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Rated: E · Book · Emotional · #2242840
The Epic Battle of a Novice Writer's Quest and Crusade to Conquer the Whitespace.
Setting up the stasis and opening of chapter one.

Let the conquest begin, This is the story of a novice writers struggles and battles with the dreaded white space. While revisiting his past life experiences attempting to make sense and finding a purpose living life in an insane world.

#6. Revision Time: Molding Chapter One   [02-09-21 @ 7:29 pm EST]

#5. A Framed Fugitive and Deserter on the run   [02-04-21 @ 5:14 pm EST]

#4. Back at the Tank Farm (Entry IV)   [02-01-21 @ 4:01 pm EST]

#3. Trudging forward: expanding the Stasis Post III   [01-30-21 @ 2:40 pm EST]

#2. Chapter 1/Stasis Opening continued (part II).   [01-28-21 @ 6:32 pm EST]

#1. Creating the opening Chapter & Setting up the Stasis   [01-29-21 @ 10:36 am EST]

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