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The Prodical son
My son *Cry*

Why, my son do you want to lead the path to no where?
Is drugs and prison so much better than being outside among the forest and animals?
Or has this world grown so cold and distant that being locked up is easier than dealing with the pain?
I sit and wonder if that child that sucked at my breast wants to sit among those society doesn't want.
I know because my own heart is humbled.
When I see a homeless person, an old man who's steps aren't in line with societies that I've changed too.
I can see the other side.
I do know I want to hold you and hug you just like I did when you were a little boy.
When you had that computer game with Curtis and Rudy being the cute little boys.
Remember how we laughed at Rudy being rude and acting a clown?
Remember the laughter we had when we watched a funny movie?
I miss that because you know my husband and daughter are not like me.
You are the one that when I look into your eyes I see myself.
I would like to escape this world too. Too much news. Too many episodes of violence. Division among the church.
To escape with a Xanax or even behind the bars where you reside I think would be better than taking the anti-depressants---trying to escape but live.
I often think does my son think of me the way I do him.
Do you miss the greatest love, my son?
The love between a Mother and her child.
#1. My Son
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