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Rated: 13+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #986022
An origional novel set between Seasons 5 & 6 that will blow you away with detail and scope
An imporved cover for my Buffy Novel

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Legend says that the Slayer stands alone against the Vampires, the Demons and the Forces of Darkness.

Legend was wrong!

They were known as the Knights.
Those in the Darkness feared them like no other.
Those in the light did not know they existed...

Merlin the Magician had founded their order after the fall of King Arthur.

Their role was to fight against the darkness wherever they found it and to act as a buffer between our world and the horrors out there...
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Death of a Slayer 3.41k
Chapter 2 A trauma doctors can't cure 4.95k
Chapter 3 Voices inside 13.04k
Chapter 4 Custody 9.82k
Chapter 5 A new danger or a new ally? 16.85k
Chapter 6 A Watcher's death 4.18k
Chapter 7 The Funeral 9.54k
Chapter 8 Unseen witnesses 5.55k
Chapter 9 A new piece of the puzzle 11.51k
Chapter 10 Family and Social Services 16.02k
Chapter 11 If, if, if... 7.48k
Chapter 12 Still up on the tower 5.24k
Chapter 13 A more dangerous world 5.36k
Chapter 14 A confrontation with Spike 14.90k
Chapter 15 For better or worse 6.55k
Chapter 16 Two halves, one whole 12.37k
Chapter 17 Morgan's Master 5.66k
Chapter 18 Booked on the morning bus 12.23k
Chapter 19 Ambush 16.25k

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