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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Slasher Jack
Weekly SCREAMS!!! contest win

“She probly’ told you about me. Mostly does when things go wrong. Slasher Jack.” I adjusted my boney bones on his chest soon to be carcass. Sitting on his chest. Blade at his throat making him swaller’ hard, eyes turning fearful. Me. Urban legend come truth.

“Feel kind of guilty. Shouldn’t. What you done. Still. Shouldn’t a hit her no matter what she done. Catching her stealing your wallet. That shoulda’ been enough. Jest kick her out. Make her go.” I sit there rocking a little, feeling his breath go in and out under me in heavy gasps hunting air. He weren’t no kind of trophy to me. Just another thing gone wrong to fix. Might be to Tash. She know’d what I would do.

“This ain’t personal. None of you are. The way the dice roll is all. Most get no luck knowing her. That’s for truth sure.”

He weren’t no Sinatra, this guy. I stared into his face. Crying tears and snot shining it under a full crazy moon. Still. She had chosen him. I had to make him understand. “Tash and you had a connection. Brief. Bright. I seen it in you when you met.”

No. He weren’t no Sinatra. This weren’t Vegas where it all started. Tash just a kid hooker looker then. Greedy for excitement. Sure of man’s lust. A plaything wild as sin. Deadly even then. “Seven booze bruisers in a half circle. Her standing half way between here and gone. What? She said. We’d been together about a week. Tash grateful as hell and gone I pulled her out of a dead man’s arms trying to rape and frenzy kill her. She, all full of questions. How could I rage like that? Had I done it before. Fascinated when I did not hold back.”

The talking settled this one down. I climbed off him, He grateful for small favors could breath without fighting for it. Our own fight done and gone. “Learned the knife play in the army. Did enough dirty work there. Legal like. Called them murders missions. All signed sealed and I delivered. The legend began back then about Slasher Jack.”

Trained assassin. Taught to leave a bloody message the most brutal enemy could understand. Minor despots, rich drug traffickers beyond the law, took out a grudge of superior time or two. Left it all behind with a medical discharge when they said I could no longer be controlled. “Yeah. She come back from Sinatra’s one night stand when I sent out word. Said she liked him. Leave him alone. That was before he become the great and famous man.”

Them bruisers were uneasy. Sinatra paid for them. All that held them back was what Tash told about me. What I could do and had done. Ready to teach me a lesson if I needed one. “I ain’t gonna’ be no bother.” I told them, feeling the air ease some.

Tash turned, hungry for more Sinatra and that frenzy feeling she had. “I kept my promise. Turned to my bedroll and backpack. Left a note tacked with my knife to the alley wall we’d stayed in while preying on Vegas tourists for their wallets. Said she weren’t no one night stand for me. We had a connection. We’d meet again. I told I was hell bent for San Francisco, Gay town, Biltmore hotel. Said She and I had a connection. No matter what happened she should stay in touch. She did when trouble come calling she never failed asking for me. Sometimes we was together. Other times not. You’re the last trouble maker, brother. Fate dealt both of us that unkind hand. Say my name."

It took him a gasp or two, maybe more but not by much. The sting of my blade taught him to say ‘Slasher Jack’ in ways make a believer out of anyone. He weren’t much more than soon slobber. Began pleading for me to end it long before it was time. Weren’t him alone I tortured slow and steady. It was my urban legend taught to grow.

“What? You ain’t heard of me before now? Pity and a shame. Now it is your turn to lay a victim to it. Tash chose you, not me. I be the sad truth of it. Sometimes she watches, other times not. I feel her presence either way. We got a connection between us. Time to turn your part into urban legend. Hold still. It won’t hurt so much. You shouldn’t a’ rose her ire. All of you blend in my mind together. All the same. Say my name now. Slasher Jack.”

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