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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2134410
When two siblings drink their father's growth serum, they grow and rampage!
[Introduction] In this story, two young children by the name of Tony and Sandy, both aged 9 years old, with brown hair end up drinking their father's growth serum one day, and this leads to them going on a long adventure, becoming gigantic kids!

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In the city of Los Angeles, lived a rather rich family in a nice big mansion. Why did they have a nice big mansion? Well, the owner of the mansion, David, was a scientist who had just invented a growth serum that could grow food to a gigantic size. He had actually solved world hunger. Or, at least was in the process of doing so, as he still had to finish the miracle serum.

He lived with his wife Sally, and their two 9 year old children, Tony and Sandy. Tony and Sandy are two kids with a hyperactive personality. They love to have a lot of fun, but they are also very spoiled, and they always become bored no matter what. Tony and Sandy both have brown hair, and they both are close to each other in height. They are just silly kids who have a love for fun.

Victor and Sally are off to a conference to show off the prototype of the growth serum to the government. The two kids are being left with a babysitter named Amy, a 15 year old girl.

"Don't worry! I'll take good care of them!" Amy said, watching as the parent's left their home, and were off to their event. Amy then closed the door, and went off to the living room, and she began to chat on her phone and talk about stuff to her friends... While the two kids were left alone..!
Right now, early enough at bed, we see Sandy and Tony fast asleep on their bed just as the babysitter went up to check on them. Amy was told that both Sandy and Tony are pretty fun loving and Amy likes a bit of fun loving kids to babysitting as she is kinda like a kid herself, but she is told that they are pretty spoiled. Out of curiousity, Amy then got out of her phone in the living room and proceeded to explore the mansion a little bit. She was looking through the various rooms in the mansion, and they were surely rich. They have their own movie theater with the highest quality audio and video equipment, a fitness room, a video game room, a swimming pool, and all sorts of good stuff, but there was one room that she was told not to go into.

"Well, I was always was wondering what that room they told me not to go into, well now I am even more curious." Amy said to herself just as she sees the sign on a black door telling them to "Not Enter." She walks up to the door and proceeds to open that door, and then she finds out that the room is filled with all sort of experiments and lab equipment that would make a mad scientist blush and what not. "Wow, so cool... I really need to check this out."

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