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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Spell Casting
Madness protects the insane. The mind is the ultimate weapon. Used against the horrors of the naked threat of true reality in its most vile form, anything can happen. Warped unreason no longer tied Amory Davis to the world. Too much happened, too soon, too often.

The spell the witch bitch cast upon him in passing, on Halloween eve at the very stroke of the midnight hour popped his corporal body like a puss filled pimple. Her revelry in that witchery moment echoed back in her own doom. The madness of Amory Davis bought freedom and release, he became the flowing energy of that black and evil spell glittering around him.

The witch bitch’s cackle of wayward glee gurgled into her last breath. Nothing tastes of bile worse than a witch’s own spell cast back upon her. All defenses faded into the darkness from which she had come, as did she. Not with a pop, no wistful sigh shadowed her downfall. In a last frantic moment, the bitch witch energy and karma invaded the pustile of Amory Davis’ body as he left it.

Trapped in human form, no magic, curse, or vistage of unworldly power remained within her grasp. The key she hungered for lay trapped in the last spell she cast. It lay in Amory Davis, who was that spell in its organic form, pulsing like a heartbeat birthed in a swirling mass of darkness and cloud.

Amory Davis explored his new surroundings. Shocked by sparks of lightning slowly fading light, he became what any insane person most wanted to be, a shape shifter, ready to meet any exigency. The only problem was, the humanity in Amory Davis no longer existed within him. It had been left behind.

A plate on the bottom of a street light unscrewed itself where an electrical short flashed momentarily, and something emerged. At first a shadowy presence unformed, menaced reality with it darkness, blacker than night, brooding and uncertain.

“Oh, God. You scared me.” Lilly Adams clutched at her heart attempting to bounce out of her chest.

The strangeness she felt grasp her shivered with her. Lilly was so in the moment of vast surprise that reality became its own sharp weapon. The spell could not abide such close proximity. It was the only weakness Amory Davis still possessed.

‘Sorry. Didn’t see you.” Like a chameleon the spell formed into what Lilly most expected to see. A caricature of a Halloween costumed male figure formed in her gaze. Tendrils of curling mist wet with an unearthly hunger beaded sweat upon Amory Davis’ new form.

“You’re not much of a witch.” He sucked a deep soggy breath out into the night vapors, coughed, and regarded the unfolding scene.

“Last minute choice. I could have come as anything but couldn’t make up my mind. I didn’t notice you at Halacone’s party. You must have come late. Sorry. I’m a bit tipsy.” Lilly, used to casting her feminane spell upon all men, shivered while rubbing her nerves and her curves back into place.

“Would you mind walking me home?” All threat and fear was gone. The shyness of her new supposed admirer was that strong. “Not everyone out this late at night is likely as gallant as you are.”

Lilly reached out a hand to steady herself. Felt the coldness of death whisper against her touch and recoiled. Madness flickered in her eyes with things unseen wrenching and tearing at her soul. Feeling faint was not an emotion ever pulsing through her blood before.

She stumbled, shook her head, closed and opened her eyes to the sight of the witch bitch in human form catching on to her. “Where is it? Tell me, girl. I must have it.”

“You can have it.” Anger and revulsion spewed the words like venom. Lilly wrenched herself free. “This night has to be the weirdest living nightmare anyone in their right mind ever had. What did they put in that last drink?”

“It was just here. I felt my spell as close as my next breath. What did you do with it?”

“Spell? You’re crazy as a bat. You’ve got to be kidding me.” Lilly pawed a hand into her purse coming out with her can of pepper spray and gave the witch bitch a blast.

Reality came in full blinding force in the tears weeping from the witch bitch’s all too human eyes. They streamed down her face blinding her into immobility. Her clawing hands grasped empty night air. “I’ll get even with you. Just wait and see.”

Lilly didn’t wait and see anything. Halloween was here and gone. It would become a drunken memory vaguely recalled in half formed memories shared as ‘remember when’s’ at the office in future days.

The spell that was Amory Davis knew its mistress. There was a darkness there which matched its own. A formless cloud glittered with silvers of ice where nothing but mist had been.

The witch bitch screamed, attacked by the power of her spell. The heart within her became frozen as witch’s hearts will. Her humanity shriveled around her carrying the reality of her away into death’s human form. Amory Davis opened his maddened eyes, returning into himself.

“There he is.” Lilly pointed. “Crazy bastard attacked me talking about spells and trying to drag me with him.”

Amory Davis rose to his feet in time for the punch to his face bringing him down again. A last tendril wisp of the spell he once was uncurled and lashed out. Lilly gasped as her boyfriend at her side popped into a burst of evil smelling puss.

Out came the can of mace forming its own mist in the air. A swirl of wind caused by the departure of witch bitch flung the foam back at Lilly, bathing her face. She felt the hand of Amory Davis keep her from fainting dead away.

A moment of bleary eyed madness reflected between their gaze. Reality was too much for both of them where insanity brooded and dwelled. The shock of awareness drove mental illness deep into Lilly’s brain. Locks broke open, a torrent of raw emotion, fear, terror burst forth. Life became an endless silent scream of them for Lilly Thomas.

Refreshed, calm, no longer troubled by things that no longer were, Amory Davis, breathed deeply of the newly forming dawn of reality within his breast. He turned away from the huddling shred of humanity left in Alice begging him for relief, and walked away, as any sane man would do.

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