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A collection of family memories
This is a collection of family memories and stories put together for the We Are Family Group and Writing Challenge. I love the idea of writing down as many memories as I can think of, and recording them, sharing them and keeping them alive. Many of the people I will share about are dead and gone, but they live in the recesses of my mind and deep in the depths of my heart. Now, they will live on the pages within this collection as well.

My sister is the true genealogist of the family. It was while she was in college she became intently focused on our family's history, and much of the knowledge I know has come from the hours of dedicated, hard work she put into hunting and tracing down the facts. From her, I learned Abraham Lincoln is a not so distant cousin on my Mother's side of the family, as is the person history calls the Swamp Fox. Some of our people came from Ireland during the potato blight and famine that swept the nation like a plague and my Great Grandmother's Parent immigrated from Germany to America when she was only 9 years old.

To discover I am an odd mix of German and Irish really should be of no surprise. Over the years, I've come to understand I come from hearty stock. The blood that runs through my veins is bold and strong. I come from people who were proud and fierce when standing up for what they believe in. They were tenacious, courageous, ingenious, and had an iron-clad faith that could be shaken but never severed. This is what I come from.
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