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A woman's supernatural experience helps her find her dream family.
Darleen & Carly's Campfire Story for the PDG Rockin' Rhonda Playground Final Assignment.

A woman's supernatural experience helps her find her dream family.
The newspaper lay open in front of me, yet unread, as I sat quietly waiting, staring out of the window of the cafe. I didn't know exactly what I was waiting for, but every morning on my way to work I would pass by and HAVE to come in and wait for awhile before I could continue on.

I even found myself drawn to this cafe on the weekends, despite having no real reason to come over this way. There was nothing here but this cafe on a corner that pointed across the street towards an average and unremarkable park lined with trees. The park was suffocated in here by tall apartment buildings on either side. Even though I had a more welcoming park nearer my apartment, I found myself watching the people in this poorer neighborhood with an intense curiosity.

I tried many times ignoring the tugging at my mind to come to the cafe. Once I was so sick, I could barely move, but the urge over-whelmed me, forcing me to drag myself out into the cold and to the cafe with my tissues in hand. Another time, I managed to make it to the crosswalk at the end of the block, but as the walk sign turned green, I found myself walking back towards the cafe where I'd watch the sun rise over the tall trees of the park and stare at the people beginning to fill the park.

This morning seemed no different than any other as I wrapped my hands around my cup of hot coffee.
Except for the barista, I was the only one in the place. I was starting to think I was going a little crazy, but then it happened.

As I sat there, I watched as a small child came barrelling into the shop. There was a familiarity about her. I had seen her on occasion; often in the park playing with another little girl and a man. The young man, I remember seeing and thinking was tall and very good looking. But today, she was alone. I looked towards her and saw her eyes wide and frightened. She stood rooted to the spot looking about searching for someone or something. Then her wild gaze settled on me. Before I knew it she stood before me.

“Lady, I need your help!” Her small hands grabbed my hand and pulled.

“What?” I began to ask, but her insistent little hands kept pulling at me. I rose to go.

“My Daddy needs help!” Her little voice rose with a pleading I could not ignore.

I looked to the Barista who headed for the phone.

Where is your Daddy?” I asked.

“On the stairs…” She pulled me. I went, not knowing what I would find.

“They live down the block.” The Barista told me. “The ambulance and police are on the way.”

I nodded then followed the girl, who was pulling at me with such urgency that I could not ignore.

We made it down the block and she pulled me into a building across from the park. There at the bottom of the stairs, lay the handsome young man I had admired on more than one occasion, his face white and lips began turning blue. I dropped by his side and began taking his vitals.

In her nervousness, the little girl began to chatter, "We were on our way to the park, because daddy said we had to go everyday. He fell down the stairs after I asked if we could stay home just this once, because I was tired of Lucy always hogging the slide. Is it my fault, Lady?"

"Not at all, Darling." I attempted to comfort her as I worried over her father. "Why don't you watch out the door for the ambulance, sweety. It should be on it's way."

As the little girl did as I asked, I began performing CPR on the man. He pulse had gone from weak to non-existent and his breathing had stopped. I pumped up and down on his chest, and then warmed his lips with my own as I attempted to breathe life into him once again.

I could hear the sirens getting closer as the man finally began to breathe on his own again, the color flooding back into his cheeks once again.

The ambulance came and the little girl refused to let go of my hand as they loaded her father into the ambulance. To her insistence I sat in the ambulance with them, heading towards the hospital I worked in.

Her father woke up and looking at me furrowed his brow a bit, "It's you." He said, then smiled. "I've been drawn to this park everyday and every morning I see you drinking coffee in the cafe across the street."
His hand reached out to take mine and as we made contact I felt a jolt run lightening up my arm. Sizzled tingles rippled through me. I was momentarily stunned, then trying to refocus, I smiled over at him.

“You mustn’t speak. Conserve your energy.” I told him, not sure what else to say. My eyes held his and my breath held.

“I can’t believe it’s you...” he repeated weakly.

After a time, he closed his eyes, but continued to hold my hand. His fingers entwined with mine, binding us. I let out the breath I had been holding. Something just left right.

His daughter was crying silently beside me. She grasped his other hand and leaned down into him resting her head on his stomach.

It was only then that I wondered about the other child. “Where is Lucy?” I made sure to keep my voice calm not wanting to upset the child further.

“I don’t know...” Came the muttered response.

My heart sped. I wanted to shake her. Instead I took a deep calming breath and asked, “What do you mean, you don’t know?”

The girl lifted her head and looked at me. Her eyes shiny with tears. “She said it was her time to go...”

“What do you mean ‘it was her time to go’?”

The child shrugged. “She said it was her time to go and she left...”

“When?” Even as I asked this question, I knew the answer.

“When you came to help Daddy?”
After Wilson got out of the hospital we quickly fell in love and Felicity, his daughter, and I, bonded as a real mother and daughter would. Soon, we got married and life was picture perfect.

About year later, I started getting blinding migraines that left me incapacitated for hours. They started occurring more frequently until one day, I started to hallucinate.

I lay down on my bed with a cold mask on, and as my head started pounding I would see bright flashes of light. I opened my eyes, and through blurred vision it appeared I was in a hospital room with walls covered in flowers and stripes, loud beeping machinery, and strong astringent smells, but then the image would fade. It reoccurred for months, until one day the hallucination continued:

I opened my eyes, and saw Felicity standing outside of my hospital room peeking in at me, but as I reached for her and called her name, a nurse ran into my room.

"Doctor, Doctor! She's awake!" the nurse yelled.

A handsome doctor came running into my room quickly, flashing a pen light in my eyes. My head screamed.

"Wilson?" I croaked, confused.

"Yes, it's Dr. Wilson, Ms. Tyler, I'm here, how are you feeling?" he asked. Doctor? Why was he acting so odd?

"Where's Felicity?" I asked, straining to look at the door past the nurse.

"I'm right here, Ms. Tyler." The nurse leaned down and smiled sweetly at me, and then the sound of alarms began to ring in my ears as another migraine set in. The bright flashing lights began to blind me again and just then, the little girl I knew walked back into my room.

Felicity? I seem to say without speaking. The girl simply smiled and reached out her hand to me, as wings spread out and upwards, like a feathery umbrella, from behind her.

With her hand still held out and a smile still touching her lips, she said with obvious sorrow, "I'm afraid it is time to go, now." I stared at her as she glowed in her cute pink dress-- it was always her favorite and mine, when I noticed a name tag on her chest.

It said: Hi, my name is Lucy.

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