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January 2016 (30 Day Blogging Challenge)
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April 17, 2012 at 12:00pm
April 17, 2012 at 12:00pm
What are three things you would change about your life right now and why?

This is a difficult thing to think about it because if I really want to change things about my life and I acknowledge those changes by justifying them and then by documenting them and presenting to others, the next question is why aren't I making those changes? I fear that listing the changes will cause either extreme guilt for not acting on them or will cause a cyclone of activities affecting life as I know it. Hmm ... what to do ... what to do.

Ok I am going for it.

1) I would change my job and potentially my career. I am overqualified for my position and frankly underpaid. I continue to work here because I have flexibility and am not really challenged. It's fairly easy and allows me to deal with the demands of my family. But if I am being honest, it is a cop out. I miss the challenges and the 80 hour work weeks and the travel and the real impact I had and could make. Financially I do well for this industry in this location but I gave up a "real" career to make it easier for me and my family. I don't think that was the wrong choice at the time, but I should really be making a new choice now. Truth be told I am frightened that maybe I am no longer that motivated, high energy exec I once was and maybe I can't cut it any longer and maybe I will fail miserably.

2) I would be happier, calmer, less stressed and more relaxed. This one makes the first change look like a breeze to implement. I can't seem to calm down and stop worrying about everything. I fear this attitude of doom is self fulfilling. Intellectually I know that constant worry will not change anything and will eventually wear you out. But I am having trouble letting it go as they say. I spend too much time thinking about what my son and I should be doing or accomplishing, worrying that we are not doing enough and thus putting undo expectations and demands on us both. Making this change I believe, would make me and my entire family happier. I just sincerely have not idea how to do it. Vodka? Not a good solution. Yoga? No time to really make it work. Therapy? Not buying it. Complaining to blogging friends? maybe.

3) I would simplify. Get rid of all the clutter in my house. Reduce some of the social commitments. Update garden with perennials. Sell one of the cars. Clean out basement. Give away old clothes. Dispose of friends who aren't friends. The tasks are limitless. A think a simpler life would make me happier.

You can see my changes somewhat contradict each other and the implementation of one may exclude the ability to implement another. Ah life's mysteries.

One more thing, I want to wish my sister a Happy Birthday. "T" is a doll and although she will not read this, I feel I should acknowledge her special day!

Are you guys tired of hearing about it yet? Elevation helps! Thanks Cindy. Foot felt much better this morning and swelling was down. Unfortunately I took off cast and drove to client site. Stopped suddenly and swear the pain shook my teeth. After my next client meeting, I am elevating and babying it and doubling up on the pain meds! Went to client site with cast on right foot and Tom's shoe on left, with my hottest suit. Must say I am a vision of loveliness these days. UGH.
April 16, 2012 at 1:52pm
April 16, 2012 at 1:52pm
"Share the most extreme case of culture shock you've ever experienced."

I had the misfortunate experience of entering the world of teenagers. It is a scary, scary place which shocked, befuddled and horrified me. If you run into one of these creatures turn and quickly run away.

Unaware of what I was inviting, I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my son who was turning 15 and had recently broken his wrist thus taking him out of snowboarding for the season. What a terrific mom I imagined myself to be. I spoke to his"girlfriend" and his closest girl and boy friends to ensure the guest list was appropriate. Next I called the club to book the large ballroom. Ordered sodas, veggie plates, pizza, chicken wings, chicken fingers and a mid party sundae bar. I had a specialty cake made to look like a mountain of snow with him on top on his board. I even bought beads, shades, candy, leis and take home gift bags filled with boarding bandannas, itunes cards and more candy. I booked a DJ, brought in a smoke machine and strobe lights. Even had a photographer there.

I arrived early to meet the guests. At first it all seems easy enough and exciting. Guests are arriving (albeit in jeans which is a no no at the club but I spoke to manager - we are ok). The girls are dressed in stretch pants or low rider jeans, tank tops or mid drifts and are dripping sexuality. A young man walks in, I ask him his name (not sure who he was), he immediately checks me out - I am not kidding. He gave me the once over from head to toe, winked and said "Don't worry about it I am here for Max". Did you really just talk to me that way? This isn't a bar and I am not looking to get picked up by a teenager. He was saved from my rant by my son's entrance and the big surprise.

My baby is here, surprised and immediately gone to dance with his girlfriend. The music is loud and the lights crazy. I notice these kids in a giant group gyrating to the music. A little too close for my comfort and I little to "rap video" like for my adult eyes but they seem to be having a blast - laughing and jumping and singing.

As the night progresses
- My husband pulls one boy out of the girls bathroom as he is in there with one of the girls
- Three boys refuse to get off their iphones and remain in the corner.
- I dont see my son or his gal pal, upon searching he is in the next room in the dark kissing her!
- Three boys start slam dancing
- Hard core rap was requested and I had to put a stop to a song or two.
- Girl drama - one is crying because the other said she looked fat
- One girl loses her lipstick and you would think the world was coming to an end

After two hours of this, we put on the lights and bring out the ice cream. Seemed they all needed to cool down. I was exhausted. I barely understand what they were talking about, seemed a new vocabulary. Everyone had some immediate texting issue to attend to and they were all over each other huddled it seemed.

Thankfully the parents started coming in to pick up the kids, although one kid did go downstairs to enter the main section of the club - I had to retrieve him. All the kids left with a respectful thank you and nod to Max about the great bash.

The world of a teenager has its own rules, laws of the land, culture and acceptable behavior. I just don't get it.

So I saw orthopedic surgeon today. He suggested waiting on pins until we see if it can heal on its own. I am all for the non-surgery option. I have a Jones Fracture and severely sprained ankle. It is now in an air cast and I have been instructed to keep it elevated for 3 weeks and not to drive. Any ideas on how I will be able to pull that off? It hurts and I am really getting bitchy.
April 15, 2012 at 11:28am
April 15, 2012 at 11:28am
"it's that time of week to show you've been paying attention. Find something, everyone, throw something in. Find someone else's blog entry from the last week and discuss it in your own blog. Tell us why someone's entry resonated with you."

Another interesting week of prompts and entries. I dread this prompt though because I really cannot limit the entry to ONE. So again I cheat and comment on one from a few bloggers.

Earl's hobby blog specifically finding his old journals made me really think about looking back at who I was when I started writing.

Sunny's response for a sense of humor prompt was so true and simple. I enjoyed that she loves to make people laugh.

Big Bad's natural resources response was so different than my thoughts that he gave me a great deal to think about.

Vipulya's lullabye for the April 11 prompt was so beautiful that it brought me to tears.

Prosperous's RIding A Hobby blog and making a point to talk to people especially while wearing red, I found terrific. Still pondering your choice to live on the moon though.

Cindy's Christmas quilts inspired me to start some holiday projects for my family. I want to give each of my siblings a special gift.

Brother's harmonica playing video really made me want to be there. Brother I am afraid that if we lived closer I would be crashing your parties. Also hope to see more Blog Monkey.

FiverSixer's wins for my favorite with his Angry Buffalonian. For those of you who don't live in Buffalo, you have not idea how well he hit the mark!

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Again I really enjoyed the week's responses.

So before I sign off for today let me share some misery. Yesterday afternoon I fell down the stairs. My foot expanded to the size of my head! Did not get any better. This morning I asked my hubby to take me to the ER (which really makes me feel bad as it is his one day off). Bottom line: I have a broken foot, currently on crutches and vicoden, and need to see an orthopedic surgeon about potential pins. Six weeks! Not happy right now. How am I going to get 4 in heels on a foot the size of a melon?

April 14, 2012 at 9:53am
April 14, 2012 at 9:53am
"In the tradition of bloggers everywhere, tell us all about your day, in great detail, even the mundane stuff, but especially the good stuff, the parts of your day that inspired you, that motivated you, that showed you the joy in your life. Tell us how your day was, whether you laughed or whether you cried."

I will tell you about my yesterday because it was a rollercoaster ride. Grab a cocktail and settle in to read this probably too long, mostly likely mundane entry.

Woke up to an oncoming train whistle...oh wait no that is simply my husband's new ringtone announcing with no subtlety that someone has an immediate need to relieve some ass pain. OK a little callous but it is 3 am and he has been called all night. Sometimes I hate his profession. Try to go back to sleep but of course the "To Do" list in my head won't disappear. Seem to doze off at 4 only to be awaken at 5 am by the Bomb siren that is our new alarm. Hubby has been playing with his ringtones - need to put a stop to that.

We walk the dog, make the coffee and schedule the day. Immediately I check my email because I am sure all the heads of state are waiting on me to solve the world's problems. Isn't it odd how I am so addicted to "being connected" that my last stop of the night is email and it's my first stop in the morning? I bring up the laundry and then we are off to 6 am Spin Class. The Spin Instructor is an obvious sadist and I have never sweat so much in my life. I swear if this doesn't tighten up my flabby 40-something year old body I am going under the knife. Probably not but man I am trying. Back home I rush to wake up the kid - who again is late. Why does a skinny 16 year old need to take a 20 minute shower? One of the mysteries of the universe I guess.

Jump in the shower myself, get dressed, make breakfast for the kid. Kiss husband goodbye and we are out the door. My son has his permit so I let him drive. He takes the S-curves a bit too recklessly and I think we are going to land on one of the monuments in Forest Lawn Cemetery but he recovers quickly enough and the only damage is a coffee stain on my sleeve. Get to school in one piece and I am ready to start my day. Better call my sister "T" first. It's 7:45am and I need my morning pep talk from her. All's well with "T" although she did inform me that her youngest daughter asked if she could go to Auntie Bonnie's house and borrow a pair of my high heeled shoes to wear to her friend's bday party tomorrow. The thought of my 5 year old niece wearing my 5 inch Jimmy Choo's really put a smile on my face.

Now time to start working. I was fortunate today as I did not have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the office but could work at home. First email is from one of my consultants who has an issue - nothing I cannot solve however he inadvertently copied the "problem" and 3 other people on the distribution list. So now it's an issue. This little mistake requires I make 5 phone calls, and after 2 hours of delicate conversation I think we have resolution. Nice working with tech gods who cannot manage the "reply all" option on email. Although this is an immediate issue, I still have other work so in between I am negotiating rates on a new contract, offering guidance for one of our consultants who is a bit full of herself, and writing a business plan for our new service offering. Did I also mention I needed to make cookies? My son was having dinner with a friend who was hosting 5 boys prior to this FlickFest event at the school. One of my son's films was entered into this festival and many of his friends also had submissions. Key here is that his friend's mom was making dinner and driving so I wanted to help our by bringing dessert. I make these incredible Ricotta Cheese Cookies. Yummy.

It's 11 o'clock and I need to get to a trunk show. A friend has decided to sell WORTH - which is a clothing line sold out of the house (trunk show). I rush there, catch up with a couple friends and look at some beautiful clothes. Spend way too much money and begin conversations with another friend who is selling diet supplements. Ok she hooks me in especially as I am feeling fat. She takes my body toxin index - or something like that. It is a machine that I place the palm of my hand on. It is connected to the computer and shows my level of antioxidants. Oh not good. Looks like I am full of toxins and need to go on these supplements right away. Surprising right? Anyway I know it is probably bulls*** and don't believe it but I sign up because it will help my friend and supposedly I will drop those pesky 10 pounds in a couple of months. I know it sounds superficial but I am getting old and my husband's partner is dating this hard body and yes I am jealous and insecure right now so give me a pass on this insanity. The supplements are way too much money but probably cheaper than the therapy I really need *Smile*.

It's not yet noon and the bizarro starts. Husband calls furious. Apparently our little traveler racked up $600 in phone charges while he was texting in Costa Rica. He maybe texted us twice. Need to talk down the hubby from selling the kid off to some factory in China and need to figure out how to make this a great learning experience. While contemplating a paid chore arrangement to present to son to present to hubby, the door bell rings.

I live in a neighborhood that gets a great deal of solicitors. Usually I find them interesting and entertaining. One time I hired a guy to do weeding - it was August and he wore a turtle and smoked the whole time. Nuts. Anyway, we get plenty of religious zealots and political activists. At the door is a 20 something year old boy dressed well. He wants to open a financial services shop in the city and wanted to ask me questions about Buffalo and the neighborhood. Ok I will play. However, I will not bring him into the house so we talked in the driveway. After 5 minutes we realize he is the son of a fellow former board member friend. Now I bring him in, offer him something to drink and give him my card and number to offer any assistance he may need. I am a softer for a young entrepreneur. Gotta run, phone is ringing.

Friend calls whom I hadn't spoken to in about a year. We schedule lunch for next week. Email is on fire again, so I resolve some website concerns, talk to IBM about my damn computer acting up yet again and schedule a few client appts for next week. I am getting tired.

Husband comes home early so we can meet friends before the concert. Did I mention we went to see Bruce Springsteen last night? The guy is an incredible performer. So we were supposed to meet people out by 6. Not gonna happen. I pick up kid from school take him to crew practice and prep him on the phone bill. We coordinate plans and then I rush home to pick up husband. We stop by local restaurant for snacks and cocktails and delightful conversation ( not really we discussed teaching our child fiscal responsibility - not fun) Rush to West Side Rowing only to find the kid is still on the water.

Anyway, we manage to eventually pick him and his buddy up at 6, get them home and showered and over to friends house in time to meet our friends out for a cocktail at 7. Concert was fantastic. Ears ringing we pick up kid and overnight guest. Cookies were a hit. Flickfest was fun although none of them came home with awards. In bed by midnight. Oh sweet pillow how I missed you today. All in all a full day.

April 13, 2012 at 9:04am
April 13, 2012 at 9:04am
"Describe your sense of humour. Give some examples of things you find funny!"

This one's a little tough for me because I swear in the right mood I find everything funny. Absolutely love to laugh and love to see people laugh, just don't do it enough.

I would say I have a pretty strong sense of humor but more so on the receiving end than on the giving end. In other words I can find the humor in an action, statement, look or activity but I just don't dish it out as well. Although I am a good "straight man" to my husband, who I frankly think is hysterical. I also tend to laugh at my own jokes which no one would be laughing at unless they were laughing at me laughing, not the humor of the joke.

I really enjoy observational humor, situational humor and political humor. If it's clever I will definitely laugh. Not a fan of physical humor, which is odd because I am one of those demonstrative people who tend to hit the funny guy next to me (think Elaine from Seinfeld giving Jerry a two handed push).

I believe that laughter can defuse a tense situation and that jokes about stereotypes can help us realize how ridiculous and stupid racism and bigotry are. Although I am not at all a prude, I do not find high levels of vulgarity or degrading comments to woman particularly funny. I will laugh at Dane Cook but am not a fan of Lisa Lampanelli. Find Ricky Gervais hysterical but do not like Lewis CK. Will watch Kevin James or Louis Black but keep that Cable Guy and his blue collar friends away.

As for comedic actors, I cannot help but laugh at everything Will Ferrell does plus I like Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, VInce Vaughn, Amy Pohler and way too many to name. I have no desire to ever see Mr. Bean or the three stooges.

For TV, I love The Daily Show and John Stewart who I find clever, intellectually stimulating and real. My sitcom of choice is this new show "New Girl". Laugh out loud. I still watch SNL and laugh about 1/2 the time. The Clinton/Palin skits and Bronx Beat girls remain my favorites plus the episode with Justin TImberlake still makes me cry with laughter. Although I am not a fan of animation and the show is pretty risque, I am hooked on Archer (don't judge me). Conversely I find all the "stupid people" shows like America's Home Videos to be sad and degrading.

I don't really find much humor in music. Cannot stand Weird Al but will laugh at Adam Sandler.

In terms of books, I don't read for humor however I have been known to enjoy a Christopher Moore novel.

My favorite time to laugh is listening to stories and conversation with friends and family. Our lives seem pretty funny at times.

April 12, 2012 at 4:06pm
April 12, 2012 at 4:06pm
"In your opinion should the government control how many natural resources you as an individual are allowed to use? In the name of conservation and to save the planet, should we be prohibited from taking up our greater share? Think limit on gasoline, monitored water usage, etc..."

Warning I am going to be controversial and probably offend someone somehow, but this is an opinion piece and I am going to speak with conviction.

I will not review our responsibilities and the need to protect our natural resources. We are all well aware of it and I doubt there is any disagreement. I will however focus on the fact that we are destroying this planet and moves to protect it are not happening quickly enough.

This past month my son was an exchange student in Costa Rica. Did you know Costa Ricans top the HPI (Happy Planet Index) and in 2012 ranked 5th in the world on the EPI (Environment Performance Index)? According to Wikipedia, in 2007 the government put in place a plan to make Costa Rica the first carbon neutral country. Where do we as Americans fit in this? We were 114 on the 2010 EPI, ranking below countries like Russia and Iran. This is the score for a so-called SuperPower on the global stage? It makes me ill.

I think it is pollyanna to believe we will all understand the ramifications and do our part. That just hasn't and doesn't work. If the citizenship could be trusted to do the right thing, would we need to have a police force? I wish I could put on my rose colored glasses and say we are all good people who care about sharing and protecting the resources for our fellow man, but I am not a naive 6 year child and know much better than that.

I can only speak to the American system because I am unfamiliar with much else but it seems we have always needed some kind of regulation to make us do the right thing and act responsibly. Although I currently think the legislature is obsolete or even detrimental at this point, I believe Quotas for minorities and hard line union legislation was necessary to get this country moving toward equality. Why is that different when we speak of the planet?

There are still people out there who believe Global Warming is a liberal agenda and can't completely buy into the science. Seriously? Are these people really that ignorant or simply too stubborn to accept a reality and too lazy to take action.

I am not perfect and I like my conveniences but I do try and probably would do even more if it was an easy choice. What about a few new "laws"?
- Excess tax on gas guzzling cars or incentives for those who drive less than x per month week
- Guidelines for water usage and higher costs over a certain monthly amount (base it on household occupants)
- How about tax incentives for those with water reuse systems

There are so many options. They don't have to be so harsh but they do need to kick start us into acting not just thinking about it. You can educate people all day long and I am definitely a fan of education's role here, but its not enough to motivate the general population to give up there conveniences and think differently.

My son's friends in Costa Rica say they despise Mexico and China for what they are doing to our planet. They looked down on him as an American for his part in the planet depletion. These are teenagers. Teenagers who explained that they choose not to have air conditioning in a tropical country and they choose to wash their dishes by hand rather than buy a dish washer. Not because of expense but because of their environmental awareness. Shouldn't our teens have that same sense of responsibility?

If I haven't been clear, I strongly believe that our government needs to step in and make us the citizens do the right thing. Remember as pessimistic as this may sound "you don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect".
April 11, 2012 at 10:41am
April 11, 2012 at 10:41am
"Has music ever inspired you to write or to create?
Suggestions: If so, what music inspires you the most? Any particular song(s) or artist(s)?"

I love music and am frequently inspired to write and create when listening. However it is provides me with much more than just a creative muse so I am going to take a little poetic license on this prompt and vary it to focus more on what music does for me.

Music has become a sort of emotional level for me. Did you ever see those tools used by carpenters and handymen that look like rulers but have little vials of liquid to help create an even surface or straight line? That's the type of level I am referring to. When I am down there are always a few items on my play list that help me sink deeper into it giving me permission to be sad or there are the songs that help me get out of that state bringing me to a much more hopeful place. The soundtrack to the movie "Garden State" has this melancholy affect on me. A song such as "Cat's Cradle" can immediately bring me to tears within the first few bars. Just thinking about the song makes me sad.

Music is also the main energizer for me. I cannot work out, exercise or even enter the gym without my ear buds clearly in place. I bounce to old eighties, or house music or new alternative or even pop and rap (no country or bluegrass as that grates on me). I like a heavy bass line and can not seem to get the Black Keys off my most recently played list.

When I cook the ipod is set to a playlist to match my intended meal - making Mexican listen to Daddy Yankee, making a romantic meal listen to David Grey or David Poe, quite meal at home Cowboy Junkies or Van Morrison. The list is endless.

For inspiration, oddly enough, I like to listen to the blues. Something about that guitar. The voice of Nina Simone always makes me feel powerful like I need to rule the world.

I think I mentioned in a previous blog how much I love opera. Both opera and classical seem to have a calming effect on me. If I am working or writing and want that background sound, only classical works.

Let me finish with a musical memory. When my son was about 6 months old we moved back to Buffalo and into our first house. The stereo was always on, My son and I danced every night. It became the family joke that all you needed to do was pick my son up and hold out your hand. He would grab your thumb and begin to dance. His nickname "Sway" comes from the song "Counting Blue Cars" by Dishwalla. I would dance and call him dishwalla, which shortened to swalla which shortened to sway. I am happy that our love of music is evident in his love of listening and creating music himself.
April 10, 2012 at 9:42am
April 10, 2012 at 9:42am
" If you HAD to chose another place to live, where would it be and what can you see yourself doing there?"

Ahh...my escape fantasy. I often dream about a new location, a new livelihood and an "improved life". My twenties were spent moving across the states in 6 month to 1 year increments. Now I have been in the same place for 16 years and I regularly engage in a mental escape.

My new home would be some place tropical. I am not picky about the location and am sure to be happy in Tahiti, Bora Bora, Virgin Islands or Hawaii. Give me sun and surf...a beach, a tan, salt water and an unlimited amount of sun provided Vitamin D. It's not just the weather that draws me in, it's also the attitude. Seems to me this tropical lifestyle would be simplier, calmer and at a much slower pace.

I would happily give up all the "stuff" cluttering my life right now. Good bye money pit of a house...so long gas guzzling cars...off to GoodWill those closets of clothes and shoes...adios social climbing friends...catch you later stress induced job. A small place on the beach, a pair of flip flops, a bikini and I am happy! Well actually I will need a bike, coffee pot, wine opener plus bottles and probaby some chocolate....but in general I would be happy *Smile*.

I could potentially keep the job I have and work remotely, however I doubt that the tropics have the kind of online access and webx abilities needed so maybe I would switch to painting rocks on the beach and selling them. Possibly bartend or sell water sports equipment on the beach. I would definitely write. Try to get a job blogging, ghost writing, magazine submissions or maybe even write that book. Can't believe I would need that much money to survive in my new simplified life.

My typical day would start with a swim in the ocean or a bike ride on th beach. Come home, shower, have my coffee, read the paper (most likely the Times or WSJ so I know what I am missing living in paradise). Then I would write until noon and off to the beach which is where I would be working. Hang there until about 6, pick up some fresh groceries, welcome my husband home from his real job and sit on the beach having our dinner and wine.

Ok I better stop this entry before I grab my suitcase and credit card and rush to the airport.
April 9, 2012 at 2:57pm
April 9, 2012 at 2:57pm
"Which of your hobbies have you been doing for the longest amount of time?
Suggestions: How long? Why? Any periods of burn out? What brings you back? Do others do it? Have they influenced you in this hobby?"

I am a hobby junkie - addicted to them. Just take a walk through my basement and see what my husband kindly refers to as the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", aisles and aisles of remnants from the hobbies I have undertaken over the years.

Promise to address the questions in the blog prompt, but first I need to explain my addition.

I am a bit compulsive, competitive and driven. I tend to feel like there is nothing I can't do and that I should be able to do everything and do it well. So throughout my life I have thrown myself full force into different activities and learned I really cannot do everythign and I definitely cannot do it all well. Here are a few visions from the Boulevard of Broken Dreams:

- Art supplies to include charcoal pencils, watercolors, canvases, easel, art magazines and my so-called portfolio. What you don't see is the large sums of money spent on private art classes when I believed I could be a selling artist.

- Fabric, rolls and reams of fabric. There was a time I made drapes, cornices, pillows, slip covers and even clothes. My sewing machine sits next to the fabric, next to the box of thread, bobbins, pins and notions.

- Decorating binders. Several years ago I decided to go to school online in my copious free time and get a degree as an interior designer. All the binders, my projects and grades are in a giant box. Upon finishing I decided I could never do this for other people. Although you should see my living room which definitely got the benefit of the class.

- Etiquette. We were at dinner one night and I was annoyed by the terrible table manners of the kids at the table next to us. I enrolled in a class to train as a Etiquette teacher for children. Realized quickly I have no patience for teaching or kids. Lots of books, magazines and idea boards in that box.

- Piano. Actually the piano is upstairs but the sheet music, audio and music books are downstairs. I took lessons for a year from "dirty piano man". That will have to wait for a new blog. Anyway, I learned how to play Scarborough Fair and called it quits. Now the piano collects dust.

- Tennis. I was really into this and was playing 4 days a week. I became obsessive....more so with the clothes and racquets than the teams but still pretty bad. Looking at the dozens of tennis outfits and 10 or so racquets I kind of miss that time. The sport became too time consuming and I had to quit cold turkey. I still play once in a while with my son.

- Speaking of sports, add to the list running gear, skis, racquet ball, squash and bowling balls. I rarely touch any of this anymore.

Ok this stroll is starting to bring me down, so let's bypass the glass blowing tools, the furniture stripping lotion and stain, the jewelry making kits and the basket weaving reeds.

I still practice a few hobbies. I love to cook...but not your plain ole chicken and potatoes. I have stacks of gourmet magazines and tend to do about 4 amazing dinner parties a year. Something soothing and satisfying about cooking a new dish. A couple times a month I amaze my boys with some outstanding culinary delight.

I still practice yoga, scuba dive on occasion and read continuously. But there is one hobby I consistently return to and that involves yarn. My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 8. Since that time I have made afghans, baby gifts, sweaters, hats, etc. You can always tell if something is bothering me because I tend to stay up at night and knit to relax. I wouldn't say my productions are perfect or even good. But the time is well spent relaxing me and helping me regain focus.

Currently I am crocheting a dress, knitting a squared afghan and working on two needlepoint projects. It's been a stressful few weeks *Smile*.
April 8, 2012 at 10:10am
April 8, 2012 at 10:10am
"it's that time of week to show you've been paying attention. Find something, everyone, throw something in. Find someone else's blog entry from the last week and discuss it in your own blog. Tell us why someone's entry resonated with you."

I cannot believe the incredible posts that this group has provided over the past week. I am having trouble keeping up with the reading and then having difficulty sleeping after reviewing and responding to the amazing posts.

There have been so many that made an impact on me, that I will have to take the easy way out and mention more than one. It's almost like going to school again when you consider the multitude of learning experienced in reading one week's worth of entries. Vipulya's and Eyestar's and Feeling Lost's terrific different healing options; Cindy's view into the world of nurse; Thundersbeard's ability to use a few words to create a day's worth of images; Fivesixer's hysterics, brother nature's and earl's perspectives on just about everything; the consistent thoughtful uplifting entries from sunny and prosperous.

I look forward to reading this week's posts!

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