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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2088871
Calista Cross doesn't know it, but she's put herself in the hands of a deadly assassin.


Calista Cross unwittingly becomes an internet sensation. Dubbed on social media as The Angel of Flight 525. Her extraordinary beauty of face, form and heart makes her near impossible to miss. It had all been a colossal mistake. With the help of her equally gifted friend, known only as "S", she heads away from her Orlando cabin home. Running to stay alive and keep her ability out of unsavory hands, Calista stows away behind a hidden panel in a newer RV heading in the direction she wishes to go. She expects the vehicle to fill up with mom, dad, and their 2.5 kids returning from a day of sun and fun at Disneyland. Little does Calista know she has just put herself in the hands of a cold-blooded killer. How can quiet, unassuming Calista convince this giant, scary-looking man not to hurt her? And instead risk his life to help her.

She's doomed. So doomed.

If he seeks you out, you're as good as dead. Assassin Spiro Bloodless is the last of a long line of assassin warriors. He works for a secret off-the-books ex-military group, simply called Spider. Spider operatives are the best in the world. Not a boast. Fact. Being alone and unattached has kept him breathing. No ties equal no weaknesses. While Spiro cleans up a couple loose ends from his latest assignment, the last thing he expects is a beautiful stowaway curled up behind his hidden panel. The big-eyed woman blinking up at him, terrified and shaken, instantly threatens his stoic control. The little free-loader is hiding something and he's determined to figure out what it is. Because if there is one thing Spiro knows it's when someone is in trouble. The woman has trouble following her like an ominous shadow. His innocent looking cargo is clearly in need of Spiro's particular skill set.

She trusts no one.
He leaves no witnesses.

They both have heavy secrets to shoulder. Can Calista heal the charred remains of Spiro's soul? Can Spiro turn from deadly assassin to bodyguard? All he knows is he wants to keep Calista alive and in his arms? Find out what happens. Click on Chapter One.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/books/item_id/2088871-Assassins-Weakness