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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Sleeping On It
Daily Screams!!! win and co-weekly.

I keep having this dream, see. It is freaking me out. When I wake up? My hands are sticky with blood, not my own. I checked. Freaky, huh? I know. Tell me about it.

No. I don’t remember exactly. The shock of waking up, finding myself like that, I guess. All that is left of the nightmare is a feeling of fading rage. Like, I’ve been under attack or something. I am never hurt, exhausted is more like it. I am panting like a dog, sweat drenched.

It is coming back now. Real as a wet dream. Larger than life.

What helps. Well, let me think. What do I do next? A shower. Hottest water I can stand. I scrub like crazy, watching the blood run off. I mean, it is all over me. Head to foot. Thick webs of it. Makes me want to puke, the coppery smell is all there is. Nose is clogged up with it, find myself having to breathe shaky, shallow breaths, almost humming, vibrating, scared kind of, from my mouth.

“Did it again,” I find myself saying. Each and every time. Almost a ritual I find myself in. A human robot afraid of what I’ve become. Creepy, huh?

I can’t shake it. Attacked by absolute terror.

You never felt or did anything like that, right? Yeah. I can tell by the look on your face. Talk about revulsion. I thought we was friends, you letting me in like this. I could tell you anything. That’s what this dream has done to me. I got no-one left willing to try and understand.

I never sleep walked before. Least wise not I remember. Go out dressed like this? You gotta’ be kidding, right? Lucky I bring knife wid’ me. Right? Anything could happen. Did.

Not supposed to wake sleep walkers, are you? I heard that. Maybe it is them pills I been taking. Make strangest things happen. This whole mess started then, when I couldn’t get no sleep. I heard taking them makes some people do crazy things, right? Like even drive cars better than when they’s awake. Robots is what they become. Makes sense, talking it out wid’ you like this.

Thanks for waking me up. Must of been a real bad trip. You look as bloody as I am. Two of a pair. Twins. Cept’n I am still breathing. Your play acting dead sure made you listen good. What a cut up you were, screaming at me the way you did. Sorry about the blood. Couldn’t help it.

You could have waked the dead. Sure waked me. Can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been. Finding out what I been dream doing like this. Just sleep walking. Imagine that.

The nightmare ought to stop now that I know what’s really been going on. It all come back. I feel better maybe. Maybe not. Exhausted. Feel a yawn coming on.

Feel so exhausted getting it all out like this.

Hey. Come on. Stop teasing. You play acting sleeping like the dead. Lucky you. Time to wash up. That always helps. First time I didn’t wake up at home. Where’s your shower? Geez. So sleepy. Got fog for a brain. Am I dreaming or awake? It can’t be I’m really doing this. Look. Let’s just forget all this happened.

Here I go again. Into robot mode. Sorry. Can’t seem to help it. Got to clean up. Tired. Maybe do it later. What a nightmare, right? Maybe I can sleep a little now, back home. Thanks a lot. Don’t move. I’ll let myself out.

I am not a monster. Am I? Maybe I'll sleep on it.

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