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Ted Cruz's proposal to put armed guards in every school is unworkable, would cost billions

Senator Cruz,

In looking at your proposal to have armed guards in every school in the US, I have a few logistical questions for you. Assuming you will have to have at least two guards on duty 12 hours a day meaning you will need four per school in shifts how will you pay for that?

The cost would be at least 20 billion dollars per year forever.

There are 130,930 K-12 schools in the states, with more than 50 million students attending the schools. I assume you will also need to have armed guards at colleges and universities as well. There are over 6,000 colleges in the U.S. and thousands of technical training institutes which will need armed guards as well.

Each guard would have to be paid a total cost of 50000 per guard ( salary and benefits) times 4 or 200,000 per school

Guns and ammunition perhaps a thousand dollars per officer plus the cost of lockers etc so let’s say 2000 per officer for 50,000 dollars per year.

That adds up to about 30 billion dollars per year

If you harden schools that would add 100,000 dollars or another 10 billion or so, and we have not talked about the extensive modification to the school buildings involved with many only one entrance and exit to the school building as you proposed.
If you extend this to colleges and other educational institutions, you will need to add another 10 billion making it a total of 50 billion dollars per year.

How would pay for it? Would states pay it or local districts? or would the federal government pay it?
If local districts pay for it would you support tax increases to pay it or would schools have to eliminate such things as music art programs and sports programs?

It would be a lot cheaper to ban assault weapons and have universal background checks which would have 75 percent support.
Finally, why should the country do all of this to protect the right to buy assault weapons? What about the right to go to school without the fear that a gun nut armed with an assault weapon will shoot up your school?

Finally, given that there are over 150,000 educational institutes in the U.S., and there are no more than 25 school shootings per year, don’t you think your proposal is an absurd over-reaction? The reality is that 99.9% of schools do not experience a shooting incident in any one year.

On a related topic, why are you opposed to universal background checks especially expanding background checks to gun shows, and online sales? You are no doubt aware that terrorist groups, including domestic terrorists, buy their weapons at gun shows because they don't need to do a background check or even show IDs,s and half of all sales are done at gun shows, or online. What makes gun shows an exception to the gun background check procedures? Don't you agree that all gun sales should be screened to make sure prohibited people are not buying guns? Expanding background checks would not be an undue burden on law-abiding citizens and 85% of Americans agree that there should be universal background checks.

Furthermore, you are opposed to adding the" No-fly list terrorist watch list" to the background check procedures. Why do you believe a person on the no-fly list should be able to buy a gun? Do you support the right of terrorists to buy guns?

You are also opposed to the federal government encouraging states to enact red flag laws. You stated that red flag laws don’t work.
Do you believe that if someone is threatening to use a gun to commit mass murder or to kill themselves, nothing can or should be done to take guns away from them? The federal government’s role in this is merely to facilitate states in enacting their laws and to help pay for them. Why are you opposed to this? This is also supported by 90 % of Americans.

Thanks for reading my message, which I have posted on my blog, “https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com the direct URL is https://wp.me/p7NAzO-2lL
Jake Cosmos Aller
Retired Foreign Service Officer
Currently residing in Gun-Free South Korea
Texas resident and voter 1994 to 2007
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