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Rated: E · Book · Young Adult · #2233287
Generation Z in Blue Blood and Walls with Holes and Hearts of Steel and Concrete


Gen Z Crossing is a collection of YA novellas that intersects through different worlds. In Blue Blood and Walls with Holes, Alyssa Stropolis joins her uncle Jay as he investigates an armed robbery. As a defense attorney, Jay meets Jayden Isaac, a troubled youth, who is imprisoned for the offense. During the investigation, Jay and Alyssa run into Jay's friends—members of a Crip set. In Hearts of Steel and Concrete, Sapphire is a product of the African American family that became one of the wealthy elite. She soon learns of her true fortunes in her attempts to build a relationship with her Billionaire father, Sheldon Lehrer. Sapphire meets Tim, a worker on a construction site, who reveals much about herself than what she knows.


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