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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging and I bid you adieu!
I will change UtR's Intro Page on the 13th of every month. (**except for holidays**)

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Stealthmode Air Power!

*Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4*

I've a wagon load of opinions on nearly every subject and I seem to gather enough steam occasionally to instigate a debate if the subject stirs me.

I have super-low tolerance for stupidity, child, senior and animal abusers, smelly old men who come on to any female and last but certainly not least, Criminal Politicians. *Smirk*

I am a Christian, NOT perfected by any stretch.

Come on in, read, agree, disagree or just shake your head, I welcome your thoughts, all peoples, all nations, always. *Bigsmile*

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October 17, 2009 at 12:19pm
October 17, 2009 at 12:19pm
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I've received emails for the bp recipe and it's my pleasure to provide it here so you too may receive compliments out the ying-yang. *Bigsmile* You, like my friend Cindy, will receive "brownie points" for presenting this at your next Big Deal Meal! *Laugh*

It's so simple - you'll make it often and get the kudos like it's the first time, every time you serve it. *Cool*

1 14 oz. can of condensed milk
1.5 c of cold water
1 small Jello vanilla instant pudding mix
1 pint of whipping cream

1 bag of vanilla wafers (name brand wafers are too expensive, I use the 99 cent bag, and since they have a tendency to break up easier, I buy two, they don't go to waste as we enjoy peanut butter wafer sammiches *Wink*)

3 or 4 ripe bananas (depends on size)
Real lemon juice

Now, dissolve the condensed milk in the water with whisk/whip or electric hand mixer.

Sprinkle the dry vanilla pudding mix as you continue mixing until all is used. Set bowl in fridge to stay cool.

Place whipping cream in bowl and whip until thickened/stiff. But don't over whip it!

Retrieve pudding bowl from fridge and fold in whipping cream. *I fold initially and then I use the hand mixer to completely mix the two bowls' contents.

Now the fun starts - Use a large non-slotted spoon or 1/2 cup measuring cup and dump a measure of the pudding mixture in the bottom of a round glass 2 quart pyrex bowl and spread evenly.

Arrange cookies on top in a single layer.

Peel bananas and cut crossways, then place in the lemon juice bath. Using a toothpick or fork, slide each banana round from the lemon juice, allow for excess to drip off and place on top of each cookie.

Repeat with pudding/cream mixture, cookies, and nanner slices until all the pudding mixture has been used.

Top the dish with vanilla wafers in some design if you wish and pop into the fridge with a WARNING: Won't be "ready" for 24 hours. Reason being, the time factor allows the cookies to soften and anticipation builds in your loved ones. *Bigsmile*

The next day when that time comes, sit back and absorb the compliments and soak up the endearments! *Heart*

You'll find yourself making this dessert for holidays, reunions and special get-togethers.

When asked where you got the recipe you can say, "some blogger at Writing.Com bragged about it so I thought I'd try it." You might not get "brownie points" but you'll get plenty of requests for "seconds". *Wink*

> > > > > > > *Reading* < < < < < < <

October 16, 2009 at 1:35pm
October 16, 2009 at 1:35pm
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Poor Rush Limbaugh - Just can't seem to get a good NFL team these days.

Seems the controversial radio talk show star has made enemies in high places and he's been cut out of the bidding process for an interest in the Rams football team.

I heard Rush's comment about it, since the gag order was lifted once he was out of the bidding negotiations, he simply said, it wasn't himself that he was concerned about but what this meant overall for the country and it ain't good. *Worry*

The divisions in this country are getting wider and deeper. People seem to be out for themselves and to hell with what that entails. People's lives are changed, some are ruined by the selfish acts of others. Look what Madoff did and how many were affected by his bald-faced greed and deceit.

Enron, those poor employees. The financial institution's top echelon and monetary wizards with golden parachutes have continued on with their lives. I don't see how those enormous bonus packages can be legal while the corporation's financial health looms at the abyss.

I thought one received a bonus for outstanding and exemplary expertise. If that's what a bonus is based on, how do these guys get it? Their pitiful companies show losses quarter after bleeding quarter, yet the bonus package is delivered in spite of the company's or corporation's performance. This goes against all logic. Rewarding poor performance. That's like giving a treat to a puppy for wetting the living room carpet. Crazee!

I have always maintained that just because something is new does not mean it's better or good. Here we are in the 21st century, in a technological fireball, with state-of-the-art inventions that society has deemed as good for us and what has happened to our social skills?

We are so cut-off from each other willingly! Snail mail is considered archaic but my pen pal Melody prefers my snail mail letter over a phone call any day. Do you remember the feeling you got the last time a letter from a relative or good friend arrived in your mailbox? Especially if it's a fat envelope. *Bigsmile*

Melody will send pics of newborn goats, or any newborn farm animal with a note attached and tells me that "this don't count as a letter", I know Mel, I know. *Smile*

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October 15, 2009 at 2:39pm
October 15, 2009 at 2:39pm
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FLASH: Tamra's abuser went to court on the 13th and again it was re-set! I called the victim's line for the update and the lady said sometimes the reason for many re-sets is one or the other side requires MORE TIME TO PREPARE! *Shock*

I wonder if sending a copy of the faux paux legal document they forced her to sign back in April this year has anything to do with the re-sets? Hmmm . . .

08/24/09 - 09/08/09 - 10/13/09 and now 12/03/09. I guess November is already full due to the Thanksgiving break.

So every time they appear in the courtroom and it's re-set it cost Tamra's wicked step-mother *Dollar*S. Tamra likes this kind of justice. Especially since the threats of step-mom's bank account was a constant source of fear for Tam.

From a Nevada email forward:

THAT Could be !!!

If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn`t buy one.
If a liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn`t eat meat.
If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy.
A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a black man or Hispanic are conservative, they see themselves as independently successful.
Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims, in need of government protection.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. ( Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course! )

If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
A liberal will demand that the rest of us pay for his.

If a conservative reads this, he'll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
A liberal will delete it because of it's truths, and he's "offended".

Which one are you reader?

Are you *Laugh*ING . . . or *Rolleyes* *Question*

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Tonight was kinda neat for me in that I wasn't expecting anything special. Just being with this group of women from all denominations, has a comforting effect upon me. The sharing of our group-prepared meal each week, announcements, prayer, having our Small Group in-depth study, end of class prayer, the Beth Moore presentation and final prayer.

Tonight was my group's time to prepare the meal so it was (authentic butter) croissants, cold cuts, baked crackers (the healthy kind) with two dips, two kinds of chicken salad, one with walnuts and one without. Dessert was my famous ice-box banana pudding. Umph!

The first thing that pleasured my audio sensors was the ladies asking, "who did this? Is it homemade? Looks beautiful!" Complete with all the pleasant, musical voice tones. Tamra was first to inform the ladies who made the bp as I enjoyed silently the accolades.

As I watched some of these health-conscious women of God cut the croissant in half because of calories and wave off condiments, take a tiny fingersful of baked chip/cracker things and absolutely no dip, I waited for the initial taste to register. Then it came, through approving grunts, ahhhs and Mmms surrounding me. *Wink*

My eyes just happened upon Cindy as she took her first spoonful, she quietly rose, got a bowl for her husband, she said bp was his favorite and this would score her some "brownie points". *Laugh* I said to her with mock shock, "Cindy are you in need of brownie points with your husband?"

Playfully she replied, "All the time."

Three ladies asked for the recipe -

someone said it was better than their Mama's. *Shock* *Bigsmile* (** yes, you bet that was the best compliment tonight *Delight* **)

It was a double recipe and wiped out *Bigsmile* - these ladies who were so diet conscious with the other food there had really mounded their bowls! I heard my name called out about ten times and loved the sound their dessert-happy voices made!

In our Small Group, Linda our Group Leader asked me if I would close the class with prayer. I was so elated to be asked, to simply be there and share something I made with these ladies that they enjoyed, that I was in another place. When called upon, I was in such a state of elation that I don't remember what I said, because I seemed to be unconscious, yet I wasn't of course, I was praying my happiness and gratitude in such a dimension/realm (**I don't know what to call it**) that I can't remember what I said. *Confused* *Laugh*

It was like a good dream that you cannot remember and you really want to recall it. My mouth was moving and words were coming out; plus I was filled with a super sense of well-being. There was a river of words flowing from my mouth to their ears. For that suspension of time that I can't remember, I fall deeper in love with my Lord. *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*

As we all gathered in the sanctuary for the presentation, the air conditioning was deemed not working. Since the majority of women are post-menopausal, the vote was cast and we kissed and hugged our good-byes. *Bigsmile*

After what He did on the Cross, I was willing to sweat a little. But the majority rules, that's democracy!

My cheesecake is a winner as well. Yes, I make other dishes, like green bean casserole, dressing, chicken and rice (Cody's favorite). My refried beans, guacamole and Spanish rice are about the extent of my Mexican food fiesta.

Yeah I am chatty tonight - the evening was wonderful and loving. Wishing for you the same surroundings. *Heart*

My sig should say blahhhg instead of pieces eh?

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October 14, 2009 at 1:16am
October 14, 2009 at 1:16am

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You've probably seen this already but for those you haven't . . .

When you click on the link scroll down to the video - It's MAGNIFICENT *Exclaim*


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This JUST IN to the Stealthmode'z Sizzling Shortz;

We have learned that President Obama has been invited to throw out the first baseball for Game One of the World Series.

The administration notified officials that the White House regrets President Obama will not be able to comply due to a torn rotator cup he sustained when throwing the Constitution out the window of the Oval Office.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom, rim shot! *Bigsmile*
October 13, 2009 at 12:54pm
October 13, 2009 at 12:54pm
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From a Nevada email fwd:

While discussing the upcoming Universal Health Care program the other day, I think we came up with a good plan.

I'm sure you've heard the idea that if you’re a senior you need to suck it up and abandon the idea that you need any health care. A new hip? Unheard of. We simply can't afford to take care of you anymore. You don't need any medications for your high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc. Let’s take care of the young people. After all, they'll be ruling the world very soon.

So here's the solution. When you turn 70, you get a gun and 4 bullets. You're allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2 representatives. Of course, you'll be sent to prison where you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head and all the health care you need! New teeth, great! Need glasses, no problem. New hip, knee, kidney, lung, heart? Bring it on. And who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you that you're too old for health care. And, since you're a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income tax.

I really think we have found a perfect solution!

If God brings you to it, He will bring you thru it!

> > > > > > > *Reading* < < < < < < <


I celebrated by listening to Glenn Beck really LOUD. *Laugh* AND *Laugh* AND *Laugh* . . . ooh, let me get my breath . . . ahhh, yes!


He's better, much more politically incorrect than O'Reilly and I predicted that Beck's show would outpace O'Reilly's in the ratings once he came over from CNN Headline News.

If Glenn lives long enough and by that I DO mean, since the White House has openly declared war on Fox News, it could get very ugly. Stranger and more conspiratorial things have happened. When the Big Dogs want something done, it gets done. Know what I mean? Former President Bill Clinton has many questionable episodes in his political career going all the way back to his Governor of Arkansas position.

This unprecedented presidential attack on a news organization is simply another distraction from the left, so focus can be taken away from the real meat of the matter.

I'm really impressed by all Beck has spearheaded and been a great national organizer of. He has moved the masses of America to hang onto the Constitution regardless of the movement that's currently in motion.

Those radicals in Washington are creepy and getting to the root of the corruption is going to take some testes and ovaries. Glenn has the balls and the platform from which America can tell these overpaid, over-compensated, lying, non-social-security paying, lazy and worthless politicians that we'll SEE 'EM AT THE POLLS come voting day -
Let 'em throw that around the chamber floor for a while. *Smirk*

October 12, 2009 at 11:07am
October 12, 2009 at 11:07am
that others don't like . . .

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I received this review 09/29/09 from a Preferred Author regarding my entry in the Quotation Inspiration Contest.

Hi there!

I'm sorry that I'm late getting to your review- I notice the contest has already been judged, but I wanted to give you my thoughts anyway :)

I have to say that I really enjoyed this poem. Given the prompt for the contest, I love your unique take on the fountain of youth. Your rhyme was wonderful, and it seemed so effortless. So many times a rhyming poem seems forced, but this had a very natural feel to it. You punctuated the poem well, and I must say it was helpful as the flow of the poem was upbeat and bouncy. The beat of the poem was very good.

There was only one line that kind of tripped me up a bit- "men at sea, where in wave-foam frolicked nymphs."- I'm not sure, but I think it was the "wave-foam" that got me. I like the line, but it just took me a minute to get it to come out right :) It is really hard for me to pick a favorite part of the poem, because I really liked the entire thing; however, if I had to pick, I would go with the 4th stanza--

Lagoons, deaf'ning waterfalls, mirrored pools
splashing sounds; lake-top, sparkling like jewels.
Enticing men to drink deep its splendor,
fruits, tantalizingly fermented tender.

I absolutely love the landscape description in the first two lines. The last two lines made my mouth water! Great stanza!

I thought you did a great job and definitely deserved to place in the contest.

So, it came to pass . . . *Thumbsup*

in the Brier Patch of Disappointment, that VOTE:ObamaDramaOverIn2012:D swallowed her pride;

re-dedicated, re-committed and re-assigned her priorities to push the plume *Wink*.

The above is a LIE. I did not intentionally LIE when I wrote it. But as I read over some entries of late, I have to come to grips with the FACT that the above excerpt from a previous "Invalid Entry (**past the fish banner**) is indeed not true now. I doubt is was true when I thought I believed it.

Funny how we tell ourselves, rather berate ourselves for having certain feelings that aren't considered mature or politically correct. *Rolleyes*

Yes, I see clearer now, in this present time, why people stay in denial like I did for decades. I assimilated information that was factual (as I perceived it), stored in the grey matter until such time I would need to retrieve it. Then there's the situations, that have all these variables, conditions and pre-existing conditions attached or added on by whatever and whomever, whenever *Exclaim*

In my efforts to be more Christ-like and mature, I deny what in REALITY is actually happening. > > > DENIAL, I know ALL about it. I must be still very good at it, because I deny my entry was a loser.

I process all information quickly and store, however on items begging some opinion, some stand that I firmly believe in my heart, would not make it to the airwaves. Why you ask? They were not main-stream thought or convention. They rocked the boat and the status quo.

That's why the '60's movement appealed to me sooo much. We did plant some seeds back then, and it's taken 40 years to germinate. I should go into the examples of 40 years/days, etc. that are given us in the biblical text but I won't set myself up for Christian persecution today.

Pretending to go along with, (denying my true thoughts and feelings) garnered more "friendships" and human contact that I sorely needed to "feel" connected and a part of. (**until a few years ago *Wink***)

Loneliness makes folks do strange things, like when Tom and I started living together, December 1980, his truck driver job could keep him on the road for up to three weeks at a time.

To beat the "blues" I would get the Greensheet or some other neighborhood circular and call the Pet Ads, inquiring about puppies or kittens. People love to discuss their passion for whatever breed it is and will talk at great lengths, and do so happily. I was listening to happy music-boxes and the time did go by. I usually ended up thanking them repeatedly so I might go to the next ad.

That's lonely my friends, very lonely. It did keep me out of trouble and loosely resembled shopping or going to a movie but of course, it was zero cost! *Laugh*

Hey, back to the main trail, yes, whenever I spoke my truth, it caused mayhem, crappy attitudes and nay sayers, but an occasional sage of both sexes has told me wonderful things that I hold dear and their advise was not allow those of questionable resources to stir my simmering pot of emerging thoughts and ideas. I never took that advice to heart soon enough.

For too many years I was in total denial. I was on automatic, not challenging the status quo that's so flippin' important. Who knows? What I think and do may well stop the earth on its axis or something equally catastrophic. *Smirk*

Thank God and I mean All Three, that I ain't denying anything anymore! But I was about to DID fall right back into the former mind-set and even typed it right here in my own blahhhg that I was re-committed. That's a load of bull sheet, like I have no interest in this blahhhg like I used to. (** sigh **)

The most bothersome part for me is how a friend attempted, disregarded how I felt then preached to me about it. Thanks but I'll courteously overlook your heart?felt concern to make me feel better and lick my own wounds.

As a friend with your assessments at my time of need, I don't need non-friends *Smirk*.

Friends do not preach to friends - E V E R *Exclaim*

Scrap the platitudes, the old worn-out cliches and the judges-must-have-liked-theirs better bullshit, I know drivel when I read it and I have read some right here on this site and they have won awards *Exclaim*

So don't tell me there isn't politics alive and working well-greased right here at Writing.Com. And call me whatever you wish - call me sour grapes, call me bitter, call me a sore loser, but I cannot be called a LIAR, not here pretending to be so noble and balanced and unfazed by contest judges decisions.

Maybe because they aren't qualified to be judging

what they are called to judge *Exclaim*

Attention: MEN - little known fact . . .

The first testicular guard "cup" was used in hockey in 1874, the first helmet was used in 1974.

It took men 100 years to realize that

the brain is also important *Question* *Rolleyes*

You'll notice what was most important to them, was their helmeted appendage/digit. *Smirk*

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October 11, 2009 at 12:07pm
October 11, 2009 at 12:07pm
Subject: Christmas in D.C.






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October 10, 2009 at 12:38pm
October 10, 2009 at 12:38pm
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In my email from Nevada;

Curtis & Leroy saw an ad in the Starkville Daily News Newspaper in Starkville, MS. and bought a mule for $100.

The farmer agreed to deliver the mule the next day.

The next morning the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry, fellows, I have some bad news, the mule died last night."

Curtis & Leroy replied, "Well, then just give us our money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."

They said, "OK then, just bring us the dead mule."

The farmer asked, "What in the world yall gonna do with a dead mule?"

Curtis said, "We gonna raffle him off."

The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead mule!"

Leroy said, "We shore can! Heck, we don't hafta tell nobody he's dead!"

A couple of weeks later. . .

The farmer ran into Curtis & Leroy at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and asked,

"What'd you fellers ever do with that dead mule?"

They said,"We raffled him off like we said we wuz gonna' do."

Leroy said,"Shucks, we sold 500 tickets fer two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898."

The farmer said, "My Lord, didn't anyone complain?"

Curtis said, "Well, the feller who won got upset. So we gave him his two dollars back."

Curtis and Leroy now work for the government. They're overseeing the Bailout Program.
October 3, 2009 at 8:24pm
October 3, 2009 at 8:24pm
A French doctor says, 'Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.'

A German doctor says. 'That is nothing; we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.

The Russian doctor says, 'In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.'

An American doctor, not to be outdone, says, 'You guys are way behind. We recently took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.'

*Balloon1* * *Balloon2* * *Balloon3* (** Yucka, yucka, cymbal crash **) *Balloon3* * *Balloon2* * *Balloon1*
September 28, 2009 at 9:34pm
September 28, 2009 at 9:34pm
. . . cry and you get the mortal version of the Sermon on the Mount. Grrr . . . . . so I will laugh today and hopefully you will as well. *Thumbsup*


“Of course I won’t laugh, I’m a professional nurse. In over 20 years I’ve never laughed at a patient.”

“Okay then,” Fred said and proceeded to drop his pants, revealing the tiniest man thingy the nurse had ever seen. Length and width, it couldn’t have been bigger than a triple A battery.

Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling then almost fell to the floor laughing. A few excruciating minutes later she was able to regain her composure.

“I’m so sorry,” said the nurse. “I don’t know what came over me. On my honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won’t happen again, now tell me what seems to be the problem?”

“IT’S SWOLLEN,” Fred replied.

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Yes, I confess to being very disappointed in the results of the "Invalid Item.

I stormed that entry on 09/05/09, spending many hours on it. Editing, re-editing, reworking entirely, backspacing, deleting a complete stanza. You know how hard it is sometimes to cut a portion of your creation out totally.

After all, we gave birth to them and like any creationist, we have this protective thing going on about our piece. If there's one thing I cringe at hearing from authors requesting reviews is the "this came straight from my heart" reasoning for their rocky rhythm and forced rhymes. *Rolleyes* (** sigh **)

I really thought I would place. Not win, mind you, but place second or third. But alas, it did not come to pass and I was downcast for longer than I should have been. The winner announcement came on Thursday, the 24th, my Esther Study night. From the three poetry Judges I received two 4.5 *Star* ratings and one 4.0 *Star* rating.

The thought crossed my mind, rather parked in my pity place, not to attend. But that notion didn't last long as the Holy Spirit cast His question immediately upon my injured ego. *Heart*

"Which is of most importance, a contest loss at one online site OR absorbing the history of an orphan girl who God chose to save the Israelite nation?"

Okay, okay. You win. I'm off my pity pot and keeping my focus on what has more value regarding my walk with Him.

And I recall that I almost cried over that . . . how overly-sensitive/passionate can I get? I can't help being passionate about competing, it's a contact sport for me and I enjoy being beaten by the best.

Can you admit/recognize when another writer has outdone your prized efforts? I have contacted at least four authors here extolling their superiority over my puny-by-comparison entries.
Felt good too *Exclaim**Delight*

I've also had the opposite experience. That didn't feel so good. *Sad* Then I pondered the mechanics of it all. The winner's style, presentation, content, form or the lack of and quite naturally . . . over-think it. Bah! Humbug! *Smile*

So, it came to pass . . . *Thumbsup*

in the Brier Patch of Disappointment, that VOTE:ObamaDramaOverIn2012:D swallowed her pride;

re-dedicated, re-committed and re-assigned her priorities to push the plume *Wink*.

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I'm a high-stakes player and search for those contests that have unbelievable prizes. I am anxious to have my own contest, as soon as I fatten up my Gp bank, I'll be the Rooster in my own Barnyard! *Wink*

I'm thinking of a three-part contest with prizes becoming larger with each judged part. A Sign-up Bonus natch, just for playing my games with me.
But with that early worm comes a restriction of how many can play.

Each part will eliminate competitors thereby reducing the field for the final payload! *Bigsmile*

I keep asking Tom if he sent the money in for the year Upgrade and he says no, but then my dear ex-husband has been known to lie considerably. So, I shan't look a gift horse in the oat-hole, just enjoy and share whenever possible. *Laugh*

Love the one you're with, don't give the ones you love a pass on anything!
Demand excellence from your kids and love 'em hard.

Keep your co-workers on their toes with your enthusiasm and pray for people you don't know, for we're all children of the Most High. We should and will stand out as His Most Prized Creation.

That reminds me . . . short story, not for ratings *Smirk* (**See how the nasties just eek out of me?**) uh, oh yes, this recounting of a circumstance in my life is for illustrative points exclusively, for I do many things that I don't share here. So I'm not patting myself on the back . . .

Ten or more days ago, our neighbor's power was cut-off. It's been many years ago since that happened to Tom & I but it did happen. So not only is it embarrassing, but inconvenient as you pack up your freezer and fridge items and impose upon your neighbor's good will until it's turned back on. Their upstairs neighbor stored their cold items.

It was nothing to discuss, we just provided a drop cord that was for exterior use and we're all back in business. Candy insisted that it be unplugged during the day so the manager would not know how bad off they were, with their rent being delinquent as well.

I forgot about it. Literally. I could not tell you how many days they were plugged in. Didn't matter. Then came the day this past weekend that the power was restored and here come two of her boys with arms laden.

Richard had in his arms a 16" pizza from Sam's Wholesale Club, Angel had a plastic grocery bag with a 13oz. Folger's Coffee, Nestle's Coffee-Mate Hazelnut flavored, powdered creamer, a bag of Pecan Sandies (** *Delight* my favorite cookie **), a 2 lb.bag of OceanSpray tangerines, a 16-ct individual wrapped cheese slices, a 4-lb. pkg. fresh/frz chicken and fresh bananas.

I couldn't believe it when the boys came back with a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, boxes of Kraft cheese and mac, Pepperidge Farm garlic bread, Stouffer's Lasagna w/meat and sauce, 38 oz., and I still see things that came over with their gifts. *Delight*

I jumped on the phone and told Juan to S T O P ! I went over there and hugged them and hopped around shouting my gratitude and urged them all to join hands while I offered my gratitude to God for them, each and every one. The 4-year old that had refused to join hands the last time I was there with a circular prayer, jumped to his precious little feet and grabbed hands. *Delight*

They were grinning their blessed assurances off and it dazzled my pleasure centers. Candy said that it came from her heart and I know it did. After saying "Amen", I kissed each boy on their forehead and grabbed their precious mother and squeezed her as hard as I could. Those boys learned from watching their mother what gratitude does.

Richard was uncovering a big beautiful cake and said he would send some over and I held up my hand like a stop sign and told them, "please, you guys eat it, we don't need it, you guys will burn it off, so no cake, ok?"

They laughed and agreed to eat it all. My point is that we were rewarded far more than we ever dreamed to be. I thought maybe Juan would get Tom a six-pack and me a Exxon-Tiger 52 oz. diet coke, but we were not expecting it. They have too many mouths to feed over there and we know they appreciate all efforts to help them.

But instead we received a windfall. The old, time-tested promises of the Good Book are as relevant today as they were back in the day. *Bigsmile*

~ The End ~ *Yawn*

Good Night Poets & Storytellers All


Keep your heart open to His beck 'n' call


You'll have no regrets rather joy and peace,


Hark! Your home and hearts exalt His increase *Exclaim*

*Heart* * *Bigsmile* * *Heart* * *Bigsmile* * *Heart* * *Bigsmile* * *Heart*

September 23, 2009 at 11:01pm
September 23, 2009 at 11:01pm
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George, my neighbor, is showing the signs of senility. He refuses to get his eyes examined so he may drive safer with corrective lenses. He has frightened me several times driving so close to the curb (that I believe we'll be jumping it and then he'll lose control) and thinks it's real funny.

He is money-hungry yet forgets his best paying passenger, me. Today was the Wednesday morning Bible Study. We always go together and then I go to the blood bank afterward. He just went to the study without me. Didn't call me to tell me not to get ready, didn't call me to tell me that he wasn't picking me up, didn't call me to tell me that he had some business to take care of and wouldn't have time to come back and get me. But he attended the study.

Then tonight he comes to the door asking me if I knew the lady that worked in the Food Pantry, after telling him I didn't know her, he kept on describing her, her hair-cut, how she dressed, where she sat . . . all the while I'm shaking my head no, no George, I don't know her, he kept the drama building until I finally spurted out, "What about her?"

"Her son was found dead today". She had come to the meeting tonight in need of the support, tenderness and hope-sustaining prayer. Praise the Hallowed Name she got it. I thought George would never leave my doorstep.

He's sick and refuses the expertise of a doctor, his personal hygiene is atrocious and sends people, especially women in the opposite direction. He laughs all the time, especially at his own jokes which are tired, lame and old as the hills. In the beginning, I used to politely laugh or chuckle at his absurd comments that he thought were gems of intelligence and then when he started talking over me, that was my signal to have a real heart-to-heart with him about the level of decorum I expected.

Then he addressed my breasts instead of my eyes when talking to me. You would think that my breasts had suddenly become animated and performing some aria from the attention he gave them while muttering his drivel.

Having no means of transportation is a definite challenge, like grocery store trips. Sometimes I get an urge to be homespun and whip up some pumpkin bread, or homemade walnut brownies or homemade cinnamon buns and I'll invariably be out of some ingredient I need. One quick trip and I have produced many smiles from family and neighbors that was worth the little extra trip.

Not now. Plan, plan, scrap and re-plan. I miss being spontaneous, really puts a crimp in my creativity and that's a humongous B U M M E R *Exclaim*

One day his ode to my breasts did not strike me well and I lit up like a Roman candle and asked him questions is such rapid succession that all he could do was say, "Huh?" Neighbors had come outside to witness the verbal slaughter of this whore-paying old nasty-ass and I bowed to the applause of all the women whom he had done the identical crime to. (**well maybe not a crime but it should be *Angry***)

He's started to babbling. I mean really babble, saying inconsequential things that make no sense whatsoever. Then he'll comment about a woman crossing the street or just walking down the street in vivid man-talk and I just tell him to "shut the hell up! I don't want to hear what you think of her "trunk" or what kind of "junk" she might have in it.

Plus I have no interest in the length of their legs in relation to their hip size and for HEAVEN'S SAKE - KNOCK IT OFF! It's as if he resorts to a 16-year old kid and is trying to shock me. But it's become glaringly apparent that he HAS TO MISBEHAVE every freakin' time I'm in the truck with him.

Yeah, I'm THRILLED that Tam is back. After donating at the blood center, I went to the P.O. and then to pump 5$ in her car and then to the cheapest place to buy her a pack of cigarettes, $3.89 for the cheapest! *Shock* That's 116.70 per month for just a pack a day. She used to burn 2-packs a day! THAT'S 233.40 per month and that COULD BE A CAR PAYMENT! Man, people are literally burning up their money!!!

Ohhh, the Good News yesterday, is that Bob and Donna were evicted. One pick-up truck came and packed the bed, it started to rain, they unpacked the bed and then re-packed it like I would have to start with. Crack destroys brain cells and I suppose it's done it's wear and tear on them both. Again the dog that was left by Mark, and rescued by Donna, has now been abandoned by Donna. The SPCA that you see on Animal Planet wanted 35$ to put her down.

I feel so sorry for her - she's sweet and you'd never know she had pit bull in her. She's beat down mentally, not allowed to rip and tear like a dog her size should. I wish we could take her, but I don't know her history with cats. I wouldn't want to turn Max & Molls world upside-down with a live-in dog.

Think I'll pray on it . . . *Delight*

I'm sure you've all seen the Sarah McLaughlin commercial with a dog's head in her lap as she sings some soulful song that could make you and the dog cry . . .right?

This female could bring a tear to your eye with the sadness that's in hers. I want to love her to happiness and wellness and she'd make a good guard dog I think.

Why am I so chatty tonight? Dunno'. Guess I should review some more entries in the "Invalid Item.

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

I'm glad Tamra is here now. She gave me the keys to take Cody and I to the blood center, then the Post Office, I had a birthday package (**I thought it was for me**) turned out it was a book from my Nevada friend, Steven, for Cody. Chicken Soup for the Teenager Soul. Nice of him to send that. Steven doesn't know that Cody now sports a Mohawk and on his days off, he spikes it out and I HATE IT! GRRR . . .

Football is back in full snap and that gives me GRRReat comfort. Football, autumn, cooler temps, happier folks, friendlier folks, beautiful scenery to behold. It's now okay to heat up the kitchen with oven baked goodies. Have friends over for football fun and food. Yes, this time now, starts my time of year. (**I hate summer, the temps, the warm, cold tap water. The BUGS that bite, the power bills, UGH, I'm so glad it's cooling OFF!**)

I must relinquish my crown tomorrow night and see whose next in line in our small group to wear the Crown of Esther.

*Heart* Sweet Dreams *Heart* Writers and Authors and

Wordslingers . . . see your stories and poetry around the site.

Soft forehead kisses for the Gents and soft cheek kisses for the Ladies *Exclaim*

Good-Night All

September 22, 2009 at 4:31pm
September 22, 2009 at 4:31pm
I received the crown of Esther last Thursday night by my small group at the Beth Moore study. I get to keep it all week and it just so happens that my birthday fell in the week. So I wore it for a few hours last night and used it as a way to talk to women about Esther, the woman, the book, the place she had in His history of the Israelite nation.

I have to give Him accolades for the way in which I am received by women in general. No fruitcakes (**yet**), nutjobs or maniacs that I know of *Smile*. Just women, pretty ones, plain ones, fat ones and skinny ones, young ones and older ones who are attracted to the life of the orphan Hadassah, or her Persian name, Esther.

A Jewess and the charge of her cousin Mordecai. How God orchestrates circumstances for our benefit if we have a belief that defies logic. The more I learn about Him, the less I really know of Him. He's in layers or levels that we attain through our demonstration of determined faith. If it means saying the words over and over again, it will be deliberately done. He favors obedience over sacrifice according to the Old Testament.

Like fear, God does not give us a spirit of fear; however we are fearful sometimes. And it's okay to be afraid, doesn't mean you aren't or can't be a Christian. You can have faith and still be afraid. God knows we are afraid as we call out to Him in our supplications. It's the act of placing Him first, before the fear that He reacts to. You'll recall the verse, "fear not for I am with you, even unto the ends of the earth."

Put that in your spiritual bank and allow it to draw interest. *Delight* *Heart*

One more thing, God's Word never returns void. Should you spend time in His Word, there will be a return of customized importance for you, just for you. Like a mortal father, He longs to give us good things and the desires of our hearts.

Hey, that sounds pretty darn good to me.

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Basketball lovers WATCH THIS! Click on the below link for a split screen view of a Texas Aggie's longest shot ever on record!


September 21, 2009 at 7:29pm
September 21, 2009 at 7:29pm
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DEAR VOTE:ObamaDramaOverIn2012:D

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **


T O *** M E *Exclaim*

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** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

*Kiss* * *Kiss* * *Kiss* * *Kiss* * *Kiss* * *Kiss* * *Kiss*

September 20, 2009 at 4:08pm
September 20, 2009 at 4:08pm
Yesterday the 19th was Tom's birthday, I got him two six-paks of Ice House beer, two colognes, Canoe and English Leather, in a small bottle from the Dollar Store.

Tom prepared his own birthday supper. A delicious, tender roast, blackeye peas, and real mashed potatoes with brown gravy. When I awoke, it was ready to scarf. Tom brought me a plate to my room and I ate with gusto.


I should have made the supper, but I fell asleep around three and he just did it.

While I was asleep, Cody came in, gave his Dad one 6-pack of beer and left. I was livid about the "cheap shot" but have not had the op to tell him what I think about his cheap gift. His Dad who has in Cody's lifetime, spent thousands on him. *Angry*

I'm outraged that his druggin' is of far more importance to him than his Dad is. *Angry* I'm hurt *Cry* that Cody chooses to believe that "it don't matter to Dad". When it does more now than when he was a little boy and didn't have the income he has now.

Cody told me that he owed his "pill man" over $200 for "fronted" drugs, that was incurred before he was paid 9/17.

I want my son outta' here. O U T ! The sooner the better. I've had it, in every conceivable way. He'll be 21 February 22, and I pray he's out of here BEFORE that birthday comes.

As parents we can do and say just so much. The lion's share is up to him and he has no intention of paying his own rent, or lights, or groceries. Tom will not put him out. So this could stretch out for years and years.

I'm afraid I won't stick around for all that that would entail.

I sure hate the energy that's required for this feeling I carry around about my one-and-only, but he's never gonna' learn about real life as long as Daddy is Disney-prone. *Rolleyes*

> > > > > > > *Reading* < < < < < < <

Thrilling football game, Texans and the Titans, 34 - 31.

Could be going in OT. *Delight* WE WON *Exclaim* - the leftover roast is heated and ready to graze upon . . .

Have a relaxin' Sunday *Exclaim*

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September 18, 2009 at 2:21pm
September 18, 2009 at 2:21pm
I entered a contest here and there were three Judges. I received three reviews and took the medicine that came with them.

I can admit to being less a storyteller than a poet but sometimes some people just make things up as they go along. That's the part that irritates me.

I waited until the contest was over and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded before I responded to the review that I had doubts about. The following excerpt is from my response to their review of my entry.


I waited until the judging and awards were completed before responding to this review.

First Asterisk*: you wrote; Some people also write eleven and twelve as words instead of 11 and 12 - that's also acceptable. Using both together - as you have in this instance - makes the essay look more like a legal document or police report.

It was meant to look like a legal document or police report, to emphasize and underscore the severity of the situation.

Third Asterisk*: you stated;

This form of writing is fine in emails, letter and blogs, but it does not work in serious writing.

This entry was a letter and it was mailed and received by the Houston Police Department, and used as evidence against the assaulter.

Is this your personal opinion or a written rule of serious writing?

As I recall, the prompt was to be non-fiction. Mine was, in the purest form.

I can't apologize for the content of the letter as it was honestly written and it has produced the results I was praying for. I regret that it wasn't formatted to the taste of the judging panel.

The more I submit writings here in contests, the more I learn about the judging and what is acceptable.

Variety makes the world go round as I try my best to be original.

Thanks for the time you spent RRR my entry.

How do we read all the other entries in the _________ __________ Contest?

There are only the three winners that are listed, what about all the ones who didn't win? Are we allowed to read, rate and review those?

September 17, 2009 at 5:23pm
September 17, 2009 at 5:23pm
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

The "Invalid Item is already closed after giving the contestants 15 days to brainstorm and get online a poem or short story about the prompt,

The Fountain of Youth

I spent many man-hours on mine and enjoyed it very much. There are 17 poem entries in all and I believe less than that for short stories. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are Most Excellent! *Bigsmile*

Even if one doesn't Win the 1st Prize, the consolation prizes are exceptional *Exclaim*

Please take a peek at mine, "Invalid Item and time permitting, give it a review. All serious reviews get some Gps for taking the time and being honest. *Delight*

It's only 32 lines, so it won't take long *Smile*

A thousand thanks . . .
September 14, 2009 at 9:44pm
September 14, 2009 at 9:44pm
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

I forgot to mention the court has again reset the date for Tamra's abuser's hearing. It's now for October 13th, 2009, at 9:00am. Tam said Brenda has hired an attorney and it pleases her that Brenda had to tap into that half-mil bank account. *Smile*.

But the juiciest part is that while looking for receipts for her Lane Bryant purchases to return, I found the bogus, alleged binding document that Tamra was forced to sign that night (**this time, it was April 16th**) I talked about it in the entry here, "Invalid Entry.
September 13, 2009 at 7:04pm
September 13, 2009 at 7:04pm
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Okay, so we lost. Don't ask me what's wrong with 'em. Didn't seem like anybody wanted to play today. Grrr *Rolleyes* Them Jets killed us.

Tamra has a date at 7:00pm with Gary - out to supper and then whatever.

I am into our new Thursday night Bible study with Beth Moore. It's a study of the book of Esther, subtitled It's Tough Being a Woman.

Of the 66 books in the Bible, only two are named after women. Esther and Ruth. So yeah, us women are very interested about this in-depth look at an orphan girl, her uncle Mordecai and how she saved the Israelite nation.

I've gone ahead and done this week's homework. Beth Moore is an anointed speaker and I enjoy her fast pace.

See yall around the site.

September 12, 2009 at 10:42am
September 12, 2009 at 10:42am
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Here it is folkz ~


UH . . . this is from a reputable verification organization. So . . .

I've become sooo lazy about my blog in a week or more. Seems that there's no time like I had before Tamra came. She's in desperate need of therapy, I mean on the intensive side too. Since her tormentor threatened her on a daily basis, she is opposing every suggestion and idea I have. Ohhh my . . . she's resorting to very childish behaviors, like lying, that have me pondering and I'm wondering if I'm really able to do it again with her so belligerent, angry and disrespectful. *Confused*

She has always done as she pleased much to her own detriment. Her choices for close friends are always misguided, mistaken, and miserable. She even tells me that she sees where it's TRUE. *Cry* Making me feel stress. Constantly knocking on the door, asking me what I'm doing . . .

Texans, at home vs Jets - Early 2ndQ - 0/3 -

I haven't even read the only paper I get all week - the Sunday paper. BTW -- Don't buy Kroger's brand of (packets) artificial sweetener, yuck, pa-TOOIE, after the third packet didn't make it sweet enough, it goes back for a refund and different choice of product.

Some house brands work, some don't. Like yellow mustard, makes no difference to me, but Cody swears to French's. *Rolleyes* Like I maintain there IS a difference in mayo. I want Kraft and ONLY Kraft *Bigsmile*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Oh, I remember what I wished to tell you all - *Delight* In celebration of WdC's Ninth Birthday Bash Month *Left* *Laugh*, I entered two contests that also allow you to link those entries to a Birthday Raffle, whose

Grand Prize IS: a Premium Membership *Exclaim* *Cool*

Not that I have a snowball's . . . *Wink*, but 2nd and 3rd ain't shabby either! :):):)

Have yall even looked at those? Like "ACRO*BATICS, well never mind his, it's closed now. But there's "Invalid Item that deadlines 09/15/09. Gotta' hurry though. I have completed my entry but keep it locked til right before deadline. I like to exercise my dramatic license as well! *Laugh*

Makes competitors wonder wha' chu' got! *Bigsmile*

FUN, FUN, F U N *Exclaim*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

The following link is the sad story of a man who was considered a national hero along with mayor Rudy Guliani during 9/11. Then as Rudy climbed to a presidential campaign, this man has suffered at the finger-pointing New York established government for things he's NOT guilty of. Very sad indeed.

In case you don't believe there can exist a personal conspiracy against you if the powers that be wish it to come to pass. *Shock*


Yeah, I'm a day behind, entering on Saturday when in reality it's Sunday, sheesh.

Later, Blogrunners and Closet Commentators *Laugh* - In a coupla' hours I'll think of something else to regale my readers with. *Wink*

Big *Kiss*ES

September 8, 2009 at 8:43pm
September 8, 2009 at 8:43pm
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An email forward from Nevada: Subject: MOTHER THERESA PREDICTION 2009

When all else fails, put peace in your heart, a smile on your face and look for the divine.

You were chosen to receive this novena. The moment you receive it, say:

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven,
give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Glory Forever and Ever
In Jesus Name - Amen.

"Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message . . . "

GOD WANTED ME TO TELL YOU, It shall be well with you this coming year. No matter how much your enemies try this year, they will not succeed. You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. For the remainder of 2009 and all of 2010, all your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be in coming in abundance. Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings, sorrows and pain because HE that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down.

This is a Novena from Mother Theresa that started in 1952.
It has never been broken ... Within 48 hours send 20 copies (Or as many as you can - God does know if you don't have 20 people to send it to. It's the effort and intent that counts.) to family and friends. This is a powerful Novena. End of email.

Does anyone know what a novena is? Sure is close to novel, novella ain't it? *Smile*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Yesterday I managed to find Tamra's court case information and called to get the re-set date and time. It was easy enough, but something tells me that David's holiday weekend was not as sweet as mine was. I signed up for VINE and will get updates as they happen.

This morning @ 7:19am, I received a call from VINE which is a an acronym for a victim's group that keeps the victim informed on court cases they don't have to appear to.

Tamra's minutes are presently out on her cell, so I always give my number. The call was automated and simply told me that the re-set date for David was 09/08/09 at 9:00am. H A L L E L U J A H *Exclaim*

Yes. TODAY. Yes. Can't wait to find out. Yes. Stood before the Judge TODAY, by crackie. Yes. *Delight*

While at the pharmacy today waiting for my meds, I met a black man who was knowledgeable about Scripture and I enjoyed talking to him for a while. The subject came up about King David, what a rascal he was, then Solomon, who asked for wisdom rather than riches and God gave him both. Then he brought up a name that's used in masonic initiations, I indicated I knew that name and told him that it's used in Freemasonry.

He nodded, grinned a quick grin then flashed his left pinkie at me and on it was a mason's ring. The big G, the compass and square. Wow, a black mason. I know, I know, there are masons from every ethnic background and religion, but how many do you know? *Delight*

> > > > > > > *Reading* < < < < < < <

My neighbor Candy knows a lot around these apartments because of her nine boys. They come back home telling their mother things that adults did or said. She told me that Linda (the one who outed me about the elder abuse call) and her two brothers smoke crack. I guess this sheet is everywhere. *Confused*

I plead the blood of Christ over Tamra. Her other neighbor, Rosita has three or four adult children living in a one bedroom apartment with two grandchildren there and a poodle named Hercules. She's had her power cut-off, but has been hooked in to Tamra's power for the last four days. Grrr . . .

See what I mean by Tamra has a "Come and take advantage of me" look about her?
When I saw the cord I looked at her and shook my head, "Tam I understand you want to help her, but you are on a very strict budget, you cannot afford to be charitable at this present time. Okay?" She started crying. (**sigh**)

Then I was on IGNORE for closer to an hour this time with the Food Stamp Eligibility Office. All I wanted was an application for Tamra since she'll have to conduct a telephone interview. Her physical condition will not allow her to sit all day waiting to be called. So when she returns it they'll know by us writing PHONE INTERVIEW on it that she must be called.

Yes ma'am, a much smoother route for assistance. *Bigsmile*

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