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by Autumn
Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #2114286
Expansion of story from my special girl. Her story, idea, and titles. My embellishment.
         My mind circles; hovering over things that I've experienced in my life, and there are several, countless, thoughts and images that fill my every waking moment. Several of these visions are ones that I recognize as actual memories of occurrences. However, there are many others of which I'm not so sure.

         Some of these other "memories" seem more ethereal, as if they are mere foggy, vague, recollections of dreams. I'll probably never know, for sure, exactly what they are, and I'm not certain if I really want to. If they are real, I'm amazed I'm still alive; terrified, and traumatized, by the things I have faced. If they are only from dreams, they can be kept at a distance, and I can wake to face another day without fear. This idea is a source of comfort to me, and I find that I need that comfort; depending on it to maintain my sanity.

#2. Episode 2: From Silence to Deafening Silence
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#1. Episode 1: Hello to Silence
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