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Poems about war in general and US war on terrorism in particular.
The origin of these poems lies in the deep anguish caused by the so called US's 'global war on terrorism'. A large body of world opinion shares the view that Americans tend to isolate / insulate themselves from the rest of the world. That breeds ignorance about world's socio-cultural-political trends. It also leads to a sense of arrogance born of capital and military might, which, to that extent, generates insensitiveness to world opinion.

These poems were written to express personal anguish at blatant violation of moral and international law on the part of the US as perceived by the author, who is currently a practising attorney. They are not intended to hurt American sentiments.

I was touched by the following sentiments expressed by a reviewer about this book:

"Sir, a marvelous thing! As an American Soldier, for long, long, years, I do not hold with what we do now!

Bless you, for your willingness to stand against the wind!

There is much here to read, and I expect to spend much time here".

A Preferred Author
8 March 2008

* Awarded the Exceptional Perspective Award in the contest "Exceptional Perspective Award, hosted by obwan , along with an awardicon carrying the following citation:

"February 20, 2006

At times, we all think that what we know is the only way to look at something, but sometimes someone is able to illuminate a different perspective in a way which makes us all understand. This author has taken a long look at Americans from the perspective of a resident of India, the largest democracy in the world, and shows us some things which we probably missed..."

For other poems on this subject, please see "THE U.S. AND THE WAR. The poems here could not find a place as individual items in my port.

M C Gupta
Revised--10 May 2010
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