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Rated: 18+ · Book · Detective · #1216476
"If you cannot solve a problem, you eliminate it." And that Hanna does.
Hanna Dietrick killed her first victum when she was eight years old. By the time she was eighteen, she had six to her credit. These people were neither good, nor bad, they just thought they were safe.

Hanna grandma told her "if you are remembered you are not really dead", So Hanna remembers in her own way. Hanna become interned in a mental institution and has the smarts to escape. It is her in her travels to safety that her brilliance shines and she story unfolds.

She first victum, Brian Kelner, has a brother who worshipped him. Malcom Kelner become a dectective and joins the hunt for the mass killer.

The time for for this story is in the 1980s and what a ride it is..
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