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A book of poetry inspired by the images of Maggie Stiefvater's 'Raven's Prophecy Tarot'.
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True Power
Don’t be fooled by the appearance
for she can be vicious,
ruthless if provoked in to action.
She watches,
weighs things up
and pauses before she’ll go in for the kill,
but believe me,
she will
if she has to.
Like a sword sheathed,
the blade sharp
and yet held back,
protected from slashing,
her tongue stays in her mouth
unless the situation
warrants a lashing.
Maybe she’s learned from her past,
or by watching others
brought down for no reason
except the verbal diarrhea
of an irrational assailant.
Impatient, the attacker
is unaware
of the power that words can wield,
tearing and scarring,
wounding and marring;
or just as likely, they have no care
for the damage done
by their rampant tongue.
True power, she knows,
comes from holding back
and only when it’s unavoidable
will she ever attack.
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