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Rated: 13+ · Book · Contest Entry · #2093504
A most useful guidebook for anyone looking to visit the Holy Realm of Freiberg.
This is my entry for the 2016 "A Whole New World" contest. The basic principle is that, over a six-month period, I will gradually build my own fictional setting, adding on new details with each month according to various prompts. At the end, I'll then write a short story based on all this information, with plot and characters yet to be determined.

By way of brief introduction, my entry is the 'Holy Realm of Freiberg'. It's an orc kingdom, with a cold, dark desert climate, permanently shrouded by ash from a giant volcano. My own version of Mordor, basically, or rather a study of what Mordor might be like if it had evolved naturally, rather than under the direction of an ageless evil overlord. It's an idea I've experimented with a number of times over the years, but I'm looking forward to finally committing to it fully.

Because I'm wildly over-ambitious by nature, rather than compiling a basic factfile or whatever, I'm going to write my very own mock guidebook. I've never written one before, either for a real place or an imaginary one, so this should be funny.

I might even score a decent place in the contest. You never know.

(Note #1: as per the contest rules, I have drawn a map to accompany the guidebook. Two maps, actually, given the file sizes. I don't have Premium membership, so I've posted them as separate illustrations, under "A Visitor's Guide: Western Freiberg and "A Visitor's Guide: Eastern Freiberg.)

(Note #2: Freiberg is intended to feature in my novel "The Fourth Age: The Old Songs, and the guidebook will refer to a number of places in that wider setting, so you may want to make use of another map called "The Fourth Age: Planitis. It also represents a re-working and expansion of my short story "Homecoming, though whether you read that one is up to you.)

(Note #3: as you may have noticed, the final short story never actually transpired. Even after finishing the guidebook itself, I still wasn't able to get enough ideas together to write something I happy with. I hate leaving things unfinished, so it was irritating to say the least, but I can't do anything about that now. When the competition comes around again, I'll have another try.)
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