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Join in on the fun as three girls roleplay based on true stories of their own lives!!
[Introduction] This campfire is going to be entirley based on real life expierances between three real friends. Myself being one of them. As well as telling fun memories and stories, we are also going to be role-playing, adding drama, and all sorts of other stuff, to what we think should be going on in our lives.


1. Must not use too much bad language! (Hmm..Hmm.. Kat.)

2. Try not to add too much drama it so it sounds phony

3. and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!! :)

On your first addition please include the following: (be honest)

Name: first only
Name in story/nickname:
Age: Optional
Personality: Required
Hopes and dreams: Optional
Anything else:

The role-playing and story telling will start on everyone's second addition.
Name: Annabella "Trinity" (everyone calls her Trinity except of course Nonno)

Personality: Girly girl, a liitle crazy, not afraid to take risks, but still cautious, very motherly, controlling, bossy, and the all around "fun" one!

How you know her: She's everyone's favorite Mafia princess!

Languages spoken: Ist: Italian
2nd: English

Skills: Hmm...can sing(but no one knows), drive, okay with maps, cook the best meal around but is rarley ever home long enough to get near a stove.


Name: Katherine

Nickname: Usually Kat, or Kate Roleplay name: Kaitlyn

Personality: generally solemn unless givin chocolate. Don't get me angry I'm worse then Amanda....exept I don't cry unless its a sad movie

Hopes and Dreams: .......

Other: I like Japenese Food yum.

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Name: katharine

Nickname: kwer

Role-play name: Rose

Personality: Stubborn, quick tempered, opinionated, observant, to some i may seem quiet, an air about me, usually the peacemaker, also known as the anchor, when relaxed loves to laugh, speaks many languages, loves to learn, blunt. and once again stubborn <extermly stubborn, quote glamgirl (lol)>

Hopes and dreams:.... don't get me started

Other: I like pi <yes the math. pi>
Hey girlies it's me! Guess what???? 've decided not to bag this thing! Let's try this over again okay. just bear with me for a sec. (Kat yes, I know you must be fuming right now, but just Shut up and listen. (okay you're probably not talking but....)


New rules:

1. This will be a TOTALLY FICTION based campfire where we can make up absolutley anything our heart desires. (If you want at the end of your add you can post what's going on in you're life.

2. If you don't like rule number 1, TOO BAD. Live with it!

3. (Kat) Just for you I will lift the character rule.

4. Keep old bio's! For ref Manda- Jamie Kat- Kaitlyn, Kwer- Rose

5. Have Fun!

**************** My first new add

One day Jamie was sitting at home in a chair. she was sitting, sitting and sitting. She turned the tv on and drank a coke. suddenly the phone rang!!
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*wow, thats a lot of zeros...*

The breeze from the open window gentle tasseled roses hair. Her face had no sign of emotion as she laid in bed asleep.
As fast as alantis vanished, rose sat up, right to meet the sun in her eyes.
She jumped out of bed, her bare feet banged against the cold tile floor.
There she stood in the kitchen , in shock and horror...

It was Rose on the phone, her voice was frantic.

"Hey Rosebud what's up?"


"Yes, that's my name!"

"Jamie, please, pay attention... CALL 9-11!

"Why, is someone like hurt?" She gasped. "Are you dead?!" Am I talking to a dead person!?" "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Jamie screamed as she dropped the phone.
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"JAMIE!" She screamed
Rose turned to face the sceen before her...
Sam was tied to a chair with blood dripping from his hair. Dropping the phone, rose called again, "Joh--"
A hand grabbed her mouth.
"Waht happened?" rose asked
"i don't know but i have a feeling the IRA is back, Find Vatti and leave the american cops or whAT ever theyre called out of it... GO to Jaqmies or something!"
"What ever i have a broag!"
Jamie was still hyperventalating when the doorbell rang.

"WHO IS IT!!!???"

"It's just me Jamie, open the door." It was roses voice.


"Jamie please!"

"But how do I know it's you?" Jamie asked.

"Oh for crying out loud.!"

The girl behind the door started muttering something that Jamie couldn't understand.

"okay it's you!" Jamie said, feeling better that her friend wasn't a dead person.

Jamie opened the door and the girls went to go sit down and talk.

"I have so much to tell you" Rose was saying.

******* The next day.

The whole thing at Rose's house turned out to be a great big misunderstanding. Some of John's friends had come over to film a movie and in one of the scenes Sam was dripping in blood. (or in this case ketchup.) oh and the IRA or whatever was just some dopes in halloween costumes.

Rose had slept over and it was now around 12:30pm the next day.

"Hey, I'm hungry.Jamie said. "Let's call up Kat and go get some lunch."
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"Thank God I can lie!" thought rose to her self as she and jamie made them selves lunch. As of right now she had Jamie convinced it was a misunderstanding (It wasn't very hard). But hey she was use to lieing, her Vatti (dad in german) had his own secrets that had caused the O'briens a lot of trouble. Still, rore hated lieing to her friends.
Jamies mom walked into the kitchen, "Oh hello rose, nice to see you again."
"uh, hello Fra--" jamie elbowed her in the stomach (jamie might be a little dizty, but she knew when a fatal mistake was at hand."
*cough*"excuse me,hello mrs.walton, nice to see you too!" (close one she thought to her self.)
Just then kat walked in the door...
"Uh, rose, why is there an FBI car in front of her house?"

(Kat, Rose and jamie are neighbors.)
As Kat said this, Jamie's face went deathly pale. Jamie's friends might think she'd ditzy but she's actually smarter than she looks. Jamie had had experiance with the FBI before and she wasn't too excited to see them anytime soon.

"Guys I'll be right back..." Jamie said as she went to the front door.

Coming to her daughters rescue, Jamies mom went to distracting the girls.

******* Outside

Jamie walked out to the car as they rolled down the window.

"Agent McSuthers?" Aked the one with dark glasses.

"Can we go somewhere a little more private?" Jamie asked as she clibmed into the car.
Kaitlyn turned to Rose,"I have a strange feeling she knows why the FBI is here don't you?"

Rose just stared at the door having the same feeling.

"No, she's going to chase them off!" Jamies mom laughed.

"Shouldn't YOU do that, hm?" Kaitlyn then smiled," Rosealicious my friend time to go!"
Kaitlyn grabbed Roses arm yanking her out the door.

Rose finally getting the picture Jumped onto the back pegs of Kaitlyn's bike.

"After that car!" They said in union taking off at full speed.

"No...Stop!" Jaime's mom ran after them.

"I feel bad we had to shake off Jaime's Mom." Kaitlyn sighed as she peddled hard.

"I feel bad too, but we can't get strayed we have to follow that FBI car." Rose said.

"You're right. I'm suprisred we caught up with the FBI." Kaitlyn rounded a corner.

"Kaitlyn, The FBI is like police don't you think it has to do with the speed limit. It is only 25 miles per hour.Plus what does Jamie have to do with the FBI anyway?"Rose said after thumping the back of Kaitlyn's head.

"I don't know...." Kaitlyn trailed off

'Oh no' Jamie thought as she looked behind her, 'My crazy friends followed me.

"Step on it!" she said to the driver.
*(OK, i need to get this straight for whom ever does not know, i am tears of a rose, well i was. Tec problems with old account. but i'm back and ready for some crazy action!)*

"KAITLYN!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!" rose was screaming her head off.
"KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!! SLOW---"
Suddently, the truck made a sharp turn, in effect so did they. and of course the laws of physics never give anyone a break, rose flew through the air. sadly she is not superman.
About four ft away she landed right on her face. Kaitlyn started to stop...
"NO! KEEP GOING!" yelled rose
Kaitlyn shruged her shoilders as if to say your loss and speed after the truck.

Rose stiflly got up. she noticed that her face was wet, gingerly touching her forhead she yelped in pain. she was bleeding. A black car started coming down the road. although she was on the grass, she stepped back, but the car stopped in front of her. Two tall men got out. Rose froze, she knew who they were. But what were they doing here, she pondered for a split second. Slowly she put her hand in her pocket and fingered the switch blade she always carried with her, praying a hail mary she wasn't going to need it.
"Dia dhuit." the taller man greeted her
Rose was hestant to answer, but found that the words of the polite answer (of the greeting) were already flowing from her tongue
"Dia is Muire dhuit"
"Conas ta tu?" (how are you)
"Ta me go maith." (i'm well)
The man who was not speaking chuckled.
"vi tar" spoke the man "Runda gno" (come, confidential bussiness)
'Le ce?" (with who) Rsoe asked, her voice became cold, her fingers tightned into a death grib on the switch blade
"are you coming or not?' the man spoke in english, though poor. His face showed annoy.
"Slan' (bye) rose said sharply and turned to make a run for it,
right into darkness...
Meanwhile kat was losing her breath and her sight of the truck, when a copter flew over head, then it hovered over the truck. Kat smriked. She had an idea.
(inside truck)
The man with the dark glasses was crusing it what sounded like spanish. Jamie just sat there cradling her head in her hands.
" why are they following?' She said
"Because they're smart then they look, plus theres only one now, the other fell off back some ways." replied the man
"WHAT!!!" screamed jamie
(back to kat)
Kat grabbed a near by watering hose and hid her bike, the truck was about half a mile in front of her now and had just stopped. Another copter flew by her and she swung the rope around its landing thing. she began to lift as it did. "this is gonna hurt." she mummbled to her self. Time to go for a ride!
(i know glam, your gonna kill me!)
"Oh bother"

(Tee hee, i didn't feel like addin)
Just above the FBI car Kaitlyn realized she was insane. there was nothing she could do about this now so she closed her eyes then reopened them. below her was the car.

"Here I go!" she jumped hitting the the rear window.

Um, Sir, we have a 4-20." Jamie sighed

" A 4-20 there isn't one?" Agent Mc whatever said. ( HEHE)

" their is now. Unidentified best friend hitting window." Jamie opened the door to "retrieve" Kaitlyn.

Rose woke with a sudden notice to her surroundings. Three men around her laughing. They handed her a hankerchef.
" Ow, what happened?" Rose groaned
They all laughed again
The First man holding back his laughter said" You hit a mail box".
The second man hhelped her up." Si, Tu MUCHO BIEN!"
rose rubbed her sore forehead" You guys no spanish and galick?"

Gut Kind, das Spanisch und die Iren sind Alliierte jahrelang gewesen“. (well kid, the spanish and the irish have been allies for years.) said the the new comer bending down
Rose scowled.
"chose a launage and stick to it!"
"Ingore unser spanischer Freund hier, sowieso ist es wahrscheinlich besser für uns, uns auf Deutsch für die Zeit zu unterhalten, ist, in Anbetracht, wo wir sind. (Ingore our spanish friend here, anyway it is probable better for us to converse in german for the time being, considering where we are.)"
Just then rose took a good look around.
she was sitting in a bed, her bed. Not the one she woke up in this morning, but the one that she had in her room at home. actually she was home!
she was in her room in...
But that couldn't be!
"Wie bin ich nach Hause gekommen? Ich habe gedacht, dass ich nur einem Postkasten begegnet habe! (how did i get home, i thought i only ran into a mailbox)"
"Das, mein Liebster, ist die Schönheit der Drogen. Aber wie Sie gemacht hat, begegnen Sie einem Briefkasten erstens. Ihre Brüder erzählen mich, dass Sie von ihnen liefen, warum?' ( That, my dear, is the beauty of drugs. But how did you run into a mailbox in the first place. Your brothers tell me you were running from them, why?)
"Ich verfolgte meine Freunde und sie haben Geschäft gesagt, und Vatti, Sie von allen Leuten wissen, welches Geschäftmittel in unserer Familie. ich habe gerechnet wir agian besonders nach heute Morgen bewegen würden!"(I was chasing my friends and they said business, and Vatti, you of all people know what business means in our family. i figured we would be moving agian especially after this morning!)
Vatti's eyes shut, his face showed no emoution. All roses brothers had his face, a pure aaryan race, all but her oldest, she and sam (oldest) had her mothers, an irish face. They had brown hair with very brown eyes that were told to be from their mothers romanian blood. Their mother was half irish, half romanian, and their father german and russian. Their father was a powerful man in europe. And right now, rose was in danger because world war 3 was about to start. her family was in a complex place. both her parents were on both sides of the law and were doing everything to stop the out break of the war. roses mother had thought that the youngest would be safeer in america so rose and her brother john were stuck in someplace in the middle of nowhere with new names and a terrible tutor. vatti had just come to vist. and now the fbi and jamie and kat flying(well she saw jamie flying and ran intot eh mail box) and sam andher head was spinning. Cort her brother who spoke spanish suported her, she could hear adam and vatti talking,"Die Droge muss noch arbeiten, wird rosie sie wissen geht erhält was zu machen."(the drug must still be working, go get rosie she will know what to do.)but all she could hear was corts voice soothing her:
"Schlafen Sie wenig ein, ein schlafen Sie mein klein Tatiana ein."
(Go to sleep little one, go to sleep my little tatiana.)
"Alle werden gut, alle werden sein gut, Sie sind Heim sein, sind Sie in Barvaria! "(all will be well, all will be well, you are home, you are in Barvaria!)
Kat's lifless body was laying on a bed in a white white room. Slowly her eyes flickered to life. in a flash she jumped from the bed and immedatly began searching the room. she found an opening in the floor and begAn to break it apart, finaly it was big enough for her to crawl through. under ground she crawled.
to jamie
Jamie walked into the room that kat was sleeping in to her suprise she was gone, but ht e hole in the ground was a red flag.
She alreted the control center of the problem and went to the main office sure that everything would be fine. to her suprise there was kat sitting there.
" i must say you have quite a system' said kat holding up wires that made up the centers security system. jam smiled this crazy girl hadn't been affected by the fall.
"where are we any way?" asked kat "where in area 51,
code 0" when jam saw the eybrows go up she said "its an fbi thing"
"and when were you going to share this piece of info with us?"
"well things are more comlicated than they seem."
"your in the wpp"
Kat shrugged, ok so she was in the witness protection progarm, she knew a little too much about 9/11 for her safty
"and rose isn't who we think she is"
"you know your not a ditz"
"i know, and your not as lost as you seem to be"
"listen rose has a history in europe, nothing the fbi should be worried about"
How do you know about rose?" asked jamie
"i'm not as lost as i seem." said kat "and her name isn't rose its tatiana"
Oh the complecation of things. The FBI, the WPP, and god knows what else. All Jamie wanted was a fun day out shopping! Was that too much to ask? Well I guess it was because once again, Kat and Jamie were on the run.

*Rose, your add was sooo confusing, it didn't know what to write. Two things. I know it's not fault you spell bad but please put spaces in between your paragraphs. It makes it easier to read and less confusing. 2. I know you like writing in different languages and you put the translations but can we please stick to English! Thanks!*
(Insert curse here) What am I to write?)

'I'm not supposed to tell her why did I tell here' Kat thought to herself
*Iwas in a rush, ill try actually spacing, although the romans didn't always space while they were writing, actually i don't know if the ever did, sorry, and why are jamie and kat on the run?*

Rose was not feeling well, her head was spliting in two. she felt like she had a major hangover, a huge hangover! Groaning she sat up. the morning sun was coming up and her window was open. a gentle window blew. the scent of homemade white bread and coffee lead rose out of bed and down stairs.

Down stairs her footsteps echoce against the tile floor. Rosie was placing a cup of coffee on the table/ looking up she saw rose and smiled.

"ahh my little tatiana rose! Welcome home chica." she said warmly

Rosie, the real one, was the o'briens-woerthwien's house keeper and was th echildrens nurse. She was a little spanish women who was on the chubby side. Rosie was a mother hen through and through. (When rose (ana) was chossing what name to go by now she chose rose because of rosie)

Rose sat down at the table for a good old german breafast, well more so her style. fresh bread and a cup of black coffee with 3 spoons of sugar.

While she ate rose mediatated on the sitiatution she was in and wonderd about her friends predicament. where were they? Had kat told jam who she was? was jam in th efbi? oh the mystry, her head hurt to much to think, slowly she went back to bed...
Oh joy, paris here we comE!!!
" I'm going to brake for it the minute we land."
Kaitlyn sighed," get yourself to the hotel first I'll come later. Don't argue just go."

Yeah. He was back and this time he'll pay.
(Okay glam, i'm sick and i'm tired....) *sometimes i hate you guys.. oh what the hell...*

Rose woke up for the third time that day. Slowly she changed out of her cloths that she had been wearing since the mailbox incident. A white button up blouse and a brown skirt, much to her dismay, soon replaced her crumpled and stained jeans and “Wicked” t-shirt. But smiling she began to look around the room for her secret stash of lollipops.
Once she found her favorite flavor, green apple, Rose ran down stairs with her long lost energy.
“Ahh! Chica! Buenos Dias! Or should I say Buenos Noche!” Rosie asked with a smile as Rose entered the kitchen.
“Hola!” said Rose spinning around with a lollipop sticking out of her mouth “Say what ever you want! Can I go out for a ride?”
“Oh senorita! Look at the time!”
“Please, the sun is still out!”
“Oh alright dear, just don’t tell your father, he’ll have my head!”
Rose laughed and kissed Rosie on the check. She ran out the back door before Rosie had time to change her mind.
Once out side she made a beeline for the stables. She saddled her favorite mare and began to ride through the vineyards that her father owned. The smell of wet fertile soil reminded her she was home.
After about ten minutes, Rose saw a familiar figure.
“Gone out for a ride, have you?” asked John
Smiling Rose jumped down and led her horse by the reins. Walking next to her brother they began to talk.
John, who had not been knocked out by drugs all day, had taken his liberty and used it well. John had traced some of their brothers and was following their every movement. Right now the boys were in France, with the FBI hot on their trail. Only Adam, Cort and Sam didn’t know that.
And John, like usual was trying to bargain for Roses help, now if he could just keep his mouth shut… and hand over those two tickets to Paris he just pulled out!…. She was in…
Jamie and Kaitlyn were on a plane to Paris. Both girls were determined to find Rose and Paris was the cheapest ride out of the USA. Plus, they were going shopping… well at least Jamie was, Kat was being dragged along. (Like usual) And of course they were on some crazy FBI goose chase; well Jamie was any way. Kaitlyn was just in for the ride.

(Okay glam, I gave you your English, your shopping spree <well you can go more into that> and I know how to make this your “dream girly-girl” story >P with my gore and adventure too. But hey! Only me! I know!)


pS. DUCK AND COVER!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Kaitlyn hopped down off the plane and ran looking behind her to make sure Jaime wasn't behind her.She wasn't. She was staring at a bunch of french guys, but three men most likely security were cahsing her.

Easy as pie Kaitlyn thought to herself as she climbed over the fence.(not gracefully might I add)

Kaitlyn headed for Lunar Eclipse Headquarters or LEH for short. This was an underground agency that makessure the supernatural aren't found.
Not aliens but Homosapiens with six sences. She an agent of LEH was searching for Her assiggned being when she decided to stay at a high shool and another agent was given her assignment.
her being in Witness Protection was a made up cover (ironic isn't it).
The Leader of LEH's name was Manson McGanner a powerfull man from the outskirts of London.

A few days early Kaitlyn known to her fellow agents as Esphera her dubbed name. Was paged and told to report to him amediatley. there were only to reasons McGanner would page a new assignment or Timothy Gord. Timothy Gord was an old partner of Kaitlyn's. A good one two untill he started a new businss of his own. where he uses the supernatural rather then helping them.

Kaitlyn found Timothy to be a complete dulthead.
A real braniac this one. He calls his agency Solar Eclipse.

"Captain McGanner, In the middle of something?I could come back later." Kaitlyn smiled at the Captain.
" Now if I said "Yes" Esphera you would never return. Shall I retell last years incident with the Malcom?" Manson McGanner turned around.

"Iguess not. Could you tell my why I am here."
Kaitlyn sat down in front of the Super Computer.
" Unfortunatley,I have a favor to ask you. As much as I hate looking at you. You must come with me to Solar Eclipse to speak to Timothy Gord. God knows what he wants." Mcanner typed into the computer and a map with a red Dot at the whereabouts of Solar Eclipse.
" Aw,ome on McGanner you know you love me." Kaitlyn smirked, "Wait I thought you said it was favor wher is this "must" and "we" coming from."
" Oh, well I lied Lets go!" Manson McGanner grabbed Kaitlyns arm and dragged her into an SUV.

" You are a leader of a huge agency and you have an SUV?" Kaitlyn examened the old looking car.
" One thing your forgetting I spend millions of dollars on the stuff that matters. Such as food for captives.And..." McGanner was cut off when he stopped quick for a crossing dear.

" Damn things belong in the Wild." Mcganner mummbled under his breath.

As the Drove further and Further into the country. Kaitlyn fell asleep in her dreams she saw nothing but heard the words of her family her past.

Kaitlyn watched the Darkness

" Hello little girl whats your name?" Grandad McGanner
" Kaitlyn." Her year old voice

" My name is Jamal McGanner but you can call me Grandad. Your a part of the family now. I'll teach you all I know about Lunar Eclipse,I made it you know. It is a great place. when your a part of it your apart of our family." Grandad

"What about Mama and papa?" Her 3 year old voice

" I don't know why you would go back or care about them they abused you. c'mon lets Go meet are big family!" Grandad

" I Can Do it Granddad. Ican fight." Kaitlyns 6 year old voice.

" Silly girl. You can't fight. you aren't as trained as me." Manson 7 years old voice.

" Now Manson, you know she can." Grandad

" I lost. My first time out and I lost." her voice 9 years old.

" Kaitlyn, you didn't lose you just tried and failed. just try again you'll do it." Granddad

" Yeah, okay." Her voice 9 years old.
" You remind me of the world always trying to improve beautiful and the smartest when you need to be. I think I'll call you Esphera." Grandad.

" C'mon on Esphera we have to go.(minutes later) Kaitlyn Move." Manson 13

"ell Well Well miss Esphera I'm tired of this stupid bussiness so I started my own. Unfourtunatley I'll have to kill you because with you out LEHs leader will be volnerable." Timothy Gord 17 years old

" Esphera hold on!" Manson 14

" You saved me. Wait what are you doing here?" Her voice 13

" You idiot. What if I wasn't here you would of been killed. Dammit if anyone ever hurts you again I'll Kill em'!" Manson 14

" Remember my Esphera there will be times when you lose but losing isn't forever if your going to win your going to loose. if your depressed you'll be happy again that is the never ending cycle of ..and death. manson as my heir and you must portect those with six sense. You must portect them because if you Lunar Eclipse doesn't then like your ex-partener Timothy has done use them for bad not good."Grandads final words

" Don't cry Esphera.I love him too. He did what he could for mankind and now it's our turn. when I talked to him before you he told me to protect you and make sure your life is good and I will now I'll take over Lunar Eclipse and with our "family" we'll defeat Timothy and keep LEH going." Manson 15

*****END DREAM**********


John and Rose were in the middle of Paris lost, really lost. They were trying to find a metro. No correction, John was trying to find a metro with a map in French and with a lot of symbols, that mean nothing. Rose was standing next to the river Seine.

She sighed and turned to face her brother...

She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. His hair was sticking up in all directions from his bad habit of running his hand through his hair during frustration or a crisis. the map was turned up side down.

"you know turning the map up side down won't make it easier to understand."

"Ha ha, i don't see you doing anything."

"Well, i say we ask for directions."

"no, that would be stupid."

"well, its better than turning a map up side down over and over again, now thats stupid."

"We don't speak french."

"so we find a guy who speaks english, or German, or russian, or Spanish, or dutch, or Japanese, or..."

"ok, i get the point"

"it can't be that hard

" yeah only one problem, the majority of them will be tourist who won't know were to find a metro!"

"well, maybe they'll have a map in english"

"or maybe they'll have a map in french!" he said shaking the paper in roses face.

Rose turned around and through her hands up in dispare. it was pointless to argue with her brother. Behind her she heard john moving the map around.

"ok fine we'll ask for directions" john said in an exasperated voice. and he began walking towards a group of business men who were rabidly speaking in french.

"John what the hell are you doing you don't speak french! what about those Chinese tourist over there, JOHN!"

Smiling he walked right over to the business men and asked in perfect french:

" Bonjour monsieur, pourriez-vous me dire s'il vous plaît où trouver le métro le plus proche ?"

" Le bien sûr jeune homme, prendre cette rue en bas là-bas jusqu'à ce que vous atteignez la librairie fait alors une droite et garde à la gauche. Ce sera où vous voyez le signe avec le m dessus."

" Vous remercier monsieur "

("Hello sir, could you please tell me where to find the nearest metro?"

"Of course young man, take that street down there until you reach the bookstore then make a right and keep to the left. It will be where you see the sign with the m on it."

"Thank you sir")

turning around he winked at rose and began the trek to the metro

"How, how..you" rose stumbling to get the words out as she walked next to him.

'First, close your mouth before the flies get in," He teased as taped her lower jaw closed, "second, get a french dictionary"

"You! You little......" and she began to curse at him in German

about five minutes later they reached the metro, once inside rose heard something behind her that sounded like a gun shot

"What was that?"

"What was what" said john

the movement, her vision blurred, her knees began to get weak and her ears began to hear everything even what was above ground. she heard john whisper "oh no not again.' well to her it was shouting.

He grabbed her arm and began to drag her to the nearest train.

once inside he made her lay down on the seat. the whole car was nearly empty. Except for a young mother and a toddler. the train began to move

But rose couldn't relax her whole body was freaking out. she knew, she knew. Vision flashed before her eyes and suddenly she went numb.

she shot up, looking at john frazzled, she mouthed on word...


Just as he did a gunshot was heard and the back window was broken. The women screamed and began yelling in french, the little girl began crying.

Rose jumped on the seat and kicked the window next her, it broke, she jumped through it holding on to the train she landed on the roof after doing a strange flip. laying on her stomach she pressed her ear against the train and listened.

"Get UP! AND GET THAT DAMN B(with an itch)!"



Gord, Timothy Gord

Well that was a surprise...not.

Turning on her side she crashed through another window.


John was already out the window and rose was moving towards the door. just then the "sir" guy took out a gun

"Hello tatiana, long time no see, do what i say or you might not see again."

rose started to raise her hands, but with a sudden movement knocked the guy out.

taking the gun she pointed it at his partner

"now where were we."

Just then johns head popped through the window

"Hey runt." annoyed she turned to look at him

"yes, john'


She cursed in german

And suddenly shot the guy in the leg.

And jumped out the window, in 90 sec. flat they were out of the metro station and on the street.

"hey, nice aim, hit him right in the heart, didn't you' john said teasingly

" I'm not a killer, just a thief."

"Sure Ana, just remember who you are, plus when you don't kill, you leave witnesses."

"well what about the two year old who was on the car, you would have killed her."

"Ana, its my duty, my job.."

"YOur a high schooler."

"well, at least i know my place."

"Listen we have bigger problems than letting 2 yr olds live right now like that Gord dude and Vatti's probably looking for us by now.'

"oh yeah i forgot we ran away its only the billionth time" john said sarcastically.

"I'd be more worried about that jamie girl," he continued "you know shes in the fbi."

"Yes i know, but I'm wondering how you know.'

"oh every one does.

"whose everyone'

"IRA the russian Mafia, the italian Mafia, ect. there's even an assassins after her.'

rose stopped short


"and why do you think adam and cort are in paris, thats were she is now, she and that kat girl, whose always changing her name, you know that one with the.."

"Yeah the one you have a crush on, theyre here in the city, NOW?!?"

"Yes and i don't have a crush on her."

"WHAT WERE ARE THEY< AND ADAM< CORT!!!!! and yes you have a crush on her!"

"No i don't! Now do me a favor and stay out of it, were just trying to get the FBI, who are making sure Jamie does her job and doesn't get hurt, who Adam and Cort don't know are on their tail from killing our brothers, and personally and don't feel like saving you!"

"And who said your always saving me ! thats only happened...ok, your always saving me!"

"I just don't wan my little sister hurt."
"By 10 mins, ok, I'm only younger by 10mins."

As they walked down the street, tatiana knew that it had just begun.

Jamie was busy shifting through the ranks of clothing in this little boutique, that she didn't even notice that someone had walked in.

They had been in Paris for about three days now, and so far jamie had changed her natrual blonde hair to a light brown, gotton colored contacts that made her eyes a dazzling bright green, and gotten a whole new wardrobe.

She looked up and saw two of the most gorgeous guys ever across the store. The were both tall, with blonde hair and aqua blue eyes. Hey, come to think of it, they looked like the cute 'french' guys from on the plane!

"Well,"Jamie thought to herself. "Put on that flirtasous charm,and knock em dead!"
"Esphera, Esphera wake up. Did you have a bad dream your eyes are red and wet?" Manson shook Kaitlyns shoulder.

"Manson!" Kaitlyn threw her arms around Manson,
"I...I...you. You and Grandad!" Kaitlyn tigtened her grip.

"Calm down. It was just a dream."Manson patted Kaitlyns back.

Kaitlyn let go and followed Manson out of the car there was a big building with the words Solar Eclipse. A man was standing at the door. Manson walked over to him followed by Kaitlyn.

"Timothy gord has been waiting." The man beckoned for them to follow him. The building was like looking at Lunar Eclipse backwords. It made her sick. Tools for good used for evil. Kaitlyn followd by Manson walked into the room. As the man walked out he whispered "good luck".

"Manson McGanner it's been too long. Esphera welcome." Timothy Gord sat in a seat across from Manson and herself. He still wore that same sneaky little grin. He had ruffled black hair with brown eyes.

"Hello, what is it?" Manson asked somewhat calmly and somewhat angirly.

"Before that. Hows Jamal McGanner? Oh, thats right, I killed the bastard didn't I. Oh, yes! Now I remember he tried to stop me so instead I stopped him." Timothy smiled at them proud of his accomplishment.

" Never talk about Grandad like that if you do again I'll Kill You!" Kaitlyn punched her fists into Timothy's desk.
" Try to.I Dare you.It'll be tough for you though. Then you won't know about your friends though." Timothy smirked.

"Damn. you sent them!" Kaitlyn ran out the Door followed by Manson

(ok there was a typo earlier in the story, Adam and Cort are in Paris, not Sam, he was in Russia killing someone or something like that.)

Tatiana woke up the next day with a neck ache. John and her had slept under a bridge last night, for logical reasons. I mean two teenagers renting a room or two might seem a little suspicious, don’t ya think?

Stretching her arms and neck as she stood up, she kicked John awake.

“Get up! It’s at least 5 am! We over slept! Get up!”

“Ok! I’m up! I’m up! Don’t kill me! I’m up, I’m up!”

“Lets go, we have work to do.”

Tati/Rose picked up a black, beat up backpack she found in a dumpster after the metro incident last night. In it she had her switch blade, a wallet she had pick pocketed with over 5000 euros in it, granola bars she also “picked up”, a sewing kit, a cell phone, the gun she use in the metro last night that she “relieved of the unconscious “sir dude” and some bullets she had “convinced” a guy to give to her, along with maps in French and English and, of course, a French dictionary. The pack was heavy, but it was what she needed, plus food. Tati/rose was going to work, she had to find Adam and Cort, plus Kaitlyn and Jamie and stop her brothers from killing Jamie and stop Gord from finding her, and make sure Vatti doesn’t get her….ect.


Really, its just Great.



Kaitlyn’s heart was bounding.

Where was Rose! Oh God oh God oh GOD GOD GOD!!! Where the hell am I going! GOD GOD GOD!!!

***to Jamie***

Jamie seductively walked out of the shop, not forgetting to wave to the hot French guys. After a quick glance between them, they followed her out of the store. For a few blocks they followed her till the reached the Eiffel Tower.


“Hello boys!”

“hello.” Said the taller one.

Funny, they sound German, oh well, maybe a German taught them English because their French is French!

“I’m Jamie”

“Cort, this is my brother Adam”

Again, funny, that’s familiar.

“So, Jamie, what brings you to Paris?” he said easily

“The shopping!” Jamie giggled “It’s my favorite past time.”

“Really? Who are you here with, I mean girls like you don’t travel alone.”

“Girls like me?”

“You’re Ho--, I mean, well...” Cort stammered, his checks becoming red

Adam scowled.

“Lovebirds” he muttered to him self

Cort trying to regain his easy attitude “I was just wondering if we could hang out some time.”

Adam threw his hands up in despair!

“Are you asking my out on a date?” Jamie was blushing now but smilling.

“Ja, so are you in?”

Ja, that’s German or at least somewhere near it.


“Great! Meet at that café over there for lunch, say 12 pm?”


Adam cutting in…

“Yeah ok, now we have to go.”

Grabbing Corts arm he dragged him away, but Cort did turn to wave back, that made Jamie smile some more as she waved back.

Turning around she jumped and shouted


Now I have to find Kaitlyn!

***Back to tati/rose***

Rose was walking through Paris with John trying to figure out how to find Kaitlyn and Jamie, well Rose was, and John was trying to find Adam and Cort. So far they had gotten nowhere.

Rose had fallen a few paces behind him when suddenly a hand rapped around her mouth and an arm around her waist pulling her back. In a split second she was on the ground in an alley.

John turned to say something to Rose and a gunshot was heard, hitting him in the shoulder. He was thrown back a few feet and began to crawl away. More gunshots were heard over and over again.

The pain was intense, he was barely conscious. He sat against the wall trying to slide away. But the pain!! He blacked out.

Rose meanwhile was trying to kill her kidnapper, but this guy was strong! Finally he spoke:

Turned out “the kidnapper” was a girl, it was Kaitlyn. Big surprise
“What the? What are you doing!”

“Gord he’s got guys after you!”

“I know, met them last night. Bunch of dults.”

“Wait?!? You.. then why didn’t you get out of Paris?”

“Because Cort and Adam are trying to kill Jamie.”

“And..” Suddenly her face became pale “O GOD O GOD O GOD!!! I HAVEN”T SEEN HER IN A DAY!”


“Yeah and even worse I have Manson looking for her!”



“”Tatiana, repeat after me; rabbit and radishes, rabbit and radishes.”


“It works!”
Rose rolled her eyes.

“Lets go we have work to do.”

Cort and Jamie were having a great lunch; they really liked each other. Jamie felt like she had known him forever, he could make her laugh and he was easy to talk to! Jamie felt that her crazy world might become bright after all!
Just then his cold brother Adam turned the corner with a limp body in his arms.
“Adam!” Cort shot up, his face was worried.

Jamie caught her breath, it was Roses brother, John! He was dead!

“What happened?” Cort said. He immediately began to feel for a pulse

Adam spoke “He’s not dead, just unconscious, he was shot.”

Thank God!

”Shot? How?” Jamie asked

Adam just glared at her.

The owner of the café began yelling at them in French, but they ignored him

“He needs a doctor.” Said Cort. “He’s lost too much blood”

Just then, kaitlyn came running …


“Where have you been!” asked Jamie

“Where have I been!?”

“I have got a mad man trying to kill me and Rose!”

Just then she noticed John

“You have a cell phone?” Cort asked

“No.” Kaitlyn said suddenly smiling, “But not to worry Cort she does!”

Cort looked at her as if seeing her for the first Time. Adam jumped back then asked:

“Who?” said Jamie looking confused

"Esphera who she?" said adam
Just then Cort stood up and pointed.

“SAM! What are you doing here.”

Sam joined the chaotic group.

“Move I’m a doctor.” Sam said to kaitlyn john began to regain conscious

“I need a sewing kit” he continued.

Just then the ceiling of the café above him and a mixture wallboard and a screaming girl fell on top of him. The owner of the café fainted.

“Hi” said rose to Sam as she looked up “Got one right here” she said holding up her bag.

“Thank you now, GET OFF OF ME!”


Soon john was conscious and patched up, and saying rabbits and radishes to calm himself under Kat’s direction. They were out of the café and trying to get on the metro as sam was lecturing rose and trying to figure out what was going on.
Finally rose lost it:


Yelled rose, ignoring all the French people staring at them

“Well, I have a surprise for all of you.” Said sam looking at Jamie

hard, Jamie started to shrink back, afraid. ”Jamie isn’t who you think she is… her name is Trinity McSuthers.”

<ok, so I really like planning what were all doing at lunch, plus I like the name you choose for Jamie glam, and thanks kat for coming up with it. Sorry it took so long to post, again sewing lessons. At least it wasn’t dance class this time!!:)>

Damn that Sam, now her cover was blown. So much for the shopping gig, although it did make a pretty good cover.

Trinity was now wondering aimlessly around Paris trying to find a metro, with a group of people who were out to get eachother. (Although, she didn't know if they knew that yet.) She also had to admit, that Cort guy was really hot, and well... Paris is a very romantic place...

"No, Trinity thought "You're here for a reason and you can't let hot guys get in the way of it...although he is so nice...ughh"

Trinity looked up as she bumped into someone. It was that Adam jerk. Some people are just soo rude, and he happened to be one of them. All he did was scowl and be mean.

They had finally found the metro! yay! Now she could get away from all these crazy people (except Cort, he wasn't crazy) Besides she had to talk to Grandad soon.
Kaitlyn sat on the train in between Sam and Manson. She felt rather crramped between the two boys. Sam looked alot like Tatiana. he had black hair tied into a pony tail. She found it odd for a guy to do that but whatever. He had the same green eyes.

Tatiana sat across form her. Leaning on John. Tatiana and John were twins but vaternal they looked nothing a like exept for the same green eyes. Cort and Adam had blue eyes.

"What about the Malcom we can signal Sizer to drive it to the next station. Then we can head ffor the halfway house. Mintry will be there." Kaitlyn whispered loud enouph so only Manson could hear.

" Good Idea, but Mintry's only a philoshper he can't give uss the whole reason Timothy is doing this. Sizer wants to have the newly supernatural who was born yesterday. She begged me for it. It's worth a shot. I'll try James. Knowing him though he'll ask how to use its technology." Manson replied

"Just tell him to press the auto navigate. It'll come right to me." Kaitlyn fidgeted uncomfortabley.

Manson stood up.

"Er, Trinity I think it was Could I use your phone." Manson tapped her shoulder waking her from her train of thought.

"Sure, but I don't get service on trains." Trinity handed him the phone.

"No problem." Manson took the phone flipped it ove opened the back and begain messing with chips.
" Hey, my phone! What are you doing you'll break it! Hey!" Jaime tried to get the phone from him.

Manson closed the back, " There now you'll be able to use it anywhere including out of wire range."

He begain to dial and Everyone went quiet. looking like they were doing it to be polite. Kaitlyn new they wanted to listen.

" James bring Malcom. Idemediatley." Manson said into the phone.

"Yes Captain" replied James on the other line.

"Your a Captain? A Captain of what?" Jaime took back her cell phone (after the number was deleted).

"Trinity, Me and Captain McGanner, or Manson as I call him, We are apart of a group or agency called Lunar Eclipse. We protect the
Supernaturals. Thats all I can tell you." Kaitlyn sort of turned feeling awkwardly.

The doors opened. " Esphera, c'mon we have to head.....there." Manson turned and walkd off the train.

Kaitlyn began to walk out the door. Then she stopped and took out three pagers. " One for me, One for Trinity. If you run into a bunch of Gord goons Page 123. Do it and i'll know if you didn't. My third pages is only for LEH, Too page me if your in trouble. In your birthday milkshake I planted a chip that attaches ,harmlessly of course, to your heart. Its a Anti Acid Anti anything really." Kaitlyn winked at her and jumped down on the platforem. She turned and waved as the doors closed and the metro left

Outside the metro, the group split. (They were at an airport) “Captain” Manson and Esphera were headed toward a parked car. The other six decided to split into two groups. And of course Sam took charge.
“John, Trinity and Adam. You’re one group. Me, Cort and Ana, will be the other.”
“Uh, dude not a good idea.” Said Tatiana Rose “Adam and Trinity will kill each other in minutes. “
“Too bad”
“But” started Jamie
Suddenly Sam turned around to face her fast, making her jump back a second. In his hand was a switch blade.
“we clear”
“we clear”
“yeah now were the hell are we all going?” said Tatiana Rose with a voice of complete control
How can she be perfectly relaxed around these mad men, (not including cort) thought Jamie. Well they are her brothers, but have they ever tried to kill her?
“My group is going to visit Seanathair” said Sam “so were going to need tickets to Dublin.”
Dublin thought Jamie, that’s were the headquarters of the IRA is and whos sean?
“You guys will be going to Venice..”
“Umm..” Jamie cut in “can we go to Rome, I have a friend I need to see.”
Sam smiled,
“Of course you can see your Nonno, Trinity. Don’t forget to kill Ana too.”
“Sam give her a break! And use your manners!” Tatiana Rose scolded him, she was brave.
“Sorry, sure, under on condition, Adam goes with you and you give him this message.
“My Vater has every man looking Giovanni,” Jamie face lit up at her brothers name
“do you know were he is? Is he alright?!”
“Yes he fine..”
“he’s in Venice.”
‘than why are wew going to Rome?”
“BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO! My original plan was to have John and Adam go get him, they’re good at those things, but than I though you might just want to go along and see your brother..”
“WHOA!” broke in Adam
“wait! She’s the FBI agent and the Italian Mafia Princess?”
“You have a problem with that?” said Jamie
“Ok here are your tickets, keep in touch, Ana , Cort lets go”
“Bye!” said rose
How does sam know all of this
“he knows everything about every one, you can’t lie to him or beat him, learned that along time ago” said rose reading her thoughts.
“Good luck.”
“good luck”
And the group split
Jamie and the boys boarded the plane, this was going to be a long trip, no luggage, Adam, Giovanni, ah the joys of the teenage years.
Sam and Cort were fighting over the aisle seat, Sam won. Nothing to interesting, other than Jamie’s a double agent, Kaitlyn’s going off to get Gord, oh her head was spinning.
Just then her sixth sense kicked in, CRAP!
Taking a “natural” 360 of the plan and saw what she was afraid of …
He looked at her his face told her all she need to know he felt it too, Cort in the middle of them sighed.
“why do you two all ways get into trouble with this cruse, ok I’ll plant a bomb on who ever you want and then will you relax?”
Sam pointed at who was causing the problem and cort got up to “go to the little boys room”
Five minutes later he was back. The plan went in an uproar and every one was filed off, this was really getting boring. Sam took out a cell phone.
“lets get a private ride shall we?”
Rose smiled, sometimes she was glad that her father ran th Russian mafia and her mothers father ran the IRA, life was good. Not but they had trouble coming at them again…
Security and by the looks of it, just recognized sam.
Thank god she had a gun because this place was about to become hell.

“Will you just SHUT UP!!” Trinity was getting very agitated.

She had just about had it with Adam. He was the loudest, most rude, most obnoxious person she’d ever met. Well, at least that’s what she thought when they were standing in line at the airport.

While Adam was complaining loudly about everything, John just stood there. Trinity was glad at least someone was quite.

“Condannarlo, l’orologio dove lei va.” Trinity said as someone roughly bumped into her.

“I didn’t know you spoke Italian?” Adam said grumpily.

“Well what do you think,?” Trinity said putting her hands on her hips, “All those summers with Nonno weren’t for nothing you know, and besides, what kind of Mafia princess would I be if I didn’t.”

No one said anything until they boarded their flight. They had been in they hair for about two hours when the food trolley rolled down the aisle.

“Would you like anything?” The flight attendant politely asked stopping by their row.

“I’ll have a bag of pretzels” Adam and I said in unison.

“Oh, I’m sorry” said the flight attendant, “There’s only one bag left.”

Adam and I stared at each other. Speaking in Italian so no one else could understand us I said.

“Voglio la borsa.”

“No, voglio la borsa.”

“Ascoltare, non ho mangiato niente nelle ore... “ I protested.

“Oh realmente,” Adam chuckled, “Ciò che del pranzo...?”

“Oh lei wouldn't...” I started.

“Scusarme”, said the flight attendant , “Ma le persone attendono.” And with that she wheeled the cart away.



Ever since their spat on the plane, Trinity and Adam hadn’t spoken. They were now getting out of a taxi cab in front of their hotel. Since we weren’t in a real talkative mood, John checked us in and we made our way up to our room. When we got there and opened the door, yet another problem emerged, there were only two beds. John obviously needed one because he was hurt, so it was between me and Adam.

“So, I said. “Who gets the bed?”

“Hmm... me.” Adam said jumping on the bed.

“Excuse me, but I’m the lady...” I argued.

“I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE A LADY!!! he yelled.

“Well, I’m AM NOT sleeping on the floor.” I said getting defensive.

“Well then, I guess you’ll just have to leave...” Adam said smugly.

“Fine, I WILL!!!” I screamed as a slammed the door behind me.

‘Besides,’ I thought to myself, ‘I have to go see Nonno.’



As Trinity made her way up to the solid oak door, she tried to remember the password. She reached the door and knocked twice.

“Parola d'ordine?” Came the voice from behind the door.

“L'Anthony, me è... la principessa.”

“Si, la destra, la principessa non è supposta per essere di ritorno per i mesi...”

“L'Anthony, ascolta, me è. ..now me ha fatto entrare!!”

“Sono spiacente, ma posso non, anche se lei era la principessa, ho tuttavia bisogno di una parola d'ordine.”


This was not her day, as Trinity made her way away from the door, the darkening sky let loose, and it started to rain.

"La merda!" Trinity yelled as she ducked under a tree.

'Oh' She thought to herself, 'Where is Nonno?'

That question was soon answered because he came running over to her.

“"Mio caro, l'è!" her grandfather said ushering her inside.

“Nonno” Trinity said as she wrapped her arms around him.

In a whisper she added "Quell'asino non me farebbe entrare laggiù."

"Non preoccupa" he said, "Si sarà occupato di."

Once they had moved into his private office and settled down. Trinity figured she would have to tell him the truth.

"Il nonno, ho qualcosa per dirla. ..”

"Che l'è mio caro?"

“Lei vede,” I started, “UN '' di "traditore" ha soffiato il mio coperchio."

"CHE? Che significa lei il traditore? Che del suo coperchio?"

"Era mio fratello di amici, Sam era il suo nome. Sa di sono agente, e lei sa la parte di questo." Lei il gestured intorno la stanza.

"Oh"Her granfather said.

"C'è più... sanno di Giovanni."

“Annabella.. perché lei non ha detto qualcosa?"

Trinity winced, she hadn’t been called by her real name since her brother disappeared.

"Le disposizioni bene, proprie vanno essere fatto." Suo nonno ha detto. "Lei andrà alla nostra casa sicura, e la nostra attesa lí. Invierò 'l'aiuto.'"

Immediately she knew what this meant, she gave her grandfather a last hug, and made her way out the door.

All she could think was ‘Wait until Adam finds out about this...’



John had just gotten off the phone and turned to Adam.

“They sent Trinity into hiding...”

“Yes,” Adam said, “Now I get the bed.”

“No stupid, it means you have to go find her...” John said, throwing a pillow at him.

“Why do I have to find her?” Adam whined.

“Hellooo? I need to get to an emergency room here.” John said gesturing to his shoulder.

“Fine” Adam said. “But I’m not promising she’ll come back alive.”

John just snickered and turned out the light.


English Translations


“Damn it, watch where you’re going.”


“I want the bag”

“No, I want the bag.”

“Listen, I haven't eaten anything in hours...”

“Oh really, Adam chuckled, what about lunch...?”

"Oh you wouldn't...

“Excuse me”, said the flight attendant, “But people are waiting.” And with that she wheeled the cart away.



“Anthony, It's me... princess.” (Her code name.)

Yeah, right, princess isn't supposed to be back for months...

Anthony, listen, it's me...now let me in!!

I'm sorry, but I can't, even if you were princess, I still need a password.


This was not her day, as Trinity made her way away from the door, the darkening sky let loose, and it started to rain.

"Shit!" trinity yelled as she ducked under a tree.

'Oh' She thought to herself, 'Where is Nonno?'


“My dear, it is you!” her grandfather said ushering her inside.

“Grandad” Trinity said as she wrapped her arms around him.

In a whisper she added “That ass over there wouldn’t let me in.”

“Don’t worry” he said, “It will be taken care of.”

Once they had moved into his private office and settled down. Trinity figured she would have to tell him the truth.

“Grandad, I have something to tell you...”

“What is it my dear?”

You see, I started, “A 'traitor' has blown my cover.”

“WHAT? What do you mean traitor? What about your cover?”

“It was my friends brother, Sam was his name. He knows about me being an agent, and you know part of this.” She gestured around the room.

“Oh” Her grandfather said.

“There’s more... they know about Giovanni.”

“Annabella... why didn’t you say something?”

Trinity winced, she hadn’t been called by her real name since her brother disappeared.

“Well, proper arrangements are going to be made.” Her grandfather said. “You will go to our safe house, and wait there. I will send ‘help.’”

Immediately she knew what this meant, she gave her grandfather a last hug, and made her way out the door.

All she could think was ‘Wait until Adam finds out about this...’

Kaitlyn walked a few paces behind Manson. They watched Sam pull a switch blade on trinity before they got in the Malcom. Manson got in the pilot seat. Kaitlyn being in the passenger seat turned on the radio.

If you want me to stay
I never leave
If you want me to stay
We'll always be
If you want me to stay
Love endlessly
If you want me to stay
If you want me to stay
I'll never leave you

Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh

The Malcom took off. The Malcom, a high technology air and land craft, sped and arrived quickly at the Halfway House of Lunar Eclipse.

"Oh, Miss Esphera and Captain McGanner. My did I choose the right time for a walk." Minitry smiled at them.
Minitry was an old prophet. He was old grey and sometime mindless. Minitry was Grandad's best friend. They go way back. When Grandad died, before taking her duities, Kaitlyn spent alot of time with Minitry. He reminded her so much of Grandad

"Actually, Minitry, I must go inside and talk to Mr. Yellren." Manson walked inside.

"Allright then. Child, follow me. ESphera ,Jamals favorite, will surely escort me?" Minitry put is hood up on his cloak.

" Yes, actually...never mind." Kaitlyn stopped remembering she should wait for Manson.

" Esphera, your hiding something. I've known you for so long. You can't fool this old geaser. Tell me whats coping up?" Minitry stared ahead as he talked.

"Timothy Gord. He's after....He's after." Kaitlyn stopped in her tracks, " He wants to kill Tatiana, my assigned supernatural and best friend, her brothers are trying to kill Trinity, my best friend and a double agent Mafia princess, actually I always expected something like that! Her Grandfather you obviously know then! I'm scared I won't be able to protect Tatiana! I can't figure anything out! I don't know what to do next. Sam seems to be up to something! Dammit, Minitry what should I do?" Kaitlyn had a Tatiana freak out.

".... Sam, as in the assasin? I met him when he first trained. I can't say anything to do about him. Sneaky is as sneaky does." Minitry sat down on a stump.

"...mmh" Kaitlyn sat on the ground infront of him.

" Timothy Gord. I'll I know about him is in two weeks a party will take place at Central London Ballrom in UK. Calm down take a breathe and you'll thin of something. I have no dobt that you won't. Now, lets finish our walk." Minitry restood followed by Kaitlyn.

Minitry and Kaitlyn walked along a wooded path back to the Halfway house. As they walked inside they found Manson. Kaitlyn then told him her newfound information.

Later Manson walked in the guest bedroom Kaitlyn was in.

" We need a plan."

" I have a plan."

" What is it?"

" I don't know. yet!"

" You said you had a plan."

" Yeah, The plan to come up with a plan."

" I hate you."

" hehe."

After Manson left. Kaitlyn realized that was the weirdest conversation she ever had. 'Moving on' Kaitlyn thought.

Tommorow she was going to find her friends.
" I have a real plan." Kaitlyn whispeared to the darkness.


Lets recap, shall we! Sam, Cort and Tatiana are in the Paris airport about to be attacked by security that just recognized Sam. Isn’t life great?

Cort was looking through his back pack as he turned to Sam.

“Beretta Bobcat .22 LCR or Beretta Bobcat .25 ACP?’

“The .22 LCR should do for now.” Answered Sam.

Just then a whole load of even more security guys streamed in.

“Scratch that! Better make that .25 acp!”

“Decide on a gun and use it!” yelled Tatiana

With hoods up, sun glasses on, the three of them went to work.

“Bewegung, Bewegung, Bewegung!” Sam was calling the shots
(move, move, move)

Quickly, they took over the nearest vendor selling hats that read Paris.

The windows were shattering and Tatiana was in full body sweat. It was exhilarating, beginning shot at and not getting hit, that was. Tatiana did like to use a gun because people always seem to get killed, well considering the death count as of right now, she might as well use it because it wouldn’t make much of a difference now any way.

Cort had a total of ten people dead and three were wounded. But Sam, oh Sam, made that look like kindergarten. Sam had 23 security dead, 5 bystanders, and two of those bystanders were kids. None of his were wounded….

Now let us have a moment of silence for those poor, poor souls….

Just then, one of Sam’s “dead” pointed a gun at him. Sam was facing the opposite direction and didn’t see. The man was ready to shoot…

Tatiana pulled her gun away from the roof the roof she had been shooting at to weaken it; she pointed it at him. The man, obviously, was mortally wounded. Now Tatiana didn’t believe in mercy killing, but you can always change your mind….

Her gun went off…

She stared at the lifeless body before her. He had a ring on his left hand, he was married, he had a wife, probable some kids…. And he was never getting back up….
Cort turned to Sam

“What we need is a FN Minimi!”

“And how do you get a machine gun in an airport?” sam yelled over the racket

“How did we get 3 guns and a bomb in an airport?’ retorted Cort

“It’s unnerving what a little bit of money here and there can do!” answered Sam

“Alright! Lets crash this party!” sam yelled and he and Cort started to the exit

“Tatiana!” Sam called bring her to reality, she hadn’t moved since the death of the man

At once she was behind them, Cort ran first, then Tatiana, then Sam who threw something behind him as he ran.

They headed straight for the metro.

At the entrance to the metro Tatiana turned around to see the air port explode.

“Bomb.” Stated sam as he continued in.

With their free arms shielding their faces the trio moved through the crowd andjumped on to the neares train right before the doors shut. The train began to move. The cart they were in was filled with people screaming afraid of them.

They were afraid of a teenage girl…

Just then the train stopped with a jolt as the a bang was heard behind them.

“Bomb.” Stated sam

“You’re on fire today, aren’t you?” cort said teasingly as his brother kicked open a window. The glass shattered. Sam climbed through the broken window onto on top of the train, Cort and Tatiana followed.

The trio crawled ontop of the train until the reached the end of it. Jumping off the they began to run….

Soon Sam found what he was looking for… an entrance to the sewer.

Opening it he began to climb in…

“Oh no! no! No! no! NO!” said Tatiana, the first words shed spoken since the mans death

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” sam answered

Soon the three of them were in the sewer, knee deep in it water. Thank god Tatiana was wearing her combat boots and pants, even if it was the middle of the summer.

For hours and hours they trudged on and on and on….

No one spoke until…

“I’m hungry!”

“Really? I thought you were Cort!” said Tatiana

“Both of you cut it out! Were all hungry, dirty, wet, tired, and we probably all have to pee, ok?”

after a few mintutes of silence..

“I’m still hungry.”

“Garnola bar?” offered Tatiana

“YOU HAVE FOOD!!!” Said Sam and Cort in union

“yes, and a switch blade, and a sewing kit, and a French dictionary, and a few maps, and a cell phone, and a few bullets.”

Sam held out his hand and Tatiana handed him her bag. He began to search it.

“well, done Ana,only you should have water in stead of food.”

“you get 20% of your water intake from the food you eat!”

“well, I doubt you get it from granola bars!”

“um” cort interjected “can I still have the granola bar?”

ana threw on at him

ignoring him “truly, well done Ana, now you just need to make your first kill and you’ll one day be better than me!”

Tatiana didn’t move she felt like she was going to get sick

“Hate to be a wet blakent but were are standing in the middle of the sewer, hungry and tired and..”

“SHH!” sam dismissed him
“You alright” he asked gently to Ana

“I’m a thief not a killer.” She whispered

Just then every thing since that damn phone call to Jamie, that had been weighing on her shoulders was too much, she began to sob…

Two strong arms warped around her and began rocking back and forth.

“Stimmen Sie meinem Liebsten, shhh, zu welcher worng? Was ist geschehen? zustimmt Baby, was falsch?” sam gently asked

(Ok my dear, shhh, whats worng? What happened? ok baby, whats wrong?)

“Er wurde geheiratet! er wurde geheiratet! er ist nicht aufgestanden! ach wurde er geheiratet!” sobbed Tatiana

(He was married! he was married! he didn't get up! oh he was married!)

“Es gab einen Mann, den Sie gedacht hatten, war tot, wollte er Sie schießen. Tatiana hat ihn getötet.” Cort explained

(There was a man who you had thought was dead, he was going to shoot you. Tatiana killed him.)

“Macht mir einen Gefallen Tatiana, wird kein assassin, wenn Sie aufwachsen.” Sam teased as he held her at arms length

(do me a favor Tatiana, don't become an assassin when you grow up.)

“Warum? becuase Sie werden sein aus einer Aufgabe?” teased Tatiana

(Why? becuase you'll be out of a job?)

After a few laughs Tatiana’s wet eyes dried, but the guilt still weighed on her heart.

Soon they were walking again. Then Sam stopped them and began to climb a ladder.

After all three were on the surface, they began to walk some more. It was after mid night and not that many people were out.

“Bien, nous avons besoin de changer nos apparences et trouve un endroit pour rester.” Sam began

“I don’t speak French.”
Sam rolled his eyes.

“Lets keep moving.”

After a few MORE miles they reached a store. Sam picked the lock and sneered

“French! Too laid back for their own good” as the door swung opened

“Ok we get in, we get out. You, ana, food, hair, dye, ect, you cort, water, cloths, ect. I’ll handle the register. Keep your guns locked but out, NOW MOVE!!

They moved.

Ana moved quickly, her heart was racing. She was shoving stuff into her bag. Hair dye matches, soup, just then Sam yelled


Cort and her were out of the store in seconds, Sam lingered. Probably planting another bomb.

In a flash he ran out the door swing his bag over his right shoulder. Grabbing the backs of Corts and tatianas necks he ran.

Six beat up sneakers hit harder and harder on the pavement. The store suddenly had flames bursting out.

“Owed money, willl think arson. move!”

After about 3 miles they reached a metro.

“Not another metro!”

“Not a chance!”

Just then they heard sirens, Sam grabbed Ana and threw her behind a near by car. Cort was already running some place. Sam hid behind another car

How did this happen?

After the sirens passed Sam got up and helped Ana up.


she was wet, bloody, and dirty, she looked terrible.

She was just a kid! Ok she was 17, but she was still a kid.

Soon the trio was on the move, deciding against a bridge they came across a hotel that wasn’t that expensive .

Sam rented a room and Cort got in the shower. Sam cleaned ana’s arm that was beat up from his shove.

Soon it was ana’s turn for the shower.

The hot water felt good, she just stood there just letting it clean off the layers of grim and dirt. The heat relaxed her tense muscles. After standing there for what seemed like hours she began using the shampoo. The dirt trapped in her hair came flowing out.

After an hour she got out and changed into a sweat suit Cort ‘picked up” walking out she hopped on one of the beds.

“I’m hungry”

“Oh thanks for the granola bar, but I am too”

“ok” said sam “we have chicken broth and chips”

the food passed inspection and was soon beging gobbled down

“so what are we doing with the hair dye?” asked Cort

sam answered

“we will be turning your golden locks into a strawberry blonde.”

“No! Not my persicous hair!” said cort with mock tragedy his hand on his head protecting his hair

“Oh grow up” said ana trowing a chip at him

“oh no you did not!”

Soon chips and pillows were flying and sam was rolling his eyes.

After letting them have their fun sam clapped his hands and said in a mocking French accent

“let us begin!”
Sams dark brown hair became light brown and he cut off a few inches, nothing too short, he wasn’t about to cut off his signature ponytail

Corts golden blonde became a strawberry blonde and much, much shorter

And Anas dark brown waist length hair became a light brown with many blonde highlights that was now just barely below her shoulder.

Soon cort was sent out to get some poper cloths <buy> because ethey were wearing stolen cloths, a big no no, and sam might still be recognized and ana didn’t speak French.

Sam was getting angry, Cort had been gone for hours.

“relax, he’ll be fine” said rose as she turned her head from side to side feeling the lightness.

Just then cort walked in with his arms full.

Sam began a lecture, but ana was watching the bag that was moving

“A DOG!” she yelled

Cort laughed

“I found her, she was hungry and I feed her then she started to follow me, I thought you’d like her.”

“NONONONO! We are not bring a dog along!”

“AWWW! She’s a poodle! A black poodle!” her smile reached to her ears

when sam saw that smile he gave in …

“Fine, but one problem and its outa here!”

“It’s name is Ebonie!” said Tatiana

sam groaned

‘Lord have mercy!” he murmured

a little later that afternoon the trio, now joined by ebonie were waiting by the effle tower for their seanathair who was coming to pick them up to go to Dublin.

Kaitlyn was trying to find Tatiana, her traking deviece had lead her to the effle tower but she didn’t see her. Actuallay the deviece was leading her to a girl with short light brown hair with tastfully don highlights wearing a mini skirt. First ana would never cut her hair, second, she would never dye her hair and third she doen’t wear skirts.

Kat walked over to the girl to ask for direction. As she tapped her shoulder and started..

“Um, Ms….”


the strange girl yelled and wrapped her arms around kat.


Just then the girl pulled away and kat saw who it was…


Annnabella had been training with her grandfather every summer since she was 6. That's how she new she could do this. There was this important party being held in a grand ballroom, somewhere in the UK. Now, all she had to do was find it, crash it, but still not damage any important people. It couldn't be that hard? Well at least she wouldn't be alone. ;)

It was around 6:00 in the Evening and Annabella and Giovanni were getting ready for the party. Giovanni had a tux on while Annabella slipped into her Black evening gown. Both of them had there black suits on over them for the break in.

"Ready?" Annabella asked her brother tossing him his flashlight.

"More than you'll ever..." he said.

Soon they had both left their room, grabbed their duffel bags, and crept out unseen into the darkness.

About an hour later they were standing outside a heavily guarded mansion.

"Oh great" sighed giovanni, "there's a wall."

"Yes, great," Trinity said, "This will work to our advantage."

Pretty soon Annabella and Trinity were inching their way on top of the wall.

'Now how to get to the roof?' Annabella was thinking to her self.

Her question was soon answered because she saw a ledge that was easily accesible from their position.

Within another 15 minutes they were both on top of the roof.

"It's go time."

There was an ear splattering crash as Giovanni and Annabella came down through the glass ceiling. Down below utter chaos urupted. People were running towards the door like crazy.

Hanging from their ropes Annabella asked "So do you think the others took that as the clue?"

"Tati, what the hell happened to you and your brothers?" Kaitlyn completley shoocked at Tatiana, Sam, and Corts transfermation.

"It's a disguise." Tatiana smiled.

"Well your not done yet." Kaitlyn opened her back pack and picked up a ball gown.

"Put it on when we get there." Kaitlyn held in here laughter while Tatiana stared at the dress.

"Here you go boys." Kailyn held a tux up to Sam and Cort, " I hope they fit."

Kaitlyn explained her plan to the three and a newly aquanted Ebony. They were to enter the ballroom an wait for the signal from Trintity. Then Gord should try to run from the scene. Tatiana and her brothers were to stay and fight Gords men and distract them while Kaitlyn followed Gord.

" Why do you get to go after Gord?" Tatiana asked while she placed her book bag on the planes storage bunker.

" Well Gord did kill one of the most important people in my life. Is trying to kill another important pearson ,Tati, I want to be the one to bring him down. Especially before he goes after his next target because..." Kaitlyn looked down at her feet.

"You don't want him going after another friend." Tatiana hugged Kaitlyn.


" Ok,now we wait for the signal." Kaitlyn whispered to the group now joined by Manson.
They were all in clothing of a fansy sort (tuxs and dresses) Kaitlyn and all waited an hour.

" Dammit, where is that girl." Sam complained.

" C'mon Brother she has to travel far." Trinity reasoned.

Finnally A girl and boy most likley this Giovanni Tatiana told Kaitlyn about came through the roof.
" Thats the signal! "Kaitlyn shouted dodging glass and utter masses of masked men and women.
everyone begain doing their jobs.
Kaitlyn found Gord and begain following him.
He got in a limo and sped off. Kaitlyn pushed the driver out of the limo inback of gords.

" Get out of the way, Dammit!" Kaitlyn cursed as she hit the pedal.

speeding fast she tried to get the limo next to Gords and corner him to a stop. IT was not working, not at all.

" Eh?!?!?" Kaitlyn noticed a bunch of cars tailing her. Figuring they were a nother group of Gords men She saw a bunch of cars in a line. Picking up speed she finaly had enouph to fly she tilt the steeling wheel up to make it do a wheely Hit the pedal again and begaindriving ontop of the cars (enough action kiddos)!xD)

Once on hard groun again she kept close to Gord limos for an hour of fun and following

(Ok I know it’s really long, but that just evolved over time and I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting. If its confusing at first, it is Tati looking back on the past day. Oh and its all in English :P ENJOY!)

12 July 2007 at 10:25 pm

The darkness of the night reflected in the broken windows of the gloomy cottage. A faded green door leaned against a wall. The opening where the door should have been led to a cold, cold room, with broken chairs scattered along the dirt floor. The only unbroken window in the back of the small cottage was ajar. Outside that window was a small rickety ladder that led up to the straw roof…

There on the roof was a girl lounging with her head against the smoking chimney. The girl was a picture of distress; her jeans were muddy and torn, her Oxford sweatshirt tattered and stained, her hair was a mess of strings and her face was streaked with dirt and blood. Her lips were pressed into a thin line, while her eyes darkened with rage.

A car drove up into the driveway, flashing it headlights in her face. Tatiana did not react. Slowly, she moved her hand to turn off her ipod she had been listening to. Just then the next song came on. It was Superchic[k]. She paused for a moment, but then continued to reach for the ipod. Suddenly the singer began to sing…
She never slows down
She doesn’t know why
But she knows that when she’s all alone
It feels like it’s all coming down

She won’t turn around
The shadows are long
And she fears if she cries that first tear
The tears will not stop raining down

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it’s all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won’t drown
And one day what’s lost can be found
You stand in the rain

She won’t make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself
And the fear’s whispering
If she stands, she’ll fall down

She wants to be found
The only way out is through everything
She’s running from
Wants to give up and lie down

As the song continued a single tear fell down. In that tear was all the hate, fear, anger, and passion that had building up in her this past few days…

The memories of yesterday night suddenly came rushing back. Quickly she shook her head, not wanting to remember. Suddenly Tatiana was on her feet. Ripping off the headphones, she faced the world that had been beating her down…




She was not going down. Clenching her fist, she lifted her head up high. No matter what happens she was going to survive. For the first time since the party, Tati let her self remember…

At the party (11 July, 2007 at 10:55pm)
Tati had played it cool all night, sticking to the shadows and not socializing. But she had to admit, sticking to the shadows in her RED dress was not as easy as she had hoped. So far they had been here for at least two hours and nothing had happened. Trinity had yet to show up…

Tati was secretly hoping that Trinity’s little “signal” would be discreet; she was really getting tired of these chaos filled attacks. They undoubtedly gave her headaches. But, it was Trinity…so most likely her little “signal” would be fireworks and all…

Just then Tati noticed a familiar figure in the shadows; it was a red headed girl in a black evening gown. The two made eye contact. Soon Tati was chasing the red head all over the building.

Finally she cornered her in the bathroom…

The red head started first…

“What took you so long?”

“You drag my all over this place and you ask what took me so long?”

“Let me guess, you’re playing terrorist again.”

“Shut up”

“No. Oh by the way, you might want to get to the cottage by midnight, so, let’s see, you have an hour. Bye!”

The red head headed to the door. Tatiana didn’t move, she just held out her right hand and caught the girl’s left arm and pushed her back where she had been.

“Pardon?” questioned Tati

“You heard me.”


“Sharp’s orders.”

“Crap. Am I on my own?”

The red head smiled and playfully punched Tati in the arm.

“Get real, Tati! Like I’d let you have all the fun! But you’re on your own for the cottage.”


“Here,” The red head handed her a large black purse “Thought you might want this.’’

“What is it?” said Tati as she opened the knapsack

“A gun, a few extra bullets, and a bomb or two. Knowing you, you’ll need them.”

“Very funny Tom, I’m not a killer.”

“No, just a terrorist, who, may I remind you, DID get caught.”

Tati started to say something but the door started to open and both girls were in separate stalls faster than you can say sticky toffee pudding.

“Tatiana?” called a familiar voice.

Tati pretend to flush the toilet and opened the stall.

“Oh, hey Kat, what’s up?

“Nothing, Sam just was looking for you.”

“Let me guess, he did a head count and I wasn’t there.” Said Tati as she washed her hands.


“What? A girl can’t go to the bathroom?” teased Tatiana

Soon the two of them were out in the main ballroom with every one else…

" Dammit, where is that girl." Sam complained.

" C'mon Brother she has to travel far." Tati reasoned.

Suddenly two silhouettes came crashing through the roof.

" That’s the signal! " Kaitlyn shouted

Tati was trying to figure out who it was, one she recognized as a girl, Trinity, but the other…

There was no time to stand around and watch. Tables were flying, guns were shooting, people were shouting, and glass was everywhere. Tati started to become dizzy, but her body went into fight mode; she had no idea what she was doing or what was going on.

Slowly she made her way to an exit. Just then something hit her in the head. Tati felt her knees begin to cave, when two strong arms grabbed her and started to drag her out the door…

Lights were flashing, noises that she couldn’t make out, oh her head, it was going dark…

Just then Tati smelled something really, really pungent. Her head cleared in seconds. Looking up from where she was laying she saw Tom standing over her, only the eyes were different from the Tom she had seen in the bathroom.
Tom’s crystal blue eyes weren’t joking; they were hard and set.

“It’s show time.” Were the only three words that escaped
Tom’s lips before the explosion. The grand ballroom was up in flames.
Soon both girls were running away from the scene of the fire. They stopped outside a pub for a breath.

“Ok that was probable Sam, I just hope every one got out ok.” Tatiana puffed

“They did, John left with Adam and Manson, Cort with Trinity and Sam with Giovanni.”

“How do you know about Giovanni and Trinity?”

“Am I not a t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t?” whispered Tom

“Yes, but one who DID get caught. And what about Kat?”

“Oh Kat?”

Just then a limo sped by nearly hitting them, then another limo seriously speeding followed close behind, soon more cars followed, all nearly hitting the two girls.

“Well” continued Tom “She was kinda speeding way”

“Right, so who set off the bomb?”

“You did, must of hit you’re head hard then I thought.”

Just then a string of bobby (police) cars drove past with their lights flashing and sirens wailing.

“We got to get outa here.”

Tati started to make a run for it when Tom grabbed her arm.

“Hey!” yelled Tom at a guy getting into a mini cooper. She pulled her gun at him.

“Give me the keys.”

The guy was so freaked he threw the keys at them and ran. Tati caught them and jumped into the drivers seat. Tom was in the passengers in seconds.

“Tell me you know how to drive one of these things!”

“Nope, but I know how to go fast!”

And she hit the pedal as hard as she could; they shot forward.

Soon the police were hot on their tail and the screaming girls …

(Ahem, <cough> let interject here for a sec;) Tati is not a very good driver when it comes to speeding and everything just happens to be on the left side of the road. So allow me to painted a picture for you; Tom was hangin on to Tatiana for dear life <cuz they were going about 107 miles per hour.> and the car just happened to be out control...)

(Insert sentence above parentheses) were headed straight towards the Thames River.
Tati was trying to break but the car was out of control and they swerved right into the river. And physics really have a problem with mercy; the car began to sink.
Up top on the ground police were jumping out of their cars and an announcement could be heard for miles around:
“Proceed at own risk, I repeat proceed at own risk.”

IRA Headquarters (12 July, 2007 at 2:20 am)
“Where are they?!?” Cried Kat

So far She, Manson, John, Adam, Cort, and Trinity were all who had shown up. Sam and Giovanni had disappeared after they left.

Tatiana on the other hand was first thought still in the building when it exploded. That was until Kat mentioned nearly running her over outside a pub with an unidentified girl…
Just then john turned on the news…

“We are here live at the scene of a very strange police chase. A hijacked Mini cooper was speeding through the streets of London at extremely high speeds. The chase has now ended with a tragic finale.” Said the women on the screen.
Soon everyone in the room was gathered around the screen. The TV flashed pictures of the Mini cooper and it was announced two unidentified girls had been reported in the car when it dove into the river. By now the car had been submerged for at least 25 minutes and anyone in the car was dead…
“it couldn’t have been Tati, could it?” said Adam, his face white.

“I,I,- wait they just said the girls had light brown hair and red hair! Tatiana has Dark brown hair!” Trinity said jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face.

“She died it.” Said Kat “yesterday right before the party. It’s light brown now, you never saw it, she also cut it. And the girl she was with had red hair.”

No one moved.
Tatiana was dead.

In Sharp’s Office (12 July, 2007 at 2:25 am)
Both girls, dripping wet, in ruined party attire, were sitting in metal chairs in a very, very plain white office. In the office was a table with a metal stool on one side and on the other side were two metal chairs; were the girls were sitting. No colors, computers, pictures, nothing, not even paper or a single pencil to be found. It looked more like a questioning room than an office.

“So,” said Tati trying to make light of the very bad situation they were now in “when did you start keeping a crow bar on you at all times?”

“When I met you. You kind of just struck me as the type who would sink a mini cooper in the Thames River.”


Just then the door opened and a very short man with a sneer on his face, holding two thick files walked in. He didn’t even acknowledge the two wet girls; he just threw the huge files on the table and walked out, letting the door slam behind him.

“Well it looks like Shrimps in a bad mood to day.” Giggled Tom

“You’re telling me!” laughed Tati; then looking at he files said “and you would have thought by now they would be using computers!”

The door was thrown open again, only this time a very tall woman stood in the doorway. Both girls stood up immediately and wiped their smiles from their faces.
The woman strode in with confidence and stood to face them at the other side of the table.


And both girls sat

“Ms. McLaughlin, did I tell you to sit.”

“Nno, yyou didn’t—“ stuttered Tom

“Then why did you sit?”

Tom stood

Dr. Sharp picked up one of the files; opening it she began to read.

“Tomasina McLaughlin, citizen of Scotland, born in Ireland, age 21, weight 120 lbs, height 6’1’’, red hair, blue eyes, father (David McLaughlin) co runs Ira with old Friend (Michael O’Brien), mother (Mary O’Rouke) nothing of importance, engaged to Samuel Woerthwein (assassin and grandson of O’Brien.) McLaughlin has worked for MI6 for five years and in that period has gone on 12 jobs for us. Stubborn, intelligent, excellent at acting and clever, speaks English, Gaelic, and Spanish. Excellent in many types of martial arts and weaponry, has passed basic and advanced training. Grade: satisfactory ”

Dr. Sharp looked up from reading


Tom sat


Tati stood

Dr. Sharp closed Tom’s file and put it on the table, she then picked up Tati’s, and opening it she began to read.

“Tatiana Rose Woerthwein, Born in German province Bavaria, has dual citizenship in Germany and both the UK and Ireland, age 17, weight 115 lb, height 6ft, dark brown hair,” Dr. Sharp looked up and her eyebrows furrowed, Tati felt her checks burn
“ Green eyes, father (Samuel Woerthwein) runs the Russian mafia and owns seven fertile vineyards in Europe, has brother with same name, mother (Morgan O’Brien) works for the IRA <father co runs it> husband runs Russian Mafia, Woerthwein has worked for MI6 for 6 years and has been on 20 jobs, clever, out spoken, hardworking, intelligent, confident, observant. Speaks English, German, Gaelic, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish, does not speak French, trained in many martial arts, weaponry, and bombs, has passed basic and advanced training. Grade satisfactory. Sit”

And Tatiana sat.

“You both will be going to Amsterdam for a new assignment. Your flight leaves at twelve noon. The time right now is 2:30 am. You have 9 and a half hours in which you will be spending at the cottage. There the regular procedures will be carried out.”

“You mean when they poke us with needles and give us weapons of mass destruction.” Tati sarcastically said

Dr. Sharp ignored Tatiana and continued her speech.

“Both of you will now report to the locker rooms to receive dry cloths and then to the garage were you will receive your transportation to the cottage. If you are not at the cottage by seven am there will be hell to pay. You will report back to me in three days time, no later and no sooner. You are dismissed.”

Soon the girls in dry cloths were walking into the garage.

At the garage (12 July, 2007 @ 2:40 am)
“Hey! If it isn’t my two favorite spies! Heard about the car accident, who was driving?” said a big man in an orange jumpsuit.
He was bald and had a black goatee and was covered with tattoos.

“She was” said Tom pointing at Tati

“It was an accident!”

The big man laughed

“Looked like a scene right out of the Italian job! Saw it on the tube. They have it posted all over every news channel.”


“So Harley, what do you have for us to day?” asked Tom

“Well, I’m sad to say I don’t have an mini coopers for you two!” the big man was the only one laughing at his joke
“And you two are suspend from cars for two weeks, so I had better give you Tatiana’s favorite.”

On the road (11 July, 2007 at 3:00am)

Soon the girls were whizzing down the streets of London on two sliver Honda ST1300 (that’s a type of motor cycle, glam), which had been modified with the latest technology. Both now also had black backpacks that had all sorts of gadgets and stuff in them, if they ran into trouble.
So far the ride had been easy. Since both girls had helmets on it was nearly impossible to communicate. So Tati had been listing to her ipod, which she had found in the backpack; she had misplaced when she was on a job in Hong Kong must of left it in the knapsack….

The song she was listening to was the perfect underscore. It was Superchic[k]. The song was called Anthem…
Here's to the ones who don't give up
Here's to the ones who don't give up
Here's to the ones who don't give up
This is your anthem
Get your hands up

We are fire inside
We are lipstick and cleats
We are not going home
And we are playin for keeps
We are girls who skin knees
We are concrete and grace
We are not what you think
Can't keep us in our place

Here's to the girls on their boards with bruises and scars
Here's to the girls whose fingers bleed from playing guitar
Here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard
You'll never let them say
"You'll never get that far."
"Never get that far."
"Never get that far."

We are fire inside
We are an army asleep
We are a people awaking to follow their dreams
We don't have time for your games
We have our own goals to score
There are trophies to win
Instead of being one of yours

Here's to the girls on their boards with bruises and scars
Here's to the girls whose fingers bleed from playing guitar
Here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard
You'll never let them say
"You'll never get that far."
"You'll never get that far."

Here's to the ones who don't give up (x3)
This is your anthem (anthem, anthem, anthem, anthem)

Here's to the girls on their boards with bruises and scars
Here's to the girls whose fingers bleed from playing guitar
Here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard
You'll never let them say
"You'll never get that far."
"Never get that far."

To tell you the truth, Tatiana was surprised she had gotten as far as she was…
Exploding metros…
Scheming enemies…
Grand balls…
Mini coopers…
She was late!! She was Late!! She needed to be at HQ hours ago!!
Quickly she turned into an alleyway and braked. She pulled off her helmet. Tom was right behind her…

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m late! I needed to be at HQ hours ago and if I don’t show up, they’ll be suspicious! I don’t anyone finding out I’m a spy!”

‘That’s for sure, look get to headquarters, tell them you had bobbies on your tail and had to make a detour, I’ll handle MI6, Kay?

Tati smiled and soon she was on her way to HQ.

Parking her bike some distance away Tati made her way passed security and in to the room they were to be meeting in.

No one noticed her entrance. Their eyes where glued to the screen. It was a news station reporting about the little swim she had taken earlier. All of them were still in their party attire.
Crap! How am I gonna explain Jeans and an oxford sweatshirt.

Just then she noticed Trinity AND Kat were crying.

Kat? Crying? Trinity? Well, Sobbing? What I miss?

Silently she walked up behind Kat. No one had yet to notice her.

“Um, what I miss?” she said

Everyone jumped really high, and Trinity’s scream could have been heard from the moon.


“Um hi, missed you too. Whys everyone crying?’ by now she had noticed that even Adam, who never EVER cries was all teared up.

“OMG YOURE ALIVE!!!!!” screamed Kat as she strangled Tati (funny Kats not usually a hug person ;))

“Yeah and breathing to” she said as she felt her friends forehead
“You, um, alright.”

“Why you little! (Followed by a string of words in German)”

And soon Tati found her self out of the clenches of Kat and at the bottom of a dog pile consisting of her brothers.

Getting up she said
“Yeah loves ya too now can some one tell me what’s going on?”
“We thought you were dead! The crash! The girl in the mini cooper we could have sworn it was you!”

Uhoh! Of course they would have seen the news!!


“Hey what’s with the jeans” said Cort

He never misses a beat does he?


“Maybe she picked them up at a clothing store, you know running around London in party attire might look funny.” Said John he was the only one who knew about her little secret.

“Why were you running around London?” asked Adam

“Well there were bobbies chasing me.”
Adam’s eyes narrowed

“So why didn’t you call for help?” questioned Cort

God these guys can see right through me!

“How’s Sharp doing?” said a voice from someone wasn’t in the room when she got there.

Everyone turned around, SAM! He was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed and face set.

“Who’s sharp?” said Tati meekly

“Where’s Giovanni?” asked Trinity

“He’s coming.” answered Sam never taking his eyes off Tati.

“Where’s Tom?” Sam said evenly as he started moving toward her

She was so sunk.

“Tom? Tom who?” said Tati as she started moving backwards

“The girl who was in the car with you. You know, Tom, the girl I’m engaged to.”

“You’re engaged?” said Kat

She was dead! If there was one thing Tati knew it was to never lie to Sam, something she learned young.

Tati ran into Cort. She felt his iron grip on her arms. She wasn’t going anywhere. It only took a moment for Sam to be standing only inches in front of her.

Suddenly he reached behind her and yanked her ponytail and her damp hair hung around her face. It hadn’t had much time to dry.

Sam, lifting up a string of the wet hair said
“Took a shower lately or maybe a swim?”

“Shower.” Said another voice that hadn’t been in the room before.

There was Tom, arms crossed and leaning against the doorframe.

Sam just raised his eyebrows and Tom continued

“I was at the party and after you all fled the scene I followed Tati because she had been hit in the head.”

Sam glanced at Tati just noticing the scratch on her forehead.

Tom continued
“The police had seen her flee so I caught up with her and brought her to my hotel room where I made sure she had something to eat and made her get a shower and gave her some cloths. I just stop by to give her gun which she left.”

Sam looked back and forth between the two girls.

“One of you needs to start telling the truth now.”

“We are telling the truth.” Said Tom

“Really? I didn’t now that when you got showers pieces of wood get struck in your hair.” Said Sam as he pulled a little branch out of Tati’s hair. “And if I remember correctly, Tom, you hate the Oxford sport teams and would never wear anything with their name on it.”

“The wood was from the branch that I hit my head on leaving her hotel, that’s how I got the scratch. I got hit in the back of the head earlier.” Said Tati

“And if I’m here on business I don’t want people to know and anyone who knows me knows I’d never wear anything Oxford so they would never guess that I’d be wearing anything Oxford, its simply pure logic.” Said Tom

“May I see the gun?”

“The—oh! Right. Here” Tom handed him a gun.

It was a berretta, nothing special.
“When are you two going to start telling the truth?’’

“Were telling the truth.”

“Really? Then why are these bullets not the ones Tatiana uses?”

“I ran out so, Tom gave some other ones.”


“Yes, I always keep extra “ interrupted Tom
“Really?’’ Sam’s voice was annoyed “then why are these bullets not the kind you use either? Hmm?”

“Same logic as the Oxford shirt.”

“Ok and what about the Honda?”

Both girls became quiet.


“No comment.” Said Tati

15 min. Later
Tom had sulked off saying she also needed to see her Grandfather about business. The group was now restocking on weapons. Giovanni had yet to show up…

Adam and Trinity were arguing in Italian over some machine gun.

Cort and John were both working on different bombs.

Manson was doing something smart with a computer.

Kat was searching the web for maps <or in other words was downloading Nickleback to her ipod>.

And Sam was cleaning his “prized” gun.”

But something was in the shadow…someone…

Everyone had their back turned toward Tatiana

Tatiana, moving slowly and silently (trying not to draw attention), snuck up on the strange figure. She was on his back in no time but he rammed her ribs, she gave him a blow right where it hurts, he knocked her down…
Soon the two were fighting hard and silently when Sam Turned around…

“What the!?!”

John was restraining Tatiana and Sam the new comer…

“Tatiana meet Giovanni, Giovanni meet Tatiana.” Said Trinity standing in the middle of the two; both of them were fighting their captors, their blood boiling.

So this was Giovanni…

He was about the same height as Sam He was lean with muscle and a straight chin. His hair color the same as trinity <and as thick;)> He also had the same eyes.

But… he had one heck of a temper and was stubborn.

In no time the sparks were flying again between him and Tati…
“Look Gio, it wouldn’t work even if you knew how use a gun!” Tati sneered

“The names Giovanni and I don’t see you doing anything, Mab!” retorted Giovanni.

“Mab?’ whispered Trinity to Cort “Gio I get, but Mab?”

“Tatiana is Russian for Fairy Queen, Mab was the Fairy Queen of Celtic mythology, and lets just say she was a bit of a trouble maker.”

Trinity nodded in understanding.

‘Ok, Ok, ok! C’mon guys! Lets Try and get along!” said Sam trying to break up the two who were still squabbling.

The group finally decided to break up into pairs and look for any trace of Gord.

“Alright, we’ll pick out of a hat to decide who goes with who.” Decided Sam

“But we have an odd number.”

Just then Tom walked into the room and flopped down on a chair. Her arms were crossed and she had a frown on her pretty face.

Tati sat next to her with the same frown on her face.

“What are you doing here.”

“Sam’s black mailing me into this.”

“What’s your problem?”


“Ok!” said Sam “ here are the pairs…Kat with Trinity, Adam with Cort, John with Manson, Tom with me and Giovanni and Tatiana. Any objections.”

Both Giovanni and Tatiana were on their feet yelling at the same time..

“Look we don’t have time to argue. Now lets go.” Said Sam shhing them.

“betcha ten bucks one of them is going to be at the bottom of the thames river before the days up.” Whispered john to Adam

4:25 in London









“Uh, excuse me, miss, sir,” said the storekeeper of the shop they were standing in front of “I’m sorry, but you need to leave. You’re scaring away customers.”

Tatiana threw her arms up in the air and walked away.
7:45 pm

“It’s time for us to get to the pub.” Said Giovanni (Everyone agreed to meet at a certain pub at 8:00)

“Well, I have to pee first.”

“Hold it”


“We’ll never get there in time if you don’t.”

“I have to pee!”

“Use the loo when we get there!”

“No I need to go now!”

“Lets go!”

Giovanni grabbed her arm and shoved her in a cab.
10 min later

“Now you can go to the loo.”

“Oh shut up.’’

But she did.

Everyone but kat and Trinity had been there when the walked in and the two girls were walking in the door now.

No fatalities, only John landing on his bum < he can’t sit>. So far so good.
Tati was washing her hands when she heard it.. gun shots.

There was lots of screams but no one came into the bathroom.

Twenty mintutes later she walked out, the gun men were gone. A women was sobbing and bobbies were interviewing witnesses.

“They jjust came aand ggrabbedd them!”

Grabbed them?

Looking around it hit her

It was Gord and he got them!

They didn’t come looking for her because of Tom! They didn’t know about Tom!

Tatiana rushed out the door and ran. She found her Honda right were she left it. And soon she was on her way.

Another tear brought Tati back to reality. She was standing on the roof of a cottage. She heard a car door slam.

“Tatiana Rose!”


Tatiana climbed down the ladder and ran right to her mother.

“Did they get them?”
“Gord got them.”

“What about..”

“Sharp? She’s gone. Why didn’t you tell us sooner that MI6 was blackmailing you? We would have Taken care of them?”

A man got out of the car.


“Soon she was wrapped in his embrace

“How did you find me?”

“MI6 has yet to switch to computers.”

Tati smiled

“Oh and you’re grounded, For running away, blowing up thing, stealing, and”

“OK, OK, just first I have to finish what I started.”

It was so on.

*okay here i go (for real lol)*

Trinity was very, very confused. Her whole world had suddenly been turned upside down, and back over again. Nothing this exciting had happened since 1993, but that was another sory. (Italian mob, won't get into it...yet.)

So now that that's out of the way, back to the present. Kat and Trinity were well...lost...in the middle of can you believe this...Italy. I know, Trinity, Mafia princess should know it like the back of her hand, well, you're wrong. in fact all those sunmmers she'd spent with Nonno had been in the States.

(yeah, another long story. :P)

I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's go back to when the whole group split up.

"So, where to now?" kat questioned looking around. Trinity and Kat had go out of the pub and were now standing outside, the pitch lack of the night engulfing them.

"I think i have an idea" Trinity responded, "But for now, I think we should get some rest.

The two spent the night in a cheap hotel, and left early the next morning before the sun had fully risen in the pituresque sky.

*SCENE CHANGE* (airport)

"Hello," trinity said politley to the airport ticketer.

"2 tickets for the next flight to Italy please."

"Italy?" Kat whispered into Trinity's ear.

"I have a plan..." said Trinity cooly.

"Trin...I don't know if this is such a good idea..."

"Relax" Trinity started, "...and from now on, call me Annabella."

'Annabella' kat mouthed. "WHAT'S WITH ALL THE FREAKIN' NAME CHANGES!!!!!" Kat siad, a little louder then she intended to.

*SCENE CHANGE* (the middle of a crowded Italian market)

"Don't tell me you don't know where we are?" Kat said placing her hands on her hips.

"Um, I do...kinda" Trinity said.

There was no more time to argue though, because a sleek black car was coming towards them. Kat looked terrified, but Trinity (aka Annabella (official name change to come soon)) looked ecstatic.

Nonno had found them.

* Ok first of all would my character be terrified at a car coming that is totally not how I built my characters personality and NO MORE NAME CHANGES I CAN'T TELL CHARACTERS APART CAUSE OF THE NAME CHANGES DAMMIT!*

Kaitlyn shook hands with Trinitys Nonno.(means grandfather right?) Kaitlyn and Trinity were lead into a room in the Mafian Headquarter( is mafian a word ;p)

The room had an old ebony desk with red shag carpeting and walls covered in pictures. One that caught Kaitlyns attention was the one of Trinity witch she swore she was sticking with that name and no way in hell calling her another name.

"Please sit down Annabella and Kaitlyn." Trinitys Nanno motioned to the chairs infront of him.

The two girls sat and listened while Trinity's Nanno explained a problem they were having and that needed the princesses help.

" Sir could you escuse us for a moment?" Kaitlyn pulled Trinity out of the room.

" Trinity I understand that you need to help your Nanno but what about Gord! I can't just get side tracked with Mafia problems I have a job to do as a agent of solar Eclipse. No what was your plan? Could we modify to just me so you can stick with your duty as a princess and mine as an agent?" Kaitlyn whispeared loud enouph for Trinity to hear once outside.

Trinity thought a momment. Then walked inside leaving a very annoyed Kaitlyn who wanted an answer. Trinity walked back outside grabbed Kaitlyn arm an dragged her to an suv parked out front.

Kaitlyn just stared at Trinity while she drove'where is she taking me'

Trinity noticing her stare sighed.
" I have a plan for now just relax once we are closer I'll explain.

She was in...

Her legs slipped through first. Her torso was balanced against the windowsill. Pushing her self down with her hands she felt the floor beneath her feet.

The room was pitch black.

An air conditioner hummed in the back round.

It reeked of stale coffee.

She moved swiftly and silently.

In her hand she held an object shaped like a pen.

She pointed it toward an air vent on the ceiling.

A rope shot out.

In 90 seconds she was pulling herself through the vent.

She crawled through the cramped space.

Sweat dripped down her face.

Light filtered through a vent.

She stopped.

She listened.

"I don't give a damn! Beat it outa of him if ya have to!"

Every muscle in her body was tense, rigid.

"Just find the girl!"

She peered through the vent she had heard the voice coming from.

Timothy Gord.

His white dress shirt was open at the top and crumpled, half tucked in half hanging out.

His hair was un-brushed and disheveled;he hadn't shaved.

"She has dark brown hair! Not Red!! Yes! I'm Sure!"

He was yelling at his cell phone.

"Just find her!"

He slammed the phone shut and threw it on the table. Sitting down, he put his head in his hands.

The door opened.

A curvy woman with died blond hair, tied back in a bun, walked in. She was wearing a plum colored suit with a matching skirt.

Her high heels clicked on the tile floor.

she came to a stop in front of Gord and put her hands on her hips.

'Thee doctore Vertvine vill not sveak."

her accents was German yet strange, almost faked....

"then talk to the Italian guy!"


"Vere's he?"

"The room two down from here"

Soon she was sliding through the ceiling vent in the room where they said Giovanni was.

She landed on the floor.

A dim light came from a light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

She stayed in the shadows, looking for someone in the room.

Someone stepped behind her.

she turned around as the blow that was headed toward the back of her head hit her face.


She was pushed in the stomach

gasping "Its me.."

she staggered back into the light.

It reveled Tatiana wearing black pants, sneakers and a black sweat shirt unzipped showing a black cami.

Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and a red spot on her face was forming where she had been hit.

The attacker stepped in to the light.


She slapped Gio with all the strength she could muster.

"Kill me why don't you?" she said

"You were sneaking up on ME!" he retorted

She started to slap him, he grabbed her hand.

'What are you doing here?"

"What happened?"

"you were save and then you walk right back into danger? Do you know were we are?"

"Solar eclipse."

he was silent, studying her closely

"they were after you." he stated, realizing it for the first time. "You're like Sam."

'Where's my brother?"

"Where's my sister?"

"They didn't catch her, i checked. She and Kat got away. Manson killed one of the attackers and ran. But they caught Tom, you and Sammy."

he sighed

"I don't know what happened to Sam, he was hear then they took him away." he said when he finally spoke

"I have to find him."



"No, if you got in then you can get out. Your leaving."

'I have to.."

"if your going to argue then i'm going to hand you in."

"You wouldn't dare."

He raised his eyebrows as if saying ya wanta bet?

"Look, go back to your parents. there's nothing you can do."

She opened her mouth to argue then stopped, pondering.

Suddenly she smiled.

It melted Gio's heart. he desperately needed to see someone smile though he would never admit it. And she had a beautiful smile that lit up her face.

"What?" he asked

Five hours later he found himself at an airport about to board a plane to...Norway?

NOTE TO KAT: I lied (not intentionally) there is more than one paragraph in Italian. I PROMISE this is the LAST TIME!!!!! XOXOXOXO

There's no easy way to say it, Trinity was pissed. they hadn't been in the car for nearly five minutes when Kat's pager went off. She looked down saw the number, and when Trinity refused to let her out of the car, Kat jumped out and hailed a cab. Nonno had just sat there the entire time wathcing the interaction between the two girls and chuckling to himself.

They rode a long in silence for almost and hour. Trinity knew they were going to headquartes in Sicily. The car finally came to a stop and her and her grandfather were escorted out of the car and into the building. She noticed that they guy who wouldn't let her in before was missing...

Inside in her grandfather's office he told her of a mission he wanted acchomplished.

"Lei sarà spia cerca..."

The directions continued.

Lei è indossare questo, questo, questo, e questo.

A wig, glasses, a dress, and a gun.

His final words were " Adesso ho qualcuno che incontrerà lei lí... "


"You will be a spy looking for..."

You are to wear this, this, this, and this.

"Now I have someone who is going to meet you there...


"Who is it?" I asked before I left.

He didn't have time to answer before I was whisked out the door.

*********************************SCENCE CHANGE******************************************

Before Trinity knew it she was sitting outside of a small little cafe in the heart of Sicily. Trinity's once dark brown hair was now bleach blonde, wearing blue eye contacts and a dark brown dress that she normally wouldn't have been caught dead in. She would be suprised if her own mother recognised her....

She had been sitting there a while wondering when this person was coming when she heard a familiar voice

"Cosí, lei viene qui spesso? " (So, do you come here often?)

Trinity's blood was boiling before she even turned around.

""Ciò che l'inferno lei fa qui"?" (What the hell are you doing here?)

It was Adam.

(Okay they're really speaking in Italian but I'm just going to write it in English. Happy Kat? :P)

"Oh, didn't Nonno tell you, I'm the mercenary who's supposed to be working with you." Adam said sarcastically.

That was it, Trinity went off (cursing in Italian) "lo condanna, I can't believe nonno sent you here. la merda, lo condanna... UGHHH" Trinity screamed in frustration.

By now, the people around them were lokking a little suspicious and a bit concerened.

"CHE LEI GUARDA???" (what are you looking at?) Trinity screamed at nearby onlookers, and before she could stop her self she drew her gun and fired twice into the air.

Mass chaos urupted and the nearby people scurried for shelter screaming and frantic.

Trinity was still in a bit of rage when she felt herself being dragged down the street.

"HEY, LET ME DOWN!!!!" Trinity said pounding her fists against Adam's strong broad shoulder's.

Whispering in her ear so he was not to cause attention "You need to calm down, we are being followed, I will put you down if you promise to stay only a step ahead of me capice?

"HMPF" Was Trinity's only reply.

Gently letting her down Trinity fixed her skirt and spotted their car.

"I hope your happy about all of-" Trinity started to say as she opened the door to the car.

"NOOO!!!!!!!" Adam screamed as he grabed Trinity and pulled her backwards.

All that Trinity remembered next was blackness.

********************************SCENE CHANGE*********************************** (Nearby Hospital)

Trinity woke up and saw that she was in an unfamiliar room. Sleeping with his head to one side in the chair next to her was Adam.

"WHERE THE HELL AM I?" Trinity said loud as usual.

Startled Adam woke with a jump. "A hospital..." He said groggily wiping his eyes.

Trinity had a confused expression on her face, for once she didn't have anything to say.

"The car blew up" Adam said, "I rushed you here as soon as possible. Then again I did have to tell them I was your husband so I could get in here-"

"YOU WHAT?" Trinity yelled, the fire returning in her eyes.

"Hey, calm down, it could have been worse..." Adam said a bit defensivley.

Trinity sat back and crossed her arms. 'Yeah', she thought to herself, 'it could have been a lot worse...'


Please don't write about Trinity leaving the hospital, i still have one more scene i have to do there.
***********Recall of in the Car***********8

"No way. You have got to be kidding me." Trinity growled.

"Trini.." Kaitlyn begain.

"No Kaitlyn we have been the car for not even a minute." Trinity cut her off.




"I said NO."



" Um, I'll bring you something back?"


"Listen it's my job. I have to go."


"Please?...wait...THANK YOU!" Kaitlyn shouted practically already starting to jump out of the moving vehicle.


Kaitlyn ran down the highway dialing John's number since she actuall remembered to put his in her listings rather then Manson's. (lol thats me I put Amanda's number in but not Werthwiles when I know Amanda's by heart and not werthwiles lol)

"Hello?" Johns voiced echoed from the other side of the line

"John!" Kaitly said sounding realived it was the right number.

"Kaitlyn? Are you alright?" Johns voice grew louder with each syllabel.

"Yeah Is Manson there?"

"No. He got paged and said he had to go."

"Dammit. This isn't good." Kaitlyn sighed into the phone.


"I got paged too. John I got reassigned!" Kaitlyn said into the phone

"What...as in?" John asked confused.

"I am not Tatiana's protecor anymore! I had to beg to stay as her protector! My page told me they didn't think I can handel this tough a case. Oh when I get my hands on that..that..CAPTAIN!" Kaitlyn yelled exasperated.

"Calm down Kaitlyn do you need me to pick you up? Are you alone? Where's trinity?" John went all 'mother' er 'father' like on her.

"Yes Mother I'm alone and no I've got a handle on this....sorta...maybe."

" Kaitlyn!" John she could tell was not happy with her.

Kaitlyn dropped the phone as a car pulled up. It was Gord. KAitlyn got into fighting position. 'Boy is this not my day'

"Why don't you come on a little ride with me Esphera?" Gord smiled all too sweetly.

"Why not, Timothy." Kaitlyn picked up her phone and closed it. Hanging up on the probably now worried John. 'Sorry guys but I have no choice. Tonight I find out what he really wants.'

Kaitlyn got into the car and scootched as far as possible from Timothy.

"Kaitlyn?" a familiar voice asked.

Kaitlyn looked in the front seat and there sat the last pearson she expected to see.

"Dad?" Kaitlyn shot up from her seat and ended up banging her head on the ceiling of the car. Kaitlyn sat back down holding her head.

".......dad.." Kaitlyn looked into the face of her past. The past she almost forgot from so long ago.

(I'll explain my absence in the next addition. Lets just say i was really, really, REALLY, sick.-sorry! anyway, theres no action in this its just alot of tati reflecting and thinking and musing, its the beginning of a huge (i'm talking hundreds of pages) of an edition which i've been working on and decided to post in fractions or episodes...so heres numero uno. enjoy!)


Tatiana Rose thought to herself.


A plan was unfolding in her thoughts. The pieces of this giant puzzle were starting to come together.

She felt a grin tugging at her lips.

It had been a trying day.

After breaking into the headquarters of Solar Eclipse, having a run in with Giovanni, then driving for five hours straight in a

VERY small car with him (not to mention his taste of music…if she had to listen to Jimi Hendrix one more time!), then

finally arriving at heir destination (Luxembourg- Lux-Airport).

From there the pair had taken a flight to Berlin- Tegel where they were now waiting for their flight to Oslo.

So there she was.

Just sitting in the airport with her eyes closed and her head back.

There had been no “high-speed chases” or even slow ones, there were no mysterious people following them with guns, no

security looking at them strangely, no bombs, no threats, no mafias, no guns or anything else that was the norm. It was

just all slow and boring.

Thank God!

And to her surprise, Tati felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time, peace.

She had enough experience to now that this was just the calm before the storm, that the deciding battle, that the climax

had yet to come. It had been building and building, and now it was still. A deep breath….

And yet she still felt peace. It was a peace, she came to realize, with herself. It was an acceptation of her situation, her

choice. Not a surrender; but a deeper understanding of her role in the complex place called the universe.

And with this peace came a fierce determination. There was a strength in herself that she had not known before.

She would survive.

And one day, she would break free of this life.

One day…

She felt something drop in her lap.

Opening her eyes she picked up the package.

It was some sort of pastry, one of those airport ones that were covered in goop.

She silently studied its deliverer with a sense of curiosity.

The man, who sat down next to her, was obviously not a tourist.

He had a dark, resentful look about him that made him seem foreboding.

He was dangerous.

That was obvious.

The sight of him could make someone cringe.

It wasn’t like he was malformed or something. He was actually exceptionally handsome.

And yet he was full of pain and hate and it showed, decided Tati.

Her companion made no sign of knowing her studies, but she had a feeling he was studying her as well.

Gio’s dark thick hair was ruffled as a consequence of his recent stress. His face had a shadow of stubble forming for the

lack of time to shave, although it appeared stylish.

He was wearing a black button down shirt with jeans and was munching on another pastry bought for himself.

His dark eyes were unreadable, as they started straight ahead, unseeing.

He was uneasy, perhaps even sacred, thought Tati.

Not that she could blame him.

Tati pulled a piece of her pastry and began to eat.

She was watching a young couple with a little girl.

The love between the family was reflected by their smiles and laughter.

They seemed so happy…

So naïve.

Gio’s phone rang. Glancing at the number he got up and walked to a huge window over looking the runway, where he

answered it.

He was out of earshot so Tati focused her attention back to the happy family.

They were so unlike her family.

Her parents loved her and her brothers; she knew that.

They rarely showed it, but it was there.

And she believed that they loved each other as well.

Tati loved her brothers, too, even though they were annoying and overprotective.

But she knew that was just heir way of showing they cared.

Her mind wondered briefly back to her childhood memories on the vineyards.

They were good; she had been happy. Now, she felt they were lacking.

There was something different about the young family that called out to her.

It was as if someone was pulling back a curtain and showing her heart what she could have had and what she could have.

One thing she knew, she would never raise children in the Underworld.

In that world, the world she had grown up in, family was another word for a free gun. In a family there was this unbreakable

deal---I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine. That was the definition of brother.

She supposed it was a good thing, this loyalty. It was something she’d want her children to have, just not in the way it

actually translated.

“I’ll help you kill this guy and you’ll help me kill that guy” or “I’ll help you get that money and you’ll help me get this money.”

The only other thing that came close to unifying these people was money.

And yet the only thing this family waned from one another was each other’s company.

It was a foreign idea to her that almost seemed like a fallacy.

She watched the little girl giggle as she played with her mother.

Tati felt a longing surge through her.

Her secret ambition was to break free of the Underworld and to heal, not kill, and perhaps…fall in love…have a family.

To do something great was one thing, but to be a mother…

Her heart began to ache.

She pushed her thoughts aside. She had vowed to never to bring children into the Underworld. Unless she escaped…but

even then…you never know who could find you.

It was then the Devil (as she had begun to "affectionately” call Giovanni in her thoughts) returned.

His eyes burned with anger.

He sat down.

“You said she was fine!” he suddenly cried as though he was cursing.



“She was!” Tati became defensive

“She’s in the hospital.” Gio said, obviously suppressing emotion.

“What?!” She felt her heart sink.

“Car bomb.” He answered carelessly as if it was something completely normal, so unlike the statement only moments


“Adam pulled her out of the way.”

“Adam, Adam? My Adam? As in Adam who you can’t beat in poker no matter how bad you cheat?”

He just glared at her.

“What in the (Insert f-bomb) hell was he doing..?”

“He was working for my Grandfather.” Gio cut in sharply.

“He got away!”

“Look, here’s the situation. Tom’s in Brussels, unhurt (though she did jump out a window or two). Annabella is in a hospital

in Sicily with Adam. John’s in Belfast with a friend (Probably a business friend) and only has a few scrapes and bruises.

Kat apparently ran off and is on business with lunar Eclipse for the time being. Manson’s at some safe house or some

nonsense like that. Sam’s…well…anyway. Cort it seems escaped with some serious injuries and has currently

disappeared.<Tati cringed and thought to herself ‘please have gone to her’> And you and I are sitting in a bloody airport

waiting for some bloody flight so that we can go to bloody Norway!”

Tati was quiet.

She massaged her temples trying to comprehend the circumstances.

Her stomach was making her nauseas; she dismissed it by blaming the crappy pastry.

She knew this…

She just needed to get to Norway.

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