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March - May 2010
Contest Rules:

Challenge for Spring 2010:

This contest will run from March 20th - May 29th. That's ten weeks!

All forms will come from "Poetry Forms"  [13+] or any made up forms I can find on WDC. Each week, there will be three forms displayed: Hard, medium, and easy.

Rules For This Challenge:

A book or folder item is needed for this challenge. A book item might be the easier option for the contestants, but either will work.

Items must be newly written, a poem, and must follow one of the forms listed for the week. You *must* say what form it is either in the message post or entry.

You need to submit your poem of the week in before Friday at midnight (WDC/EST time.) In either bitem or entry format.

Each week will run from Saturday to Friday.

You may manipulate the form, but you can't stray too far away from it. In my poem "Pieces of Me" , I use the form Jánakú, but instead of having it go one word, two words, three words, I have it going three words, two words, one word. 

Any rating is allowed.

You are allowed to miss one prompt, but not the first or the last.

The maximum of people allowed is 20!

Poem # 1 Running on Empty (WK10: Spenserian Sonnet & Iambic Pent.) 1.75k
Poem # 2 Reality Zoo (WK10: Kyoka) 1.13k
Poem # 3 Pessimist (WK10: Paper Lantern) 1.12k
Poem # 4 Gross-Out (WK9: Grossblank & Iambic Hexameter) 1.79k
Poem # 5 Going "Winona Ryder" (WK9: Onzain Neerlandaise) 1.69k
Poem # 6 Why Me? (WK9: Janaku) 1.41k
Poem # 7 Where's the Valium? (Wk8: The Ballade & Ana. Tetram.) 2.13k
Poem # 8 Flying Solo (Wk8: Trois-par-Huit) 1.25k
Poem # 9 Back Atcha! (Wk8: Brazilian Haiku) 0.99k
Poem # 10 Your Neighbor? (Wk7: Saraband Sonnet) 1.53k
Poem # 11 That's Not What I Meant! (Wk7: The Sijo) 1.14k
Poem # 12 Untitled - For a Reason! (Wk7: Meraiku) 1.68k
Poem # 13 Poetic Heaven (Wk6: The Hendecasyllabic) 1.46k
Poem # 14 Someone Stop Her (Wk6: Tanka) 1.07k
Poem # 15 Fibonocci's Folly (Wk6: The Fibonacci) 1.17k
Poem # 16 I Went That-A-Way (Wk5: Englyn Unodl Union) 1.43k
Poem # 17 Our Little Secret (Wk5: Naani) 1.03k
Poem # 18 Cereal Killer (Wk5: Cyhydedd Naw Ban) 1.21k
Poem # 19 Going Green (Wk4: Dorsimbra) 1.69k
Poem # 20 Truth Be Told (Wk4: Le Sizain heterometrique) 1.21k
Poem # 21 Posing A Question (Wk4: Fox Septet) 1.38k
Poem # 22 You're What? (WK3: The Sestina) 3.42k
Poem # 23 Me Wishe (My Wish) (WK3: Ae freslighe) 1.27k
Poem # 24 Kinky Thoughts (WK3: The Triolet) 1.50k
Poem # 25 Oh - The Humanity! (WK2: The Ninesquare) 1.62k
Poem # 26 This Was Worse! (WK2: Acrostic Monorhyme) 1.73k
Poem # 27 This Was Difficult (WK2: The 160) 1.24k
Poem # 28 I Can Hardly Wait For Spring (Swap Quatrain) 1.94k
Poem # 29 Tri-Stooges Tri-Fall 2.86k
Poem # 30 My Quest To Become A Serious Poet (The Doublet) 0.45k

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