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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #1939849
A boy with a unique power loses his sister to a mysterious explosion...
[Introduction] "Where do you think they're hiding?" Tiffany asked. She unsheathed her sword, gripping it tight in her hand. This is what she often does when she's nervous.

"I don't know," I said. The compound was made out of solid concrete, the walls climbing far above our heads. Frankly, sneaking in without anybody seeing us was impossible, as there were guards in front of all of the doors.

"Can you hear them?" Tiffany asked.

Not with you around, I thought. If she doesn't stop talking, someone's bound to hear us. Again, I regret bringing her with me. But leaving her in a small, unprotected cottage in the middle of a woods that was full of cannibals was out of the question.
But she was right. I could hear them.

Since I was born, I was gifted with an unusual sense of hearing. It's a curse, really. I can even hear people think.

"Run!" I shouted. "Tiffany, run!"

And then the whole place exploded.


"Tiffany?" I shouted out loud. "You okay?"

No one replied.


One of my eyes are swollen shut, which didn't exactly help me find her. I was laying down, but I was alive.

A pile of rubble lay on top of me. I cleared it away. Sitting up straight, I felt a horrible rumble in my stomach. Worse than the hunger that I've been experiencing these past few days.

I couldn't stand up. The explosion has left me with a deep cut in my leg, and it dizzied me to look at the blood puddling out of it.


I looked around.

In a pile of concrete, I noticed a single hand, sticking out. Not moving.

Tiffany was dead.

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