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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2214263
Jase discovers he is king, but to claim the throne he must reclaim the mythical ship Argo.
In the course of an afternoon, Jase Hildebrand has been unseated in a joust, learned his mother and father are dead, and discovered he is King of Texas. But in order to avoid war between his Uncle, who sits upon the throne, and the families who support his challenge, he must undertake a quest to discover the mystical Oracle and the legendary, golden ship, Argo.

With the unlikely assistance of a newly minted Gaean priest and a washed-up Solar Knight, this steampunk retelling of Jason and the Golden fleece propels Jase across the solar system on a quest as ancient as storytelling itself.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 10 14.58k
Chapter 2 Chapter 9 14.38k
Chapter 3 Chapter 8 16.23k
Chapter 4 Chapter 7 15.68k
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 16.29k
Chapter 6 Chapter 5 20.84k
Chapter 7 Chapter 4 17.62k
Chapter 8 Chapter 3 13.73k
Chapter 9 Chapter 2 30.95k
Chapter 10 Chapter 1 20.35k

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