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Dazed and sick, Rivin is dropped off in a world he knows nothing of. Along with an unintelligible Aerilosac girl and an apathetic twin to work with, he must navigate through the concrete jungle of light and return back to his home where his family and friends are waiting for him.

Laren came from a planet far away, and the first person she meets on Earth is a sickly boy whose words she cannot understand. If she does not protect him and successfully fix her translator, she will truly be alone in this unknown world where no one will help her, and her journey will end before it can even begin.

However, the two must find a way to work together despite their differences, and fast, because the five boogeymen of the Aerilosac are here, and the hunters of rebels will not cease their hunt until their last target takes her final breath...

The second book in the Vessel Chronicles: Sound Unheard Of


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