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The story related to this three characters.
This story is not very old. In a village,there was living a boy, in any country on this earth.The writer don't want to tell anything about time and place.So,readers are relieved from thinking about this two factors.Their main view would have to be on characters.Here I'm talking of the boy named Jerry.
Jerry a sweet boy, he is adult, readers don't imagine that he's a school going boy. The writer loves to see him as a lovely boy.He was so lovely, cute and very good boy. If readers had seen him must had loved as much as the writer did. Anyway, we're going to open the first page of the story.
Jerry was very unhappy boy for the incidents that took place all through his nineteen years long life.He had arguments to God for not being kind and merciful to him. He felt that God doesn't like him at all, He didn't hesitate to be cruel to him and punish.So, he never had his prayer to God, though he was living in a society where people's were very pious. If there was anything wrong, no matter where ever and when, Jerry must have blamed God.
Jerry had extraordinary divining power that if he wished well for anybody to get well when sick, and get out when anyone in danger, in practical it happened. You may say it's coincidence, but not only once, it happened all the time, whenever he wished well for somebody. He actually felt sorry for them who were of accursed. People knew this boy very much and his divining power. So they came to him to listen his blessings. But readers don't think him as God.
Jerry loved a girl very deeply. And the girl loved him as well too. But she suddenly died drowning in the river. Jerry became very shocked from this. And from there on he started to hate God, for the injustice He did to jerry.The contempt was so deep that God even felt confused for taking live of the girl. He was trying to find out the way to uproot the contempt.
One afternoon Jerry was sitting on a wall of a building under construction. The workers took leave for the day as their work was done for the day. A beautiful girl just passing by the road beside the building.Suddenly a brick fell from the building upon the left leg of the girl. The girl shouted vibrating the earth. She started crying. The brick was loose and accidentally it just fell upon the left leg of the girl. Jerry came beside her and saw her leg badly damaged, she needed to be taken to the hospital. He hurriedly reached the highway, he stopped a car waving hand. He narrated what happened and asked the car owner if he could help.The car owner agreed and immediately took them to the hospital.
The doctor checked her leg in the emergency section and gave result that her leg had fracture and she needed operation.The nurses immedIately took her to the operation theatre.
Jerry took the address of the girl's residence and went to reach the news of the accIdent. The girl's name was Anny. In home there was Anny's mother sitting on the balcony working of sweater unblown. As she heard from Jerry about the accident, She hurriedly came out with Jerry and started for the hospital.She was crying.
The time they reached there within the operation was executed and Anny was in sleep. Anny's mother sat beside Anny. Jerry was waiting outside the cabin, Anny was transfered to cabin before.Jerry was waiting for the moment when Anny wakes up. He was anxiously waiting to hear from Anny. He was very desperate to see Anny gets well.
He was feeling guilty of being helpless because when the brick fell he couldn't know, just suddenly it happened.
Just an accident. Anny's mother stayed in the hospital for that night but Jerry returned home to be back on the next morning. He needed to go home for his parents.
Next morning when Anny woke up, she was searching someone moving head every side.But there was no one.Mother left hospital earlier, because her husband was anxiously waiting there. She told him about the incident through telephone of the hospital.
Jerry reached but he was watching Anny from door. After half an hour Jerry came beside Anny's bed and told her that her parent know about the accident and her mother stayed here for the whole night.
After four days lying in the hospital bed, Anny returned home as the hospital released her. But she needed rest for more three or four days.After her return Jerry came every day and saw Anny hiding from the window.He thought it was unnecessary to show up every day.But somehow Anny got the scent of but she acted like she didn't.Jerry went to see Anny consecutively three days.He was happy to see that she was improving.On the fourth day Jerry reached Anny's home to see her again but he couldn't think he would see her in backyard, the way Jerry reached the window of Anny's room. She was watering the flower trees.She knew Jerry will come this way.
She turned back and said for Jerry"So, you are the boy who give blessings for everybody?" A little rudeness and tease in her tone.
Jerry was already surprised to see her there, standing on own feet, he started up for the question.But didn't answer.
Anny: "Now you've come to bless me? But I don't need your blessing. You see?I'm completely o.k."
Jerry kept his head down.His face grew deemed He didn't expected this.After a while, Jerry spoke in the voice of protesting preparing oneself, "People believe that they get better if I wish them well.What can I do?I'm a human being, and as a human being why I shouldn't expect their welfare?"
In the meantime, Anny turned back again and delivering waster to the plant.She smiled, cause this is what she wanted ,this answer, cause she wanted to create the drama.And God was smiling too. He knew His will.
Anny looking at his face"But I don't need your blessing, I don't like you."
This hurt s.Jerry was breaking up......
God laughed loudly, the beautiful girl knows the acting very well. But the sound of the lough didn't reached there.
"But I like you......"Jerry said in high tone loudly.......
Anny : "I don't.....Turning around ......I think.......I .....Like ...You.And .....laughed one minute............
..........I love you !" with a beautiful smile....
Jerry was looking at her, she was looking like an angel, her smile......her lips....Jerry had a wish to kiss.....She was looking exceptionally beautiful on that moment in the eyes of Jerry. God was enjoying......
Time passing, silence in the nature, a bird tweeted......
"I love you too. I love you very much." Jerry said. He was looking confident.....eager......
" God said oneself o.k my boy Jerry, hope you won't hate me anymore.
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