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by bkies
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A super generation of monarchs led by their fearless leader, Beaucup, migrate to Mexico.
A story that follows a super generation of monarch butterflies (the super generations lives for nine months) as they migrate from Canada to Mexico and back into Texas. They are led by Beaucup, the first born of their generation. He is joined by his best friend, Lenny (born right beside him), Molly (she initially refuses to go on the migration), Catalina (appointed to the position of Chief Scout and otherwise known as Scout), and Dawner (named to the position of Path Specialist). They encounter several obstacles along the way but somehow manage to arrive to the same trees in Mexico where their great-grandparents stayed.

It is also about a family that lives in Angangueo, Mexico beside the forest where the monarchs hibernate. Nine months earlier, Maria and Miguel Prado tragically lose their son. The family deals with grief for months and as November 1st approaches, it is very important the monarch butterflies arrive. November 1st begins the annual Day of the Dead celebration, and the villagers believe the returning monarchs are the souls of the departed. Like clockwork, they usually arrive by November 1st. This year, it is especially important the butterflies arrive by then, in particular for Maria. November 1st is known as the Day of the Little Angels, and on that day the souls of departed children return for twenty-four hours.

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