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Rated: 13+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2157577
Discovering and colonizing a new world
I've had a rough idea for some time about writing a book on colonization of another history. It won't be alternative history or counterfactual history or whatever you would like to call it. I bring up the subject of alternate history because the political environment will be quite different from our Earth, but there's not going to be this one moment where "A particular event did/didn't happen, so mankind is going to be able to go to other stars in a relatively short time with some type of superluminal drive." Or perhaps some event did happen in the distant past that set things in motion in a different way. Chaos theory in action.

Speaking of superluminal drive, the laws of physics could possibly be different from our universe. But since this story isn't set in our universe, that won't matter!

My immediate task will be roughing out the dramatis personae, and a rough outline of the plot, So the characters will have some rough details about them, even notes of research that should be done to flesh them out,

And the working title "Morning Star" comes from how the heyoka Black Elk addressed the Morning Star.

So, I now post this nebulous novel, and hopefully its existence will prompt me to add to it.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 General Plot Notes 3.03k
Chapter 2 Dramatis Personae 1.75k
Chapter 3 Notes on Political Landscape 4.01k
Chapter 4 Author's Foreword 2.20k
Chapter 5 Prologue 0.25k
Chapter 6 Chapter 1 (or Chapters 1-6) 1.47k

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