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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Book · Erotica · #2242563
Until I had heard it several times I couldn't believe it!
My Father insisted I attend a University to gain a degree in languages. And it was on a beautiful Summers day I was cycling down the main road on my way to the campus when I heard my name being called out. It was one of my drinking buddies and he ran out to stop me.

"What have you been up to Jimmy? There's a very officious looking guy asking after you. He's got a briefcase and he looks as if he means business! He's not the police but he could be the Father of a girl you've got into trouble!"

"Thanks Fred. How the hell do I know who he could be? Where is he now?"

"The last I saw of him was in the Corner Cafe ordering a double espresso!"

I hadn't a clue who this chap was or what he wanted with me. I was clean as a whistle and hadn't committed any crime or had my wicked way with any under age girl. Approaching the cafe, I could see him sat at a table in the window of the cafe. I entered the cafe and approached him.

"Mr Balfour? Mr James Balfour? " He asked with hand held out for shaking.

I admitted it was me and sat down and ordered a coffee from a hovering waitress.

"Can I confirm that you are the son of a Mr Wilfred Balfour and your Mother a Mrs Angela Balfour?"

Having reassured this chap with his bulging briefcase now on his lap and being rifled through, that I was who he sought.

"My name is Pettigrew of Pettigrew and Shaw , lawyers to your late parents. May I offer you my sincere condolences at the loss of your parents in what was a most tragic accident."

"Thank you Mr Pettigrew , you are a little late with your condolences as that tragic accident happened almost six months ago!"

"Yes. I know and I am unhappy about the delay in all of this business, but we have been totally immersed in sorting out your parents complicated business and family affairs. Do you know we have been working non stop on this complex and tangled business. However, I'm pleased to report that we have now an answer and a solution to this whole affair."

Looking about him, he asked if there was somewhere we could find some privacy

We adjourned to a nearby building in the campus where empty offices were used for private meetings and conferences.

Settling down at a desk the lawyer began to spread out a whole load of official looking documents. James sat down and watched the man sorting the piles of paper. After a decent interval he appeared to be satisfied and apologized for the delay.

"I have here Mr Balfour your parent's last will and testaments and you'll be pleased to learn that you are the sole beneficiary of their respective estates. No other relatives were mentioned or referred to in any of the documents. Now, as they both suddenly died in that tragic accident they obviously hadn't prepared for such a contingency and therefore it has been down to us to sort out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak!"

James wasn't prepared for being brought back to the day when he was told by a patrolman that the car in what his parents were travelling in had been hit by a train at a level crossing. He very kindly added that they wouldn't have suffered at all as according to a doctor at the scene they were instantly killed on the impact. The funerals had been well attended by many friends and relatives of his parents.

Now, back in the present, Pettigrew was showing him document after document. Emphasizing that he alone James Balfour, was inheriting all of it.

"Do you realize just how wealthy you are right now Mr Balfour? It probably runs into many millions and the stock alone is worth millions of dollars more. We've got accountants pouring over it all and soon we will have actual figures, but we are confident with what we have found thus far. May I be the first to congratulate Mr Balfour. No more scrimping and saving for you my friend!"

James was told that his life wouldn't be a quiet one from now on. He would have to appoint executives to handle the many enquiries from Companies he owned all over the world. Scratching his head James started to think that his quiet University life was fast becoming a distant memory and that he would have to restart his life from that moment on.


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