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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #1939833
A story about a little slave girl whom runs away from her plantation.
[Introduction] Cola lay on the cold floor, snuggled up against her older sister, Vonneta, and her younger sister, Lil.
Cola was short for Colinia, a made-up name her mother had dreamt up while she was pregnant. Despite the resemblance of the name Cola and the name Colinia, the reason everybody called her that was because of an incident that happened when Cola was little.
Because Cola was black, she was sold to an old man that owned a very rich plantation in the South. Cola screamed and kicked when she, as well as Vonneta and Lil, were thrown in the back of a wagon, chained and scared. Cola cried for the whole ride, missing her Mom and Dad. Cola's old plantation master, Mr. Uber, refused to sell Cola's Mom and Dad to the strange man, as they were his best workers.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/1939833-Cola