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'It was never supposed to be easy.'

Those were the last words that the false God said to Rivin, before sending him to another country without any of his supporting equipment for the sole purpose of making him kill himself once more.

Still dazed and sick from the three-day chaos that took place in Chicago, Rivin is trying hard to keep his frail body in check. Along with an unintelligible Aerilosac girl and an apathetic doppelganger to work with, Rivin must navigate through the brilliant city of Hong Kong and get back to America, where his friends and family are waiting for him.

But the great Hunters of the Aerilosac Empire have been dispatched to Earth, and they are looking for blood. They will not cease the hunt until their target takes her last breath.

Boxed in within this sprawling city of Hong Kong where luck and fortune has abandoned those who did not believe, Rivin must find a way to keep trudging forward until he reaches home, no matter what he has to sacrifice to do so.

This is a story of boxes, and of the ones desperate enough to dare try to hide away from the most complicated box of all: The mind.

The second book of the seven in the Vessel Chronicles: Sound Unheard Of


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