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Draco and Human must merge their forces to fight an enemy of them both.
This story will cover five books in total. It begins with the Draco (a reptilian species native to Earth) who love underground to keep an ancient law, The Law of the Makers! The story begins in 1954 when the eggs stop hatching in Fire Colony (New Mexico) which is one of 12 colonies across the world. This calamity is a foretelling of a ancient prophecy that must be reassembled from eight broken peices to understand what to look for, the only problem is that the pieces are lost.
The goal of the story is for the Draco to convince the humans on the surface to join forces with them to fight the enemy that will come, called unknowingly by the humans.
The humans are unaware the Draco exist, but the Draco are well aware of the humans and fear them.
#4. Makers-Chapter Three-To the Surface
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#3. Makers-Chapter Two-Course Change
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#2. Makers-Chapter One-It tries to smile
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#1. Makers - Introduction
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