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A Christian romance for teens and young adults. Older adults welcome to review.
Matt Barnes was a deadbeat kid from Chicago who hardly ever thinks about the consequences of his actions. Ever since he became part of the cool squad in during his freshman year, he started getting into trouble. Ever since his religious nut of a father left, he started losing his sense of self.
Now a high school senior, Matt is being forced by his mother to get a job. While struggling to find one, he stumbled upon an ad that was begging for help. But when the job opportunity comes knocking at his door, he continues to reject it. His best friend, Lenny’s church’s cafe is now looking for new hires. But, Matt refuses to take the chance.
Finally, when he does, he reconnects with an old friend. And possible future love. He is dared by Lenny to put on a mask as someone he is not to impress her. And that is to be a Christian. Will he be able to pull it off?
Precious Adams is an aspired dancer who is just dancing through life. Ever since her mother left, no one found her ever since. And to add more to the pain, she lost her brother to gang violence. Yet, she manages to keep a smile on her face because she knows she has God on her side. What happens when she reconnects someone who could lead her closer to Christ (or so she thinks)?
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