit, Gold, and its "Pulverized" use in Nibiru's atmosphere, marvel that there is a basis for having this discussion at all.

For my part I find the "Gold" claim seems more like a cover story concocted by the Annunaki's equivalent to the CIA, than a plausible reason for coming here and staying for 300,000 years. That is a lot of time to be walking around kicking rocks. Gold is not a common element, to be sure, but it does exist in small quantities. While there is evidence that it was mined in antiquity in South Africa there is not enough to show it was mined on a large scale, such as we see it done today. One would expect to find huge open pits and not small tunnels a man can barely fit inside. I won't discount the possibly that the motivation was to find exotic minerals. For example Element 115. So far none has been found in its natural state on Earth, although claims are made that it's a stable element and one that could be useful in some form of anti-gravity drive. The best we have been able to achieve are several atoms that have spun off the atom smasher at Cern. As a point of interest one of the most creditable whistle blowers, Bob Lazar, reported that over two hundred pounds of the stuff was found in a flying disk that crashed in Roswell New Mexico.

Since I've opened the door to speculative claims let me add one of my own. I think the reason they came, and stayed as long as they did, had to do with biological research. The record shows that they "tweaked" the genome of hominids in ways that accelerated the evolution of man. However, I think that this was a byproduct, a logistical tool, to support their research into a pristine life bearing planet and acquiring a better understanding of the raw materials of life and adapting that understanding to the interests of their race. Further I contend that this is the reason we continue to be visited by other alien races today.

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