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An author has written poetry about a girl hes never met, then, actually meets her.
Writing must remain in true form.
Notice how main characters names are never mentioned.

Chapter One: Captivated

You can set your watch her. Everyday around this time she glides in, and Im plain dizzy...She sits a few tables over, and I NEVER speak to HER. What am I doing here? I'm ALWAYS here. One more spin around the sun is all it is. I done frequented this diner so long, I figured the waitress would know my name by now, or h*ll, cared to ask..."What'll it be honey?" "Honey," she says- I exhale in that way when you're annoyed, but aint want folks to think you're as rude as all outdoors- "Good seeing you, Miss Alison...Coffee, please...And when you ain't as busy as a funeral home fan in July, I don't want to bother you to hear the specials today." She smiles-
"You have a way with words, hon." "I've been told," as I nervously smirk, and trying so d*mn hard not to stare at HER. Her, yall ask? The girls' prettier than fresh baked peach cobbler...I LOVE peach cobbler. Don't yall hate when somebody catches yall in the act of something? Well...Alison done caught me glancing..."You like her," Allison says- No, I might be in love with with her...Im so dang glad I just THOUGHT that, and ain't say it. By the way, I KNOW yall there reading this. I've been talking to yall the whole time. "No," I quickly answer...But I'm a terrible liar..."Sides, she probably got a boyfriend or husband or something"...Real smooth. I'm all fishing for information..."I've never seen her come in here with anybody. I serve her all the time...Really sweet girl. I'll get the coffee."
Miss Alison is lucky. She's heard her speak. I bet her voice is hypnotizing. That lip gloss of hers catches any light. She probably has an accent. Her skin tone is like a perfect mocha, that can't be no tan, she ALWAYS looks like that...I wonder if...The girl from a few tables over walks up and speaks- "Sir?" I panic in my head: What the h*ll?! It's HER! "Me what?" As I continue to get confused with speaking outloud or thinking- Oh no...I said that out loud, d*mn it... "Me what?!" Moron...She stares at me grinning- "I said, are you using the salt?" I try to talk myself off the ledge- "Um, no...I mean...I don't like salt...I mean, I do, it's just... You know salt...You only need it to add small touches to food, but not YOUR food...You're probably a good cook"...Im rambling, and cant stop- "NO, take the salt. Sorry." Now, some girls play with guys ESPECIALLY when they know they as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs...And shes doing it NOW. Her lips do a slight perfect curl into a smile, and her tongue slowly licks her top lip. Her eyes squint a little, as she leans closer to me- I feel like Im fixing to pass out- She exhales, slowly. She stares me square in the eye like she's looking for something... Then she says: "What's your name?" Im shaking but trying to play it cool. "Um...My name is"... (To be Continued)

Chapter Two: Carried Away

Allison returns with the coffee- "Here's your coffee, hon...Sorry for interrupting." I try to hide my disappointment and think, D*mn it, Alison..."I can get you a cup too, if you're joining him." "No Thank You, Alison"...She grins at me like she KNOWS the damage she's done..."I was just leaving." I scramble for a reason to keep her with me- "The Salt...You forgot the salt...Miss"?..Like clockwork, Alison spills the coffee on me. "I'M SO SORRY HON!" She grabs her towel out of her apron, as I jump up. I'm just staring at HER, WHOEVEVER she is, while I use Alisons towel. As Allison leaves in a haste, we just stand there... And she looks me up and down with only her eyes... She glances away, tilts her adorable head, and takes a deep breath...Then takes a step closer to me...Then another...And another...I can feel her breathing. She smells like vanilla, and her breath smells like strawberries...She says in a soft whisper, a light feminine raspy tone: "How BAD do you...Want to...Know my name?" She turns as she continues to stare at me, and walks away. Yall saw that right? Yall seem as "bothered" as Alison at the counter over there. She saw the whole thing, and her eyes are as wide dollar coins. "Oh, lawd," Alison says.
My heart is beating so fast, I feel like Im fixing to throw up. She continues to walk as she grabs money from her bra, and in ONE motion leaves the money on her table, and doesn't skip a beat right out the door. She walks past the window outside and smiles at me as she pulls her hair behind her ear. It looked like it was in slow motion. I sit there. For a WHILE. Wondering what just happened. Wondering what I could've done different. I never heard the specials, h*ll, I aint got no apetite nomore. I leave feeling like Im on top of the world...I leave out of the diner, and there's a cab as if he's been there the whole time...Like the cab knows I feel so weak I can barely walk. Its Sam. I somehow ALWAYS get Sams cab. Sam is ALWAYS happy and has a beautiful family. He's from a foreign country, and hes dang polite...I get in, as I remember how America used to be that way. He always calls me "Mister." "Were to Mister?" Sam asks adjusting his rear view mirror. "Home, Sam...Sam?" "Yea, Mister?" "We done known each other for a long time...You ain't need to call me Mister." "Well, what do you want me to call you, Mist...Um...Sir?" "My name Sam, we're friends...Call me"...(To be continued)

Chapter Three: Cloud Nine

"You want to share a cab, Sir?" Says a guy who came stark out of NOWERE, sticking his head in the cab. "I aint worried, hop in". I space out a bit while he talks to Sam, cant get my mind off of HER. I reason with myself for a spell. I say under my breath: "Heart, dont do this to me...PLEASE."
Sometimes when youre happier than a dead pig in the sunshine, it leaps off of you... "You look like you won the lottery," he says as he fools around with his phone...Yall know how times is: Cant nobody SURVIVE without their phone. Geesh. I personally, aint on my phone unless Im doing something for my store, checking an email, or writing poems for YALL. As I stare out of the window, I engage in the convo- "I met this girl...I mean, I finally talked to her... Shes amazing, and I dont know what to do." He looked at me like I was stupid, and snarked: "You TALK to HER." Now, while Im sitting in this cab with a guy who, probably talks to girls easily, yall know me well enough...It aint NEVER been easy for me. I mean, just READ the poems I write. I aint EVER been good with stuff like this. Im so d*mn awkward with girls, ugh, I hate it at times. "Thanks," I says- He nods as if he REALLY helped. I make it home, and my mind is swinging. Theres no use in sleep. Im up all night...Because my stupid heart cant wait to see HER again. I get a little sleep, my mind is thinking like yall: Its just a girl... Yall dont get it, no...Its HER...

Back at the diner again. Yall probably wondering WHY Im always at this diner, and yall gone find out. I was here before HER...Allison is right on schedule- "Hey honey, the usual?" "Yes please, Miss Alison." The waitress keeps glaring at my notebook, and asks- "You writing again?" I rub my eyes- I, um...AINT sleep too good last night..."Yea. Its what I do." If yall aint noticed, Miss Alison is a bit...Ill just say it, FORWARD- WATCH..."Youre writing about HER, arent you? After what happened yesterday, I didnt think Id see you again." See? I told yall...Lets ALL thank Miss Alison for abruptly talking about my awkwardness. AWESOME.

She walks in. She sits down, and over dramatically puts her face in her hands, and stares at me and smiles. My stomach leaves my body, and I panic, but TRY to be cool. She taps her nails on her table, and playfully stares at the ceiling in an annoyed fashion- I dont do ANYTHING. "UGH!" She says loudly...Oh crap...Here she comes. She sits in front of me in silence. "Dont you like me? I see you looking at me." Yall ever been in an elevator, and it do that alien drop, you know, the one were you think its OVER? THAT just happened to me. I dont say a word. I CANT. She continues to bat at me, like a cat with a mouse...Little does she know, Im near certain DEATH at this point- Im SO scared- "You want to know why I havent come over here? I want you to come over to ME." I wanted to SO bad, I think to myself...She NOTICES my notebook-"What are you always writing?" I reach for my notebook, but she grabs it, and puts it behind her back. Oh NO. She looks it over. You can see her processing information: She squints, she smiles, she looks up, she inhales, holds, exhales, and slaps the notebook on the table. "Theyre good....Who are you writing about?" Tell the TRUTH. It might work...Since you cant speak, just let your heart do it. What would your poems say? Inhale. "Noone. Someone I hope to meet one day. Theyre daydreams about a girl I want to fall in love with...Its stupid. I have to go, I dont think"...Her tiny hands grab my wrist- "WERE are you going? No, stay here... Youre trying to run. WHAT ELSE?" Im at a "go for broke" moment, now. I aint got nothing left to lose. I ALREADY look like an idiot. "When I first saw you, I realized I was writing about you"...Exhale. She stares, and her eyes water up. Her voice cracks- "Wha... What did you say?" She picks up the notebook, and searches it. Searches it like she knows the truth now. "Read this to me." I reach for my book- "No." ..."PLEASE," she begs...

"What a night,
to be alive, and to be here with you-
the stars stand out,
on a beautiful canvas...
Just like your eyes...
And I can see, everything thats right in this world in you,
as the moonlight shines down on you...
I forget anything that isnt the truth,
As I wait for you to tell me anything,
because I will listen to anything from you...
Id give anything to be your breath,
as you say my name,
so perfectly...
How did I end up in this moment,
were everything falls in line,
and Im trying so hard,
not to hold you nervously...
And I know, as I stand here and look at you in this occasion,
there is no evolution,
only creation"...

I cant look her in the eye and I stare at the table. I feel like Im going to cry. I look at her, and her eyes are so watery, I cant see the beautiful shade of brown they are. She stares at me, and then leans over like shes in pain holding her heart. It dawns on me, she gets it. NOONE gets my poems. She inhales so deeply, she takes all of the air out of the room: She holds her head, then shakes it...She begins to cry, closes her eyes in frustration, and says: "F*** You..." ( To be continued)

Chapter Four: Vulnerable

"I'm sorry, WHAT?" As I look around the diner in SHOCK- She grabs a napkin from the table, and ALL hell breaks loose- This is the good part yall..."You heard me. Ugh, why did"...Im feeling frisky, now...She done stirred the pot- "Because you MADE me." She dabs her eyes with the napkin, to try to save her makeup. I just noticed...She's wearing MAKEUP. "Do you know how LONG this took?" She says loudly- "I never wear makeup, I wore it because I wanted to look pretty for you. I hate how you"...I say in my head, "Its all or nothing. Go for it- "Make you feel beautiful? It aint the makeup. You ARE beautiful, you aint even need it. My writing is a mirror of you...You saw yourself." She starts to unravel right before me. I struck a nerve. A HUGE NERVE. Some folk are confident in certain areas, but aint in others. Once you "strike a nerve," the gloves are off. "I'm NOT beautiful," she says looking away. Thing about it is, SHE struck a nerve as well...Yall remember what I just said about confidence in certain areas? Well...The gloves are off...Yall see, I know this well. There are A LOT of reasons why girls don't think they're pretty- and NO, I ain't about to rant about society again. I'm in a dang diner arguing with a girl I might be in love with...So, not now...
But Im about as hot as a stolen tamale, right now- "I aint been able to think about anything but you, since I first saw you. I'm so d*mn scared of you, because girls like YOU don't like guys like ME. It took EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, from me to look you in the eye! Now, you want to sit here, and"...She folds her arms, and her eyes widen- "So, you KNOW ME, now?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! You can't just SAY things to people like this! Everything is not as easy as you make it seem! In YOUR world, it might be. In your world"..." I interrupt- YOUR world is bulls**t." Really Christian of you. It aint like I freely cuss, but they slip from time to time. Thats why I got them edited out. Dang, I'm a person...Relax, yall- I go on: "Your world hurts, okay? I don't know how yall do it!" Shes annoyed at me REAL good now- "So you MADE one up?! Oh, my...You can't just do"...I point at her, and say- "What I want? The h*ll I cant...I can do WHATEVER I want!" She exhales slowly like she's been carrying all of this her WHOLE life. She's calming down. She says in a low tone- You are...Different." I sit back in my chair-"YEA, I am. " We just made a scene. I'm glad aint nobody else in the diner. Alison is watching like it's daytime TV. Here's the part I want yall to pay attention to- Pay attention to what I say to her: She looks at me alien, and says: "Your world seems nice, but it aint real. Its aint that easy." I replied- "It is, and I can do whatever I want. I'm not bound to certain rules." She GLARES at me. She aint ever heard someone say what Im saying.
My poems, are from a place that I truly believe, I write because it's harder than dang Chinese arithmetic for me to say. THATS why I write. "YOUR opinion of yourself, only matters to a certain extent, when it comes to ME. I have you on this pedestal...This pedestal, to were even if you fell, I would catch you. You are SO perfect to me, and if there is any wrong in you, I would never see it." She moves closer. "I rehearse in my head what to say to you everytime I see you. Everytime. And the fact that you are talking to me now, is scaring the daylights out of me." She laughs- "That's the early stages of a crush, okay? It dont last. Crushes die. You'll get to know me, and you'll either get tired of me, or your feelings will change." "No," I say disappointed in myself, "my feelings never really change when I have a crush, I'm just stuck there, I never really get out of it. If it aint good for me, I just redirect my thoughts. Things change around me, but I don't with it.
Time goes by differently to me than most. It stands still. It stands still like, no matter how much time goes by, I remember what you wore and everything about you the first time I saw you. It's frozen in my mind. THATS how you gone always look to me. I don't believe in YOUR world. I cant wrap my mind around how folks hearts are on fire for someone, then either a circumstance or time alters it. I don't believe in falling out of love, thats why I try to talk myself out of it in the first place. If I love someone, its just that. It's because I base it off of a choice. If my heart gets broken, I put that love on a shelf, and I avoid picking it up until I aint driven to it no more. I'm one of the few people on Earth that KNOWS what love is. It's the only thing on this d*mn planet I care about. That's why I"...She leans in closer- "Run? You want it so bad, but you run from it...Why?" I exhale- "Because it's stronger than I am. I'm sorry, but I don't believe in your world." A small giggle escapes from her crying, and she tries to fight a smile... "I don't believe in yours"...(To be continued)

Chapter Five: Falling

"Hey Guys, can I talk to yall about something before he continues to write? Its me- The girl in the story... I KNOW yall are reading this...The writer is talking to SOMEBODY, and I done figured it's yall. Im gone remove the quotes, now that I know yall listening. I'm sorry, I can't do nothing about his grammar...Yea, he ACTUALLY talks like this.. I'm REALLY scared of whatever this is. I'm gone tell yall the truth, I've had my heartbroken SO many times. Broken into many pieces. And it ALWAYS starts out like this...The guy says all the right things, I let my heart get involved, and hes a jerk. MOST of the guys are jerks nowadays anyway.
This is stupid right? I mean, I'm being stupid... Some guy sitting in a diner, who writes poems about a love he aint ever met, and THEN says that to me? Yall know what? As much as I don't want to believe him, I really believe HE believes it. Sometimes, thats all that matters... If who you are with believes. I ain't been to sleep...After that argument, I tossed and turned all night. My heart hurts, and its burning in my chest...Whats worst is, I dont know much about him, or nothing at all- I don't want to trust him...At all.
I've been in bad relationship, after bad relationship. I'm always getting cheated on. I don't want to sound like a mean girl, but it seems like it's always ONE TYPE of girl guys like. Whatever, right? I'm sorry for crying. EVERY boyfriend I get compares me to other girls- they even flirt in front of me, then call me insecure. We'd argue, they'd call me names. They never listen...Im SO mad at myself, because I put up with it...I feel stupid at times.
I'm having a dang hard time with all of this. D*mn it! He could be lying, but I don't think he is, 'sides, sometimes you have to really listen to people...The truth got way of coming out if you put on some sitting britches...What am I laughing at? His little sayings...Who says stuff like THAT? I see him dang near everyday. I don't think he got a girlfriend, 'sides, its EASY to tell he dont, because I was listening to him- I cant stop thinking about him. I even like that hat he wears...He wears it even in winter... It must be important to him. All last night, I just wanted to run to him...Run to him and just live in his world he lives in...And move from mine...This is how it always starts...Really good.
I feel like I don't have any control. It took me so long to get dressed, I just wanted him to like it. I aint going to the diner today. I'm scared of how I feel. I want this to go away, it shouldn't have happened. I made a mistake. Yall ever make a mistake in the heat of the moment? I did. I shouldn't have done this, but I just couldn't help it...Why am I always at this diner? My boyfriend works across the street...(To be continued...)

Chapter Six: Avoidance

Me again-
Dang girl just taking over my story...Like I was saying:
It's a no from me, yall...Can't go to the diner. Not after I done told HER dang near everything. The problem with running is, it got a way of catching up to you...I've been going there forever and a day, NOW I done dropped off the planet?..The thing is round, it aint flat- ain't nobody gone take that excuse...Im fixing to go to one of those coffee houses I hate, yall know them coffee houses: Were a group of folks sit in a room together, but be anti social, only to give a device more attention than somebody sitting three feet from yall...I just need to write. I got to get this off of me.
I'm on my way down the street, and I see this guy texting...Ain't looking up, of course not... Let me get his attention before we connect- "pardon, suh"...He aint hear me, and walks right into me. "Watch out bro." this guy says- Now...I hate that..."BRO." I'm already good and riled, so I ain't on all cylinders. "Don't call me bro " I tell him, leaning in. Thing is, I got a DEEP problem with boys who ain't carry themselves decent- Its THESE loud mouth cocky ones- "Keep it moving, you ain't want to lock horns, that gym membership you got ain't gone help you" I say squarely to him. "Nice hat, PARDNER" he scoffs, and walks away. PUNK...I know better. I KNOW better, I know. My heart is all squirely- I get to the coffee shop, and sit...I write...I write like H*LL. EVERY BIT of it. The door swings open...D*mn it...Its HER...(To be continued...)

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