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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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Got a moment?
Hey buddy, got a minute? Got something crazy to sell you. Sorry, I step on your toes? You dance on one foot pretty darn good. Have I got a deal for you. Now that I got your attention and all. Sorry about elbowing you under the chin. Just trying to help you keep your balance.

What? How’d your wallet land in my hand? Must of fell out of your pocket. Let me check. Make sure everything is still in there. My, my, my. Enough cash to buy what I stopped you for.

Consider this. Everyone needs a little more color in their life, am I right? Oops. Your fault, that time. You ripped your shirt jerking like that when I was replacing your wallet, sans the amount for this can of paint you’ll be wanting to take with you.

Let me tell you before you rush off minus one shoe, you made a deal you won’t regret. That color of paint isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. It is the color of madness.

Stopped you in your tracks, didn’t I? Whew. I had to duck that roundhouse. You must be winded a bit. You already see the color of madness and it looks like me? What’d I do, besides try to help you out, bud? I’m calm as still waters. It is you acting crazy. Why you try ringing my neck? Choke hold almost stopped me from giving you the instructions.

Ohh. That hurt. Knee right to the groin. You fight like a girl, you know that? Didn’t mean to scream like that. Must of broke your eardrums way you are holding your ears like that. Gives me a chance to straighten you out with a fist to the chin.

Stumbled, didn’t you? Look what you did. Broke the can of paint open, you did. Don’t bother me known. I got these blinkers on. Lead glass in these tinted glasses. Don’t go anywhere without them. Part of my sales pitch. Wear these and you are immune to the sight transforming you before me.

Best part of sales. Seeing a happy customer. You were sure in a hurry, pulling these glasses off my face. Lucky I keep extra pairs with me. Didn’t take even a blink of an eye putting another pair on. Practice, you know.

Experiencing the color of pure madness isn’t for everybody. Most lose it completely, go off, well, raving mad. Every form of it encapsulated in a silent brain scream. People tearing their hair out, Eating their own fingers. Poking their own eyes out. Turning them into little marbles rolling on the ground trailing filaments of gore. Amazing to watch.

Yeah. I noticed. You left the paint can open, buddy. Waste of good money. That bum panhandling money saw us stopped here under this street light. Come over and got a bout of madness instead. Not enough money to buy a pair of goggles. Come in any style.

Hmm? Sorry about that. Snatching my glasses back. You haven’t paid me yet. Keep your eyes closed, if you want. Feel for your wallet. I’ll count the cost. Price of the eyewear just went up.

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