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A book of poetry inspired by the images of Maggie Stiefvater's 'Raven's Prophecy Tarot'.
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I don't know why
but this morning -
today -
I'm feeling inspired!
I honestly feel
that if I don't get those thoughts,
those ideas out,
written down,
put in place,
my head is going to burst.
And so I sit
and let my fingers
wander rapidly over the keys,
picking the letters just how they please,
for I'm also aware that if I try
to exert control,
slow down their flow,
I'm going to loose the thought-process
and end up with something awkward,
And so she picks that moment
to strike!
She stands there, bow in hand
and arrow burning
taking aim
at my ideas as they fly from
my mind
to my fingertips
and she fires the arrow...
I've got to hand it to her -
her aim is spot-on,
damn near perfect,
as my ideas are pierced
and succumb to her flames.

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