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Poems galore, join in the fun!!
Poem string

*Heart*Note from me:*Heart*
Hi and welcome to my Poem Campfire, It's great you could drop by and please add to it, I would really appreciate any addition!! I am a proud member of the Angel Army.Please drop into my item on them to see if you could become part of a group dedicated to helping others in the WDC community!! *Bigsmile*

You may write whatever poem you like - any style, any theme.
The only rules I have are that your poem must be E rated and they must contain the first and last word of the poem before, but these words may be anywhere in your poem!!

Have fun, heres my starting poem...

Shadowed as the night is black,
Unearthed beyond the beaten track,
A treasure of your mind denies,
Pain, through which the demon cries.

Thankyou for reading!! Hope you are going to add to this!!


Behind the light a shadowed veil
Uncovers darkness proclaimed in
Hell. Set free this mind who cries out
Kill, let go the will, let go the kill.

what promise is given
to assure us of living
would last past this moment
another to share

what solitude lingers
a reminder of blessings
that a brighter tomorrow
would wait for us there

what heartbeat would stutter
the kill of salvation
and return the rhythm
that lives evermore

would rise in this moment
secure in the promise
eternal we follow
the light to the shore

what destiny waits us
behind all our struggles
reminder of treasure
much more we deserve

the arms of the Father
the tears of the Mother
would hold us in mercy
these moments we serve

What to Serve

our sun has risen in majestic flight
above a planet holding life’s cascade,
across the heavens to the dreaming night,
bringing cleansing rain and vital shade,
for the world of creatures, birth and life.
what good can come from escalating strife
with bravery preserving ways to live for us,
ending living work the sun’s begun – the toll,
if to serve dark death to all God’s creatures
                                                            – our soul.

when comes the silent storm to wash
away the tears of yesterday
when comes the sun her silent truth
to burn eternally today

when comes the dream to touch the night
and linger past the reach of dawn
when comes the voice of evening wing
to fill the twilight breath with song

After the rain,
the garden reflects
autumn’s hues;
as in summer,
the sparrow rests
on a branch,
refuting gravity,
and sings to a clump
of petals quivering
with their last breath,
for a fading blossom
can inspire a song
when light pours
in amazing colors
out of the rainbow
like a last goodbye
and imperfections float
above this difficult world
as art.
Early Morning Rise

I love the early mornings
Just before the dawn and
After the rain;

I love to hear the morning
Bird, call and beckon me to
Get up;

I love the fresh smell of brewing
Coffee on a campfire stove, and
The smell of bacon sizzling;

I love the mixing of smells and
The lovely art of the woods on
A lovely autumn day,

I love the sound of children’s
Laughing, as they head for
The rivers edge,

To wash and cool their bodies
After a night of fitful sleeping
For the day and night ahead,

I love the wind that lifts my
wings and sets my course beneath
the sky an early morning rise.

It is midnight
in the moonlight
in the rainstorm
thunder, lightning
the rain scatters
from her twisted body
the piano plays
sadly and forlorn
alone the sound
of a drum beat rises
in the distance
the dance she dances
is like ripples in a river
twirling with
her emerald costume
a wolf howls
outside her ring of light
the thunder chants
a thousand words
in an ancient language
of long ago
bone under muscle
working together effortlessly
I watch amazed
the lightning shines
through her blind eyes
Early fog rests in the silent trees,
Dampening sounds of slowly fading sleep,
Eyes still dimmed with autumn morning dew,
Remember your sweet breath and warm embrace.
Coffee brewing sweeps the dream away,
The astral space now fading waits for night,
My arms are emptiness, my heart alone,
I rue the glare of coming morning light.
But then I read it: letter, poem or comment,
A written message on the WDC,
A fellow writer gives a moment of thought,
About a poem or prose they share with me.

The sun burns through in cyber bites of light,
My soul goes soaring in a need to write.

A flower in bloom.
Crows flying over a field.
An early morning sunrise.
Clouds in the sky.
A written piece of literature.

These everyday things
are taken for granted.
If you step back and look,
these simple things
can bring a smile to your face.

Pause for a moment,
let these little things
inspire you.
Open your eyes
and look for hidden treasure.
Darkness comes a new
I left my sister behind, with nothing but a memory
I didn’t intend to do this, but some how it happened
A day without my sister turned into months without her
The darkness in my heart leaves me lonely
How can you feel this without your greatest treasure, the love of your family
I miss my sister, I want to see her again, and it hurts so much
Yet I know I won’t see her today or tomorrow
What is the point to hoping in this dark world…
Well I can still hope for a day where I will be able to embrace my sister again
Elena I love you baby sister
So take these words, and you will know how much I miss you
Past Member 'larryp'
He stumbled through the grim darkness,
Traumatized and breathless.
Bloodhounds howled, following his scent.
His lungs burned in torment.

He heard men curse, vicious dogs growl,
Then the screech of an owl.
“You tremble among the near-dead,
Sit here with me instead.”

“Ohanzee, come here beside me,
Tell me what your eyes see.”
He scanned the landscape all around –
Saw nothing; heard no sound.

“Brother Skunk shaped a grisly hindrance,
Squirting his foul fragrance.
The dazed dogs tucked tails in the fray,
Led the men far away.”

The owl took flight into the night,
Squawking in the moonlight.
“That you saved me from violent men,
I will tell my children.”

~revised for word count
"Invalid Item

Among the clouds and birds alike,
He gazed upon this wondrous place,
The place where children played among,
The trees and plants of the wilderness.

And here he placed his trust with them,
People he had learned to love,
With them he had a home he loved,
With them he knew he would belong.

a Summer haze lifts
a tired wing catches her flight
lifting her homeward

against a blue day
sweet embraces remembered
shadows melt to sun

When the sun goes home to rest
I shall light a candle with bluish lights
to add color to your vacant place; then,
in my terrace, I’ll go sit with the shadows
to watch the moon burn up the sky
with a quivering discharge, for --like me--
the moon also has learned not to fuss
over reruns or an empty place.

The rains of graying solitude intrude,
When nightfall shadows nature’s disarray,
My heart’s place turns to vacant loneliness,
Regretting words that let you fade away.
Then thoughts we live in striving for new life,
Turn fallow as fair summer fades to gray,
The skies turn purple with approaching rain,
Soft warning of the dying on its way.
A spot of blue as clouds begin to break,
Brings soaring sunlight turning night to day,
Collecting colors from the falling leaf,
A rainbow’s giving us a light display.
Bright beauties’ touch brings me a fresh relief,
As colors and hues imbue a new motif.

Thinking of days gone by
The times we shared were so elegant
Wondering if I could ever get pass losing you
You were the sparkle in my eye

Now all I have is a motif of what used to be
I wish you were here in my arms
I wake at night hoping to see you lying beside me
Yet I realize that you’re not there

You were my smile upon my face
And no other woman can take your place
I miss you so much
I wish you hadn’t decided to head back that day

If you had decided to stay with me
Instead of worrying about your friend
Then you would still be here with me
But you decided to go after her

That cost you your life to take that walk
One walk that can’t ever be taken back
No matter how many times I wish I could have saved you
I couldn’t you were dead by the time I reached you

I’m so sad inside trying to get over the pain of losing my love
You were the other side to my soul
Now you’re gone forever because you were killed by a drunk driver
I wish it had never happened but it is true

I love you always
Your memory will always linger inside of my heart and soul
The flames of love I have for you will never die
Since I know we’ll see each other again one day

© Copyright 2007 MDuci, Tornado Day, BillW, Joy, Alicia Thomas, OKi, C. Lowen, kansaspoet, Elle - no longer a fresher..., (known as GROUP).
All rights reserved.
GROUP has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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