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Rated: 13+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #2129599
I'll tell you all about the book down below.
This story is based off of a game on a sandbox game like Minecraft, but it's called Roblox.

The game is called "Fantastic Frontier".

To me, this game is like a mash-up of Minecraft and Gravity Falls with some Roblox. *Wink*

Ever since I found this game and started playing it, I've been obsessed with it!

Just ask my dad!

I've gotten some progress, but not enough to make a full blown story out of it.

This is why I'm writing it in a book, so I can make chapters.

Sometimes, they'll be short, other times, they'll be longer.

It'll depend on what progress I've made that day.

When I have finished playing the game and finished writing my story, I'll make a long static item so you can read the story all at once!

Well, enough of the jibber-jabbering, read on, my friends! *Smile*
Note: Some of the things you will read in this story you will not encounter in the actual game.

I had to make up some things to make this readable, otherwise, it would be boring.

I would tell you x, y, and z about it, but I'll spare you the details of which is real and what's not.
Another Note: I decided to write this note down because of how a reviewer responded.

In case you skimmed the top or simply didn't understand what I said, I will explain it in black and white here:

I did not create the game; I am merely one of the thousands that have played, and this story is based off of my experience playing this game.
#10. Chapter 9
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#9. Chapter 8
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#8. Chapter 7
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#7. Chapter 6
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#6. Chapter 5
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#5. Chapter 4
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#4. Chapter 3
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#3. Chapter 2
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#2. Chapter 1
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#1. Prologue
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