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Love has died, and is outlawed in the future.
Writing must remain in true form.

Chapter One: Wanted Dead Or Alive

It is the year 2019, and love doesn't exist anymore. Those who are capable of this emotion are outcasts, and considered outdated. Every aspect of the emotion itself has been discontinued, and hated. It is treated as a foreign language, and avoided like a plague. There are few, who hold on to this expression in secret, out of fear of being shunned by the majority.
There is no love at first sight, crushes, fluttered heartbeats, broken hearts, restless nights, or anything pertaining to its pure form. Dating itself is rushed, and hearts have become cold. Guys no longer "jump through hoops for girls", as girls are no longer the gentle, soft, loving, creations they once were...Whats really sad?..Noone knows the difference. As time passed on, love slipped through the cracks, being replaced by what is fed through the world.
This is considered normal, as those who are still capable of this beautiful act are made a laughing stock. Dating is treated as an emotion less ritual, in which, things are microwaved into an instant family. Girls no longer blush, or gather together to talk about guys they're crushing on: Guys no longer think of girls till hours on end. Love is dead. Everyone moves onto the next, and dating is a mere social status.
Those who are still in loves grips, love in secret- as if it is brought out in the open, they are captured to be sold in a human trafficking rinks. The cruel are game hunters, who hunt these rare breeds...A mere kiss from such, will send one into an euphoric state...A kiss from such, is this centuries version of "drugs"...Who am I? I'm amongst the "wanted dead or alive"...(To be continued>>>)

Chapter Two: Caught

"Gotcha"..."Let me go, girl"...

She grabs me as Im walking down the street, and pulls me into an alley. She's drop-dead gorgeous, dressed in a red stylish overcoat, heels, and smells like trouble. She's pinned up against me, forcing me against the wall. "Hi handsome...Ooh...Nice hat"...She says grinning from ear to ear- "You have something I want." I make a movement, but she slams me back into place. "Girl, let me go," I say straining my voice..."Ain't you got a boyfriend, or husband or SOMETHING?!" She loosens her grip slightly- "A boyfriend...But LOOK at how you look at me...I aint ever been looked at like THAT...You can't even cover it up, can you? You want me, and that look says it all. Now, give me what I want...Arent you attracted to me?...C'mooon...SPEAK"...She taunted it out of me- "Youre beautiful, and I aint seen a smile like yours, in all of my days"...Her heart begins to thaw as her eyes are fixed- then she says, "guys don't sound like THAT"...She presses completely against me- "Youre one of THEM...I KNEW it"... She lightly runs her index fingernail down the side of my face, and smiles. "Heartbreaker, are you? You going to break MY heart?"

"No...No, you're not...You're one of the good ones." "Heartbreakers," are the ones that use girls, and are only in it for the thrill. I suppose, they would be similar to "players." She begins to swoon slightly, smiling as she grinds the spike of her heel into the pavement. "Just a hit wont hurt." She moves closer to kiss me, but I decline- "Miss, you gone regret this, 'sides, this aint decent of me to be kissing yall in such a way...I KNOW how things are." How dangerous the kiss is: A kiss can melt hearts and erase minds if done right...But in this case, its worse. Coming from those of us who can still fall in love, its like a drug. The REAL problem is, once the effect of the high wears off the withdrawal is a broken heart to the user-

She studies me, and inhales every fiber of my being..."Its worth it, you know. My boyfriend doesnt look at me with passion, and here you are: You CANT even control it... Ill be fine, love died way before I first started dating anyhow...I have no idea what a broken heart feels like, and I am curious about this "high." Ive heard so much about it...I aint ever been in love before. I hear when it first hits the system in its highest point, its a RUSH... What is the first stage called?" I look at her feeling my heart drop to my stomach... This is SO sad- I clear my throat, and look down: "Its called crushing."

"Crushing," she says curiously..."KISS ME."

"No, I aint. I aint gone do that to you. She releases me, and pushes me away- "Ill get a hit sooner or later, I dont need you...Ill find a heartbreaker, they dont care. I hate you, and how could you actual deprive me of love when you KNOW I aint ever experienced it?!" She turns to walk away, and turns back around- "It wouldve been one h*ll of a kiss, huh?" I smile- "Yea, I imagine so"...She turns away again..."By the way," she says- "Whats it FEEL like?" I look at her- "Theres nothing lik"...She grabs me, and kisses me- We are locked into a trance- she holds both of my hands to the side, squeezing them. I break away, and watch her pupils dilate...They continue to get bigger, cause as they say, the pupils will dilate when you look at someone you love...Her pupils are HUGE.

She moves back, and giggles immaturely- "Im flying...I feel so good... I never thought it would be like THIS." She grabs my face, and kisses me again, and I push her off of me calmly...I have mixed emotions about what is happening...There aint NOTHING like a first love. "WOW," she says looking at her hands, and touching her face-

Then, the "high" starts talking...

"I knew when I first saw you, Id kiss you...I just wondered what you would taste like"... Im staring at her, trying not to get drawn in- I know its just the "kiss" talking...She walks toward me- "You know what? I saw you before then... You were talking to some girl at a store, and I felt silly for being jealous...But I was...Just now, when I was holding your hand, my heart was racing so fast, I couldnt think straight. "I dont care if you think IM not saying all of this, its ALL ME"..She giggles again- "Im NOT satisfied- Either kiss me again, or take me with you...But you aint leaving this alley, without doing one or the other"...

"Decide." I shake my head obnoxiously,"MOVE." She grabs my hand, and pulls me toward her- "Now handsome, you dont want me screaming for help in this alley do you?..I mean...How would that look? Ugh, just do it, okay? I dont care about the heartbreak, I just want to feel like this a little while longer."

Against better judgement, and being downright threatened, I kiss her-

She releases me, and smiles- "Thank You...TOTALLY worth it," as she happily walks out of the alley...(To be Continued...)

Chapter Three: For Hire

"My name is Ani, Miss...Whats yours?"

"Youre as high as a kite...Go away, or I'm calling the police."

I couldnt help myself. I saw something of beauty on my way home...

We're on the street, waiting for the cross walk light to change. She is highly uncomfortable by me. "I ain't high. Why do you think that?" She takes a step back defensively- "Your pupils are bigger than the moon...Junkie... The crash is gone kill you, you know...Once that withdrawal kicks in, and you're crying seeking death." I reach in my pocket, and put on my shades..Her eyes stay focused on me... "You need to stay away from those heart driven folks, all they DO is lie."

"You never told me your name, Miss." She continues to be annoyed by me- "Erikah...And WHY do you keep calling me MISS?!" I smile at her: "Its a term of respect, love...You want me to carry that grocery bag for you?" She notices something, and sits her bag down- "Youre ONE of THEM arent you?" I'm still grinning: "One of WHO? I like your hair, is it normally"..."GO AWAY LIAR. I don't do drugs, and I certainly don't want to hear anything you have to say. If you want me to go home with you, just say so, but I'm not interested in your romance crap...You heart driven folks are all the same...You can't wait to get us hooked on you, and leave us for dead."

"First off Erikah, I wouldn't take you home with me, second of all, you ain't got no idea what you're talking about." She's P****d, now- "Look L.I.A.R, I don't know why you arent in jail or something- You would've had a chance, until I found out WHAT you were...But being you're a smart a**, I'll entertain this: WHY should I even listen to you?!" I wait- mostly cause I love her voice- "Because I like the flower in your hair...Were'd you get it?" She touches the flower, and quiets down- "I made it. Im an artist...In my spare time." "Erikah honey, I would love to see your work sometime." "What are you talking about?! And STOP pretending to be interested in me, you ALL play mind games!"

Her voice breaks- "I KNOW what you want, okay? It's fine... She hands me her phone. We can hang out some time, and...You know"...I hand her phone back to her..."No, I dont...And WHAT?" She just stares at me for a second, and says: "What, your KIND doesn't do... THAT?" I laugh in amazement- "Can you quit being borderline racist and prejudice at the same dang time?" She puts her hand on her hip: "Theyre both the same thing... Love addict." I look at her- "WOW. Slurs...Awesome...Racism, is against a race or group, prejudice is to pre-judge somebody...Like you're doing now...Folks ALWAYS confuse that."

I go on: "Folks are different, alright? I can't speak for (as I use hand quotes) MY KIND, I can only speak for myself, and I'm not interested in what you think I am." She looks away, trying to hide a smile..."So, you're ONLY interested in ME, and that's ALL?" "And the flower," I add..."But it clashes with my shirt." She laughs- "Ugh, I cant BELIEVE I'm going to do this, it's a terrible idea...So, what DO we do?" I move closer to her..."You go on a date with me"...(To be continued...)
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