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You are slowly pushing me away
[Introduction] There are things in this world that I am able to tolerate. But the soul, my soul, can only endure so much before enough is enough. I hate to think of you day and night, wonder what you doing, hoping that you are okay. I take the time to show you my emotions, my ideas, my thoughts. That each passing moment, they remain to your memory. I text you with a smile on my face and my heart skipping a beat with the thought of your response.
I wait in anticipation, waiting for you say something…
But it never comes.
I shake my head in awe.
It makes me feel as though you have looked at my displayed words of deep thoughts and admiration, roll your eyes and think nothing more. You have done this more then once. I don’t say much because that would force you to respond to me, when I want a general reply. All you are doing is pushing me away. To close up to you. This silent response you give me, speaks to me in such a negative way. It has me doubt you.
Keep it up my love and soon I will respond to you no more.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2135446-Silence-Is-Not-Golden