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My sole attempt at a police procedural. What do you think?
         "What could turn an unassuming housewife into a savage killer? Perhaps a few words in broken English . . ."

         Once upon a time, actually right around the turn of the century, I tried my hand at a police procedural. It wasn't a genre I felt a great affinity for, and it's been languishing as hard-copy in a box ever since. I decided to share it here for anyone who might have that affinity that I was lacking.

         At the time I wrote it I hadn't yet succumbed to the cell phone revolution. I was aware of them, and what really hurt the story was that the characters all had cell phones, but when the plot needed them to be out of reach, everyone just developed amnesia about having them. During the course of the transcription I've removed them as a factor, which pretty much moves the story back to the eighties or early nineties. The cell phone has really done a number on the procedural and the thriller, providing instant communication with anyone anywhere, and I addressed the problem for myself by setting the story before they came into widespread use; I think they're a big reason I never returned to this genre; couldn't manufacture the suspense to my own satisfaction. Anyway, here it is. Feel free to enjoy, and let me know what you thought should you be so moved!

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