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#994666 added September 30, 2020 at 8:31am
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Anthony surveyed the scene, a critical expression on his face. Glen and Kevin wondered, not for the first time, who had put him in charge. They certainly had not been consulted for, of the three of them, he was the worst to have as leader. Anthony 'Mr Perfection' Cooper would find faults with anything.

The room was dimly lit. There was plenty of dust left on the floorboards and cobwebs dangled down from the ceiling. The webs that decorated the filthy windows still had their creators firmly attached. White sheets had been draped carefully, so that when the door was opened they would blow in the breeze to give a ghostly effect.

"I don't know... This whole thing looks so... contrived." Anthony spoke at last.

"You what?" asked Kevin.

"False! Staged! Not natural. No one is going to take this seriously."

"I guess that's because it is," put in Glen, jumping to their defense. "'Make the place look creepy,' you said, and that's what we've done."

Anthony took another look around the gloomy room. "Creepy for five-year-olds, perhaps. The whole idea is to give them a scare... a real one, and to get it on video. This is one film that is guaranteed to go viral... if we can just get it right."

"It'll be better once we get the atmosphere going," Glen said.

"And we do that how?"

Glen tried not to scowl at Anthony's superior expression. "With music. You know, the creepy kind, not your old disco rubbish." He turned and walked out to the battered old van that was parked out of sight behind the semi-derelict shack.

Left alone with Anthony, Kevin kicked at the floor.

"Don't do that, you moron. You'll disturb the dust."

Kevin flinched as though he had been slapped and his feet became still. Instead his hands curled into fists and relaxed, over and over again. How he hated being left with this insufferable pig! He only relaxed when Glen came back into the room carrying an old boom-box.

"I've got just the sort of thing we need on tape." He pressed the play button but nothing happened. "Damn! I don't suppose either of you have got any batteries?"

Kevin shook his head and Anthony rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. "Great idea, Glen," he said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Glen's face colored in anger and humiliation. At least he had planned, tried to get things right. Kevin stepped beside him, whispered his sympathy. When they had decided to teach Jim and Co a lesson, they had not bargained on being treated as idiots themselves.

"I've got the masks," Kevin broke the awkward silence as he reached inside his jacket and pulled out three pieces of crumpled latex.

Glen took one, gave it a shake and pulled it gratefully over his face. At least he could let his feelings towards Anthony show now without them being discovered.

"Which one do you want?" Kevin held the remaining two towards Anthony, but he brushed them aside and reached for his own. Shrugging, Kevin pulled one of the two onto his face and stuffed the remaining one back inside his jacket. He pretended not to notice how superior the one that stared back at him from above Anthony's body appeared to be.

Anthony began pacing around the room again, shaking his head. "This is just not going to do it. It's a total waste of time."

"Mind the dust," said Kevin, earning himself a look that had to be a scowl to rival the one shown on the mask's mouth.

"Okay, well, Anthony, you're great for criticizing," Glen was finally beginning to lose his cool. "Why don't you tell us exactly what's missing!"

Finishing his circuit of the room Anthony stopped and said one word. "Viscera!"

"You what?" said Kevin.

"Vis-cer-a! Did you ever even go to school?"

Glen had been busy on his cell phone. "Guts! Internal organs, that's what he wants. And I think his wish should be granted." Glen reached forward and picked up the knife, hoping that it wasn't a fake. For it was Anthony's idea, and it was only fair that he should be the one to donate.

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