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A new decade of musings from poetry to what inspires.
I've read poetry that opened my eyes, realize now mine have been closed when I write.

The drive north is easier than south in summer.

If you only write when inspired, you may be a fairly decent poet, but you'll never be a novelist. -NEIL GAIMAN

And here I am

A new start for an old blog -- replaced by "Black Hole Super Nova Afterglow, now at capacity as of 2018, focused on specific writing projects and goals:

Black Hole Super Nova Afterglow  (13+)
Blog just doubled in size. Full on Super Nova. Stay tuned for a full black hole.
#1300042 by SoshD'ing 4 Life w/BFF Emily D

Having no specific aim going forward...

I've hammered away at this glass with forefinger since resurrecting in 2014. I'm always ready to say too weary. Compulsion compels me, instigation informs, and still here I am...bright, full of light and dark, revealing hidden colors and shapes. That was before...
I hear what you are saying...but especiallly...what you are not.
Yes, I struggle. But I'm getting through it. How are you?

I've gone by other aliases. People remind me of that. Sometimes restrained, it's hard to understand what I write. It will be clear some day. Hard to hide what's in my heart. I'm making no apologies going forward for my feelings. Not interested in the trap of stereotypes. Not sure how we'll feel about that.

What I used to say: 'Maybe, I just don't get it. Watch me fumble with my version of reality, expose ignorance as truth. You don't have to get me, either. But, wish someone would explain me to myself.'Now that I've figured out the ever changing rules of your game, you take the ball away, no longer engage me to play. You pay a price for this kind of friendship. I lose, I guess.


You can't just read the parts that confirm (or can be construed as such out of context) your opinion of me, you mentally-stunted Neanderthal.
What? Oh, that? It's just a, ah, self-motivational speech I've been working on.
What? Yes, I should try to make it less negative. *RollEyes*
February 16, 2020 at 11:07am
February 16, 2020 at 11:07am
Go Wild - Friedberg

I Can Swim Without You

Pulsing rhythm rains warm on this bright ocean.
Heaven-rhythm repeats, penetrates solemn dark.
Where I submerged, swum this unknowable sea,
unexplored to you, fathomed in dreams by me.

I hear your anthem, begging, come ashore.
Your verses I deny, because here I sleep.
In this ocean, I can breathe in the deep.
Learned to hold my breath this long, since
you came along, implored I seek your love.

I can swim the deepest ocean, see no need
of your oarboat, able arms to lift me out.
This aquatic dream I realized, when dumped
over the side of a vessel like yours, trolling.

This is for the ignorant likes of helpless me who
learned to swim against waves I've struggled --
against the land's greed and complacency.
I would have strolled those golden sands,
inhaled frozen Kool-Aid, infused and fermented.

I can swim this deep, deep blue, huddle amid
lost dolphins, communicate to bluer whales
in languages learned -- languages you refuse
understand, sitting far off on your idle sand.

Still Corners - The Trip

"The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge
February 16, 2020 at 10:26am
February 16, 2020 at 10:26am
BAYNK - go with u

Last Night

The rhythm returns in morning glow,
gliding into the room, sliding beneath
the warm sheets. We were cool. Life
was blue before I drank your oxygen,
consumed a fire. Scenes: from party
to street and cab, to your apartment,

slow we danced,

nose to nose, progressive, unclothed
desire. Our scattered garments reminders
of our blind choreography in dark. Now,
the rescue I sought, revealed in two blue
worlds clearly, deepest seas, lava-ignited.
Treasure sought, discovered within you.

"The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge

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