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Rated: 18+ · Book · Crime/Gangster · #2240199
A murder mystery that takes place at an extended stay motel.
My attempt at writing a murder mystery! Any and all comments, suggestions, and advice offered would be greatly appreciated. I would especially like suggestions, tips, and tricks on implementing CLUES as to who the murder is and their motive.

The story is set at the very real motel where I just moved! Taking real-life elements...such as the vacant bank one parking lot over from the motel parking lot, the strip mall just another parking lot away, and adding in a lockdown as a result of COVID to make this a very up-to-date, modern story. All taking place in the days leading up to Christmas, and all coming to its dramatic conclusion perhaps on New Year's Eve? Maybe sooner...like perhaps everything can be wrapped up by Christmas day or the day after?

This is a work in progress...and will likely see many, many edits and changes before the final story emerges. I'd like to offer a special community merit badge to Everyone who stops by and pitches in with their feedback. :) Helpful reviews of 500 words or more will receive a 2,000 gift point thank you.
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